What Is Ante Post Betting?

What Is Ante Post Betting

You may have come across the saying ante-post betting when visiting online sportsbook sites but do not know what it means. The simplest explanation is that it is a wager put on an event before it takes place and usually is before the race declaration. Therefore, it is known by many names such as ante-post, and in the U.S, it is called futures bets.

Ante Post Betting Features

One of the biggest attractions of ante-post betting is that it generally has tremendous odds attached to the bets. The reason for this is because it has big risks of it not coming in. It is riskier than traditional betting as if the selection chosen is not part of the final event you do not get a refund of the amount wagered. If you put a standard bet on you would get your money back if your choice is not in the event.

Ante-post bets have amazing value and many punters win large amounts of money using this form of betting. They make a considerable amount more if their selections come in due to the larger odds. Since bets are placed in advance of the vent, there is less information that the punter can base their decision on. It adds to the risks but the rewards for getting it right far outweigh the negatives. You could get odds five times or more above the current odd prices that the average punter gets offered on the day.

Ante post betting is most commonly used for horse racing and many punters use this form of betting for placing money on large upcoming races such as the Grand National or Cheltenham Festival. Many of the best bookmakers offer an insurance policy that punters can take out to eliminate some risks. If your choice does not compete, the policy will protect your wager and receive a full refund or free bet.

If you do not take out an insurance policy for Anti post betting, you will not receive any refund such your choice not run, and the bet prices are fixed. For professional gamblers, this form of bettering is what most prefer due to the high payouts. There is huge value in the market compared to others and if you have inside track knowledge you can greatly benefit.

Ante Post Betting Examples:

The chances are if you enjoy betting on horse racing you will know about ante post bets. You may not know that this form of wager is available for lots of different sports from around the world. They have higher value and help bookmakers create an interest in a certain sporting event well before it takes place. You will find a big shift in the odd prices the closer the event is, the earlier you make it, the better the odds are.

Below is a list of the different sporting events you can place Ante Post Bets:

  • Horse Racing – There are many large races all across the world that cover the whole year. Punters can use ante post bets to get huge odds for well in advance of the event taking place.
  • Major Sporting Tournaments – Any sports tournament can be bet on using ante post betting and it is especially popular for competitions such as the World Cup or Olympics. This can take place even before the draw or qualifying has completed.
  • Football – One of the most popular ante post bets is not football teams or players achieving certain goals either throughout the season, before a match or the outcome at the end of the campaign.
  • Golf and Tennis – Both of these two sports attract a lot of bets made ante post. These are made for tournaments held throughout the year or for big events in the season.
  • Reality TV – One area of gambling you may not be familiar with is using ante post bets on TV competitions such as who is going to win “I am a celebrity get me out of here”.

How Ante Post Betting Works:

When you are placing an ante, post bet it is made over the long-term so there are lots of different variables that need to be considered. The closer to the event you are wanting to bet on the easier it is to predict the winner. That means that you will get the greatest value odds the further away you place the wager on the outcome as it has more risks attached to it.

Ante post betting has fixed odds so even if they get slashed as the event approaches you will still have the odds you were given when you placed the bet. The bets with the greatest odds tend to be available for punters to guess the outright winner. If your pick gets injured or does not make it to the event, you will lose the money you wagered. To protect yourself from this situation you can take out insurance from the bookmaker.

Getting the timing right is the best way to profit big from ante post bets as you will want to find odds that are as high as possible, and are low risk. Injuries play a big part in this form of betting, so using data on the individual’s injury record is essential. There are many free calculators you can find online to work out the returns for this form of gambling quickly. Make sure that you compare all the top bookmakers before placing a bet so that you get the best possible odds available.

Ante Post Betting is prevalent in Horse Racing. Sometimes with sports events, there is always the possibility of an unexpected turn of events so if a race is postponed to a further date then the Ante Post Bet will still stand.  However, if the following occurrences which are displayed below happen, the bets will then be void.

  • The race is announced as abandoned.
  • The race has been declared void.
  • The conditions of the race have been altered.
  • The venue in which the race was going to take place at has been altered.
  • The surface has been altered.
  • New entries for the race have been announced.

Ante Post Betting Conclusion:

In answer to the question “What is Ante Post Betting?” it is simply a future bet and can be placed on various events. However, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of placing a wager so far in advance. Without knowing the current form, injuries etc it makes it difficult to make an accurate prediction. On the other hand, if you are correct, you will be greatly rewarded and make far more than you would have if you put on a traditional bet.

Using this form of betting can make the lead up to a big tournament a lot more exciting. It is why bookmakers use it as part of their marketing strategy to help create interest in future events. The best way to use this type of wager is by eliminating the risk through using hedge betting. This is carried out by putting money on another outcome but oppositely your ante post bet is made.

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