Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions become active from when you enter our website. By being active with Max Free Bets, you are accepting the rules and regulations in regards to the Terms and Conditions. If you are not happy with the terms of use and decide that you do not want to abide by them, then you may have to stop visiting this betting site.

We see our terms and conditions to be reasonable for our customers and expect them to be able to comply with the rules and regulations in place.


It should not be the case that you experience any of the restrictions or are not allowed to access Max Free Bets, however, here are some cases that may occur, that would restrict you from being able to use this website.

If you were to act in an illegal manner, for example, commit a misleading or fraudulent act, you will not be granted further access to this website.

If you attempted to post any harmful or abusive content, then you may be guilty of disobeying our terms and will therefore not be allowed to access Max Free Bets.

There are typical UK laws and rules already in place that protects online users and that customers must abide by. It can sometimes be out of our control if one of these rules are broken and therefore there would be no option but to ban that person from this site.

The Max Free Bets brand carries patent, therefore if someone was to attempt to copy this brand, legal action would be required.

Property Protection

All the content posted on Max Free Bets is work produced by us. We have property rights for the content written on our page.

Information that we have sourced includes terms and conditions of bonuses from an external source. We do not own the right to change any of the terms and conditions of betting offers and the rules we have posted, are what the bookmakers have told us to follow.

If you were to share out content under any circumstances, permission must be asked first. Our material cannot be copied.


We cannot be accountable for any accidental damages or profit losses that are caused at the bookmakers we market. We do our best to ensure that all the content we advertise is fair and reliable. We cannot be liable for any promotions that expire and are still on our website as bookmakers are constantly editing their offers and bonuses. Our website does contain external links, we are not in control of the content distributed by outside sources.

Website Maintenance

On occasion, Max Free Bets can experience periods of maintenance, which means that customers will not be able to access our website. This usually only occurs for a short period of time before the site is back up and running again. The reason we do this is to update and improve our services for you. If you do come across any errors, be sure to contact us and we will be happy to fix the issue.

Our Reviews

At Max Free Bets, we like to be as honest as possible with our reviews. We are not obliged to be biased towards any company or bookmaker in the slightest and therefore you can believe that the content we post is 100% honest in our opinion and is non-biased. No 3rd Party source has any influence on our views and opinions.

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