Best Live Streaming Sports Sites

Live Streaming is one of the latest innovative markets and betting features to be brought to the online sports betting industry. Live streaming allows customers to watch sporting events through a desktop or mobile betting app. This adds huge convenience to online betting, as it allows customers to watch their bets unfold whilst also being on the go, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Not every bookmaker can cater for this feature and therefore there are only a select few bookmakers that you can experience live streaming from. Here are some of the best live streaming betting sites.

Best Live Streaming Betting Sites

It is to no surprise if you were already aware of these bookmakers offering a live streaming service to their customers, due to their marketing ads being flooded across social media platforms and also on our TV screens every 5 minutes! Here are the best ones that we recommend to you if you are considering using the live streaming betting feature.


Bet365 is possibly the bookmaker that first comes to mind for punters. This bookmaker offers one of the best live streaming platforms and was in fact the first to introduce it. Bet365 in fact offer over 100,000 live streaming events each year. They are constantly trying to increase their live streaming market for players and find ways to make as many sports eligible for this feature as possible. As long as you have a stable internet connection, the live streaming service will run smoothly and will up to date for you to see exactly what is going on.


Coral may be one of the oldest bookmakers, but they are offering the most modern betting features, ahead of a lot of competitors. Live streaming is one of these features. They allow their customers to live stream events as long as their betting account is funded, and they have also placed a minimum bet of £1. The live streaming feature only applies to horse racing events. So, players can place a bet on particular horse racing events and then live stream the race through the betting app. On average, there is around 2000 fixtures streamed weekly.


The Ladbrokes live streaming feature is linked with the in-play betting market. Therefore, customers can stream events if they have made pre-game bets or in-play bets. In order to live stream a certain event, a minimum deposit and bet of £5 must be made. Customers of Ladbrokes can live stream both football and horse racing events across the UK & Ireland. You will also need to have placed a bet within the past 24 hours.


Betfred are another online bookmaker that branch out further than just horse racing betting when it comes to live streaming. They too, like the likes of Ladbrokes, allow customers to live stream on other sports such as football. In order to gain access to the live streaming feature, customers must have deposited a minimum of £10 into their betting account. It is not just the top leagues across Europe that Betfred allow their customers to live stream. It also applies for events such as the MLS and Australia’s top division.


Unibet allow customers to watch numerous markets live, including horse racing and football. Like with other betting sites, you will need to have placed a bet in relation to the fixture and also have a sufficient amount of funds in your betting account. You can live stream some of the top fixtures from the English premier league, the German Bundesliga and even Spain’s La Liga, all it requires is for you to place a bet on that fixture. In some cases, customers don’t even need to place a bet.


A lot of punters have considered the Betfair live streaming service to be one of the best that they have seen to date. They do more than just offer the availability of being able to watch a sporting event live, they also allow customers to read their in-depth analysis explained by sporting experts. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is of suffice standard to be able to allow you to experience the audio and visuals to the best of their ability. All customers need is a funded betting account and to have placed a bet in the previous 24 hours to be able to experience the live streaming feature for a specific event.

William Hill

William Hill are a bookmaker that thrive in every aspect of betting, and live streaming is no different. William Hill allow customers to use their live streaming facilities on a number of markets. William Hill have one of the biggest ranges of live streaming events, they actually allow customers to live stream certain events that are not free to watch on Television. William Hill require a customer to have funds deposited into their betting account and also bet on the sporting event to be able to watch it live. You can live stream the events in HD too.


888Sport are an excellent online betting company, that also offer an amazing live streaming platform. They focus specifically on football live streaming, possibly due to the size of the market. They do a great job of attempting to offer customers the best live streaming platform of any bookmaker. However, they do allow live streaming on other sports, such as horse racing and tennis. What you are eligible to live stream does in fact depend on your location.


It is very easy to find out which fixtures of different sports are available for live stream, thanks to the live stream calendar that Betway update for their customers to see. When you go to place a bet on a certain fixture, you will have a live streaming icon that you can press to watch the event after you have placed your bet. Betway specialise in football betting and allow customers to livestream events including Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, Champions League and more.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power are similar to Betfair in the sense that they have one of the lowest minimum bet amounts for live streaming. Players can bet a minimum of 50p in some cases. They have made their live streaming page very clear on their betting platform. There is a “Watch live” tab, which will take you to the live streaming page. Here you can see the range of events in which you will be able to watch live as long as you place a bet on that event and have sufficient funds in your account.

Mobile Live Streaming

Live streaming does not just have to be done through the website of the bookmaker, it can in fact be done through the mobile betting app, which means that customers can stream sports through the convenience of their own mobile device, whether it be a smartphone or tablet. As long as you have a stable internet connection. Which you will need for the betting app to fully function anyway, you can stream sporting events.

