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Our Privacy Policy is here to ensure you that in terms of user data collection, all information is kept safe and secure. We collect data in order to provide you with better products and services. If you agree to use the goods and services, we offer you, you are agreeing to allow us to receive data that will be stated in this policy.

privacy policy

Collection of Information

Max Free Bets do their best not to collect any more data than is necessary. Using the help of sources such as Google Analytics, we are able to view specific information such as the time spent viewing Max Free Bets for customers, this is called User Data.

Information We Collect

All the information we collect is based around cookies. We do not take unnecessary pieces of information for the purposes of ad targeting. All our data is based around cookies. If you are unaware of what cookies are, they are small files that are on your data storage device. You do not have to worry about cookies in the sense that they do not carry any sort of virus or system that may attract hackers. As well as this, you do not necessarily have to accept cookies, you can choose not to. The only disadvantage of declining the use of cookies is that it can have an effect on the experience you get from Max Free Bets, and of course, we want you to have the best experience possible.

External Links

We do link external web pages to Max Free Bets. You may notice that you can claim one of the lucrative offers advertised on our website, in doing so, there will be a link to take you to an external page, for example, a bookmaker. Our privacy policy may alter in comparison to theirs. We do not control or have any responsibility in regards to a bookmaker’s policy and data collection.

Who’s Has Access to Our User Data?

None of the user data that we collect through cookies or any type of platform is shared with an external source. All personal information is kept safe with Max Free Bets. The only reason any information could be passed on would be due to the consequence of illegal activity where the law would require information or if harmful behaviour was apparent on our platform.

Why Do We Collect User Data?

There are simple reasons as to why we collect data through the use of cookies. Any information that is collected will only be used for the following purposes:

  • To improve your user experience at MaxFreeBets.
  • Feedback purposes.
  • Legal Reasons.
  • Improve our Products and Services.

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