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A Guide to Tennis Betting

Tennis is one of the biggest and most popular sports in the world. It has been for decades and it’s pleasing to see the game in Europe continues to thrive, pulling in record numbers at major venues. That comes as no surprise to followers of the sport as its history is littered with drama, upset and tales of success against all the odds.

The modern schedule is boosted by live TV coverage and thanks to major television stations, such as Sky Sports, BT Sport, Eurosport and the BBC, more people than ever before getting the chance to keep up to date with recent developments. You can also watch it via live streaming. The ATP Tour and WTA Tour are covered live in every major city around the world and there’s a healthy support from the Challenger Tour. You can watch men’s and ladies’ singles, doubles, mixed doubles and even wheelchair tennis.

The desire amongst the public to watch tennis tournaments on a weekly basis hasn’t gone unnoticed by bookmakers, with traders reacting quickly. You will now find betting offered on all major matches and competitions, allowing punters to back their opinions with cash. Call the outright winner of the week’s biggest tournament or bet on a fixture that catches your eye. There is no lack of options available either, including match winner, set betting and handicap.

Watching live tennis is an enjoyable experience, but it doesn’t quite compare to landing a winning bet on the action. Making your opinions count and turning a profit from your love of the game. That’s the ideal situation and one punters aim to enjoy as often as possible.

Grand Slams

Four Grand Slam tournaments take place each year and come in the form of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Each proves a big hit with both dedicated and casual followers of the sport and they also draw in a large support from sports bettors.

Bookmakers offer extended coverage on the four big events of the season and more ways to bet usually means more ways to win. The prices in the outright market are also bigger than you’d find most weeks and that appeals to those after a small stakes interest.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Grand Slams in a bit more detail…

Australian Open

The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year and takes place at Melbourne Park on the hard surface in January. It’s an early treat for sports fans in a month that’s usually quite following the madness of the festive season and it also gives players the chance to lay down a marker for the year ahead.

Novak Djokovic won the men’s title in 2019 and was joined by female champion Naomi Osaka. Conditions are tough, it’s a surface that favours fast players and those who can handle the heat.

French Open

The French Open is played in late May to early June at Roland Garros and takes place on the clay surface. It’s the only Grand Slam played on clay and is a competition that has been dominated by Roger Federer in recent years. The Spaniard plays his best tennis on clay and has enjoyed some memorable outings in France.

The 2019 tournament was won by Rafael Nadal once again and he was crowned the men’s champion, with Ashleigh Barty taking success in the women’s game. Nadal is showing no signs of slowing up and can often be found as the pre-tournament betting favourite but when he does retire it’s sure to blow the market wide open.


The most famous of the Grand Slams, Wimbledon is known and loved the world over. Played on grass courts at the iconic London venue in June and July, it’s a tournament that sees sports fans from all walks of life rub shoulders. Royalty, celebrities, die-hard tennis enthusiasts, they all turn out to enjoy the show.

Andy Murray made history by winning Wimbledon, but he missed out in 2019, a year won by Novak Djokovic following a marathon five-hour battle in the final. That was one of the best finals in living memory and will take some beating. The women’s trophy was handed to Simona Halep. Wimbledon tennis betting is amongst the most popular in the industry.

US Open

The US Open is the final Grand Slam of the year and gets going in August with the final often played in the early exchanges of September. It’s held at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York and is disputed on the hard courts, similar to the Australian Open.

It’s another tournament that has been dominated by Novak Djokovic in recent years and he seems to rise to the occasion in front of a bumper audience in NYC. The play is fast and furious, as is the betting as punters aim to land a Grand Slam winner before the season is over.

Tennis Betting

There are many ways to get your fix of live tennis betting. Antepost backers love nothing more than getting in early to secure the value, backing their player of choice well in advance. The earlier you back a player to win a Grand Slam, the better the price is going to be. Many punters make their predictions on the next Grand Slam following the result of the previous. So, for example, when the French Open is decided backers will automatically turn their attentions to Wimbledon.

