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Rugby Betting Strategy

As a sport played all year round and a discipline enjoying greatly emerging sponsorship deals thanks to its growing international market, Rugby Union is getting increasingly popular with bettors.
More and more people every day are looking for ways to earn money by placing a bet or two on Rugby Union, which usually enjoys its greatest popularity starting from February when the Six Nations tournament gets underway. This competition involves Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy who take on each other in a single match to decide the overall winner.

The International rugby betting scene also benefits from the World Cup, a competition held every four years between the top teams. New Zealand as the current (2015) champions are the most successful team with three titles, although it is important to mention that four countries have so far won the World Cup – New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and England.

On the domestic scene – looking it from the English perspective – the Aviva Premiership draws the biggest attention from the betting crowd. The Aviva Premiership consists of 12 clubs which qualify for Europe’s two main club competitions – the European Rugby Champions Cup and the European Rugby Challenge Cup – both of whom are gathering attention from the betting world.

Betting on rugby union is principally not different than betting on any other sport, which ultimately means that punters need to make sure they have created a solid betting strategy to follow.

What to consider when betting on a Rugby match

Sticking to your plan is crucial with betting on rugby and for those who are yet to come up with a system of their own, here are several guidelines to consider and include:

  • Constant education
  • Study the form
  • Style of play is a factor
  • Weather can ruin your day
  • Handicap markets

Rugby Betting Tips

The main difference between rugby union and other sports – the one that may affect your betting process and system – is that this sport involves frequent competition rule changes. Some of the competitions in rugby union were forced to encourage a more attacking style of play by awarding a bonus-point for scoring four tries in a game.

This particular rule is not applied to Six Nations. However, be aware that it is used in the Premiership where you will also have to pay attention to losing bonus points for sides that get beaten by seven points or less. These rules are significant to your betting process as they will affect scoring and the overall outcome of the game, which can be extremely relevant to you when trying to predict a game for a bet.

In addition to the scoring rules, bettors need to be aware that Rugby League and Rugby Union – as the two separate sports really – are played with 13 men and 15 men on the field, respectively.
Huge differences between the sports themselves should not result in major changes to the betting process, but it is still hugely important to stay educated and know the ins and outs of this wonderful sport if you want to be successful at betting on it.
Another aspect to consider when making a rugby betting strategy is recent form.

A look at the previous results can provide you with an edge when it comes to betting on rugby, whereas head-to-head results will also give you a deeper insight into how two teams stand from the historical point of view, which can also be a determining factor.
Naturally, records and numbers are there to be broken, but a look at statistics can often give you a slight nudge as to which team is likely to win.

Similarly, a team’s style of play can often be a determining factor and it should definitely be included in your consideration during the betting strategy preparation. Getting to know a team in terms of its style of play can often offer something that can be viewed as a pattern. A team renowned for their attack-oriented style of play or defensive-kicking style, betting of tries could be a great option as those should not come in short supply.

Once you have gone through all of the aforementioned aspects and analysed them thoroughly it is time you took into consideration a factor that in all honesty is out of your control. It may come as a surprise, but the weather is a significant element in rugby betting.
The wind can affect the way teams play, force them to change their strategy and adapt to the elements, whereas rain and a muddy pitch will have a huge impact and most of all on total points betting. Therefore, any good bettor will follow the forecast closely and jump at a chance to place a quick bet on any changes which can yield some outstanding value by beating the bookie to a change in odds.
Ultimately the single most important piece of a rugby betting strategy deals lies with the betting process itself. Rugby is a sport which offers short prices on favourites and – to put it simply – outright winners’ market is not exactly a place to look for value. That is not where the money is, and you will be better off looking for value bets in the handicap betting market.

Rugby is a sport which arguably yields most one-sided matches out there as it comes with seven points for a converted try and three for a penalty or a drop goal. Contrary to football, for example, where a goal is more valued, scoring in rugby is more frequent and the ideal betting scenario for anyone who wants to make money from rugby betting is to go by the handicaps.

Handicap betting is very common, and it basically evens the odds with underdogs being given up a points head-start. If you get New Zealand priced at 1.18 for a regular home win against Argentina, for instance, New Zealand to win with a 15 points handicap could be available at solid 2.00 (1/1) as New Zealand would always be expected to win by a huge margin.

The concrete example occurred in October 2016 when the result between these two teams in Rugby Championship Test match was 36-17 in New Zealand’s favour.

Best Rugby Betting Sites

With there being huge popularity surrounding Rugby as a sport, it means that most bookmakers offer rugby as a betting market. This then creates huge competition between bookies, which is good because in order to be competitive, they must offer the best bonuses or betting odds to convince customers to bet with them. From our market research, what we have noticed is that there are a few bookmakers that seem to give that little bit extra for rugby betting.

Bet365, William Hill, Betway and Coral are amongst some of our favourites. They offer great betting odds and promotions for you to take advantage of when placing your rugby bets. These bookmakers have massively enhanced the online betting world and made it more fun to place sports bets. They don’t only give you odds prices, they also assist you, for example giving you advice on particular competitions, such as: Rugby World Cup, six nations bets, rugby union tips, rugby league betting, premiership rugby and more!

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You can take a look at some of our other betting guides. For example, check out the latest horse racing betting tips and football betting strategies, so you can place successful bets on competitions including the Premier League.