When you are watching a live stream through the app, you can in fact minimize the picture, in order for you to be able to place in-play bets, whilst streaming an event. This makes it easy and quick for you to be able to predict what you think may happen next and then place a bet on that prediction within seconds. You can predict outcomes such as: Next goal scorer, both teams to score, correct score, handicap, half time/ full time and many more!

Live Streaming Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately, it is not as simple and straightforward as being able to log into your betting account and watching a live stream of a sporting fixture of your choice. There are requirements that need to be taken into consideration and terms to be abided by in order for customers to live stream the events available at the bookmakers. The rules set by the bookmakers can differ and are not all the same, however there are some general rules that are the same. Here are some terms and conditions that you may come across when using a live streaming service.

  • There is a minimum bet requirement that is set by bookmakers. You must place a bet on a fixture before you can live stream it. In order to stop customers placing considerably low amounts such as 1p and then being able to live stream an event, the bookmakers set a minimum bet amount. For most bookmakers, this amount for a general sporting event is £1. Betfair are an exception to this and they allow punters to bet as low as 50p.
  • Customers must have some funds deposited in their betting account. There can be a minimum amount for this, for example £10, but in a lot of cases, this is not the case. Bookmakers want customers to have some funds in their betting account so that whilst they are live streaming an event, they can access the in-play market and place a bet whilst watching the event.

Live Streaming Betting Strategy

Live streaming betting can be stressful at times if you do not take the correct approach. When it comes to in play betting, some punters can rush their bets without thinking about it properly. Due to the odds constantly being updated, punters are rushed into making decisions. When watching a live stream of an event, it is important to make a justified prediction through your eyes and then bet on it, and not just rush to place an in-play bet of what you want to happen next. Here are some live streaming betting tips to consider, which may help you.

  • Live Stream Quality: If you are going to watch a live stream whilst betting on that fixture, ensure that you have a stable internet connection in order to be able to watch a suffice live stream that isn’t constantly buffering and is in high quality, so that you get analyse the game better. As odds are updated constantly, if your betting app is loading at fast speed, you will get updates as soon as they come through, therefore if you see odds that you fancy, you can quickly place a bet before they change again. If your stream is behind, then this can affect the prices that you will be offered.
  • If you have the live stream minimized, then you can take a look at the available in play markets for you to bet on. This will give you an idea of what outcomes to look for during the course of the match, for you to then bet on. It will also allow you to see whether or not the odds that are being offered, are worth having a punt at, based on what you have seen through the course of the game.
  • Keep an eye on your bet slip and the likelihood of your current bet. You may be offered the chance to cash out and also a cash out value that is worth taking, based on what you have seen throughout the course of the game. If you think there is a high possibility of your bet being unsuccessful, then the cash out feature may be relevant and useful to you.

Best Streaming Markets

When it comes to live streaming sporting markets, the first ones that customers will often assume is football and possibly horse racing, due to the adverts and marketing campaigns we see on TV and on the internet. However, although they are excellent live streaming markets, they are not the only sports that are applicable for this. Here are some of the sports that are eligible for live streaming:


As mentioned earlier, football is possibly the most common sport that punters tend to live stream after placing a bet on. Football events can be live streamed through a betting app that you may not be able to watch on TV. Some bookmakers allow their customers to stream a range of the top football leagues across Europe, which includes: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, FA Cup, Champions League, MLS and more.

Horse Racing

Live horse races are extremely easy to find. In fact, almost every day, you can watch a horse race live after you have placed a bet on that specific race. Typically, you will be asked to place a minimum bet of £1 on the race to be able to live stream it, although Betfair allow their customers to do it from 50p!


Basketball is a great sport to live stream, as you aren’t as likely to find the fixtures being shown on TV in comparison to horse racing and footballing competitions. You can live stream some of the biggest games in the NBA, given you have placed a bet on the fixture and have a suffice amount of funds in your betting account.


There is no barrier when it comes to live streaming a tennis match, you can stream even the smallest fixtures, up to the biggest which include the likes of Wimbledon. Tennis matches to stream are extremely easy to find, making it a great in-play market. Some bookmaker will actually offer customers a bonus that is specific to the Tennis in-play market.


Boxing is another popular live streaming sport for punters. The price of paying to watch a boxing event can be a lot and not what customers want to pay. They still may want to place a bet on that boxing match, by doing so, they could grant themselves to the match itself. The betting stake for these kinds of events tend to be higher, bookmakers will set a high betting stake due to the price of the event on pay-per-view. Although smaller fixtures may not require you to bet so high.

More Sports

Listed above, are some of the top live streaming sports and most popular sports across the betting industry, however, they are not the only ones that customers are able to stream. There are lots more sports available for streaming, which include: Greyhound Racing, Darts, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Rugby, American Football, eSports, Baseball, Handball