There are lots of ways to gamble on tennis, regardless of if it’s a Grand Slam tournament or not. Sticking with the outright markets and you can wager your cash on the champions, backing them to go all the way to the title, or you can take the safety net that comes with each-way betting. If you get your cash down before the first round of matches you will often receive enhanced each-way terms. When the competition gets going the places are reduced, limiting your chances of landing a return on your investment.

Turning to the match betting and there are dozens of markets available on each and every fixture. You can call the winner of the match and, with that bet, it doesn’t matter how they achieve the result, as long as your player is victorious. If your selection wins, you win and traders will add the profits from the bet into your account. As well as the match betting market there’s also set betting, total sets, winning margin, total games, first set winner, set one score, to win a set, total games odd/even, and plenty more besides.

Pick the bet that best suits you and get your cash down, either as a super single or as part of a multiple. Accumulator betting is particularly popular with tennis betting punters as it gives them an interest over the course of a day of play or even the entire weekend. Take the match winner market, for example. You could back five or six players to win their games and club them together in an accumulator. That not only gives you a day of enjoyment, it also hands players a chance to win big for small stakes. To get an accumulator bet paid out as a winner all selections must do as predicted. If all win except one, the bet would be a loser, a case of close but not quite close enough.

It’s not just match winner betting, you can club together set betting, handicaps, any market you like. You can even mix and match different markets from different tournaments from ATP, WTA and the Challenge Tour. As each result comes in you will move a step closer to landing the pay-out.

Cash Out

On the subject of accumulator betting, many online bookmakers offer a cash-out option on tennis accas and this gives you more chance of securing a profit. Cash-out applies to singles too, but it works best with accumulators. Let’s look at a tennis acca as an example of how cash out can work in your favour.

Let’s say you have backed a tennis accumulator with six selections, all from the day’s action at Wimbledon and all taking players to win their matches. You are confident of getting all six home and, when placing the bet, you’ll notice a cash-out value has already been applied, usually matching your initial stake. As each selection comes in as a winner, that cash out value rises. The amount offered is a reflection of how likely the traders think it is of your bet being settled as a winner. If you have three winners and three matches still to play, you could cash out for a profit.

Things really get interesting later in the day. If your bet slip shows you have correctly predicted five results from six matches and are now going into the final leg, traders will begin to worry. They’ll offer you a decent cash out value, it won’t be as much as the final amount you were promised, as all six haven’t won yet, but it will be an amount of money significantly bigger than your original stake.

You now have a gamble within a gamble. Should you stick to your guns and let the bet ride, hoping the sixth and final match goes to plan and lands you a winner, or will you cash out for a good-sized profit. If you decide to cash out before the sixth match is finished it then doesn’t matter what happens in that contest. If your player wins or loses it has no effect on your total. When cashing out a bet you are choosing to end the bet there and then, collecting the money and settling up.

If your sixth player was to lose you would have the money in your pocket regardless, if they win, you’ll have only the amount offered when you cashed out. It can see backers paid for a losing bet or save the traders money, giving you less than the bet would’ve paid if you had let it run. Cash-out betting has changed the gambling industry forever and it’s doubtful the game will ever be the same.


So, we now know the different ways you can bet on tennis, including tournaments, markets and how to use cash out to your advantage, we now look at how to back a winner. Which players or competitions should you gamble your cash on to give you the best chance of landing a profit? That’s a very good question and knowing the answer to that is the difference between a profitable tennis punter and one that loses cash over the course of a year or season.

What’s your tennis betting strategy? There are many strategies adopted by tennis backers. Some stick to the same few players on the ATP and WTA tours and follow them hoping to land a consistent profit in tournaments. Others pick through the lesser followed competitions, such as the Challenger Tour. There, if you do your research and know a thing or two about the players involved, you’re often one step ahead of the traders who are preoccupied with the week’s bigger events. Many put their faith in the experts, following professional tennis betting tips.

Another strategy adopted by tennis betting punters is using the favourites in a daily accumulator. Picking through the early rounds of a competition you’ll notice many mismatches, featuring players destined to go into the latter rounds against those making up the numbers. Back a few of those and, barring an upset, you should secure a steady profit. The prices are short, as you would imagine, and you often need large stakes to get anything worthwhile back, but these types of bets often result in a winner. Throw 10 odds-on players together in an accumulator and you’ll not only get a full day of watching tennis for your stake money, checking results and ticking off wins, you’ll also have a great chance of landing a winner.

This type of betting is used by punters looking to build their experience of the sports and punting on the outcome, but it can also be put to good use by those looking to nick a small but consistent profit. If you can make £10 profit, for example, it’s not a lot on an accumulator bet but if you can do that every day in tennis tournaments taking place around the world, the profits will soon begin to build up and your account balance will rise sharply over the course of the year.

Tennis betting, as is the case with all sports betting, the more knowledge you have and more work you put in, the more chance you will have of winning. If you follow the form, check the head-to-head stats, read injury news and even the gossip columns, you’ll have a better chance of bagging a profit. Even if your bet doesn’t win, those putting in the hours can take heart from the fact they did everything they could. Sports betting doesn’t always go to plan and that’s what makes it so exciting.

When betting on tennis you must ensure you are getting the best price available to you. Taking a 4/9 shot when 1/2 was available with another firm won’t make too much of a difference in one or two games but punters who are serious about making am annual profit know it all adds up. When betting on tennis it’s worth doing your research and visiting a reputable price comparison website. There you will see which firms are offering the best tennis betting odds on the selections of most interest to you. This may take a little longer than simply throwing together an acca on your account with funds already in the balance but it’s something worth doing as it will result in more cash in your pocket if you continue to back the winners.


You can bet on tennis pre-match and take advantage of the many markets and offers, or you can have your say at any stage of the fixture thanks to in-play betting. Many of the original markets remain live throughout the course of the match with the odds and handicap lines updated to keep pace with the play. This works extremely well alongside live tennis on TV.

If you are stuck on the fence and would prefer to see how both players are setting up, what part the weather will play and if either competitor is carrying an injury or fatigue from a recent outing you can keep your powder dry. Watch a couple of games, see who appears to be in a winning mood and then get your cash down. You can also bet again on many different markets, including next game-winner or correct score. Tennis betting is as exciting in the final few minutes as it is before the start and that’s why we love it.

Perhaps your original bet has been settled as a loser early, or it’s obvious you have sided with the wrong player. In the past that would mean watching the rest of the match without an interest, running the time down with nothing to cheer home. In-play betting has changed all that. You can now get on another bet or market at any stage. Watch the game closely and if you notice a pattern emerging, act quickly and get your cash down before the trading team react and slash the odds.


Many major bookmakers like to mark the arrival of a Grand Slam or major tennis tournament by offering a promotion. These change often to ensure they are fresh, new, relevant to players and competitive in the market. The best way to get an up-to-date check on what offers are being made on tennis is to check the promotions tab of your favourite online bookmaker. There you will find all sports deal available to both new and existing customers.

We can get an idea of what to expect by looking back at some of the more popular promos from the past. Firms like to give enhanced odds on certain players, boosting their original price to one that is more appealing. For example, Novak Djokovic might be even money to win the US Open and a bookie might boost that to 2/1.

There are other ways to entice you into a bet. There’s enhanced places each-way which makes taking a chance on a big price outsider easier to do. There’s money back on losing bets if the favourite goes on to be crowned champion. You’ll even find major bookies giving boosts on your accumulator winnings. The more selections in your bet the more cash will be added to your final tally. It’s not only worth finding out which site is offering the best odds, but you should also always check if there are any promos available that could increase your chances of landing a winner. Tennis betting is enjoyable, the modern schedule fast and furious and bookmakers now make it easier to land a winning bet.