Best Live Stream Sports Sites

Live Streaming is one of the latest innovative markets and betting features to be brought to the online sports betting industry. Live streaming allows customers to watch sporting events through a desktop or mobile betting app.

In this article, we will list all bookies that offer live streaming in the UK in 2020 and their various offers.

Best Live Streaming Betting Sites

There are so many sports matches, races, fights and games that people can’t get on terrestrial TV – or even basic TV packages. So, this means that if you want to watch it, you can either pay per view (which gets expensive if you want to watch a lot) or you subscribe to a live streaming service.

However, if you look at the most popular live streaming services available according to PC Mag, this can also be expensive, with subscriptions costing anywhere up to £45 or £50 per month.

However, there is another way to get access to the live sports streaming, and that is if you make your bet on a sports betting site.

You can then watch the sporting event for as little as a £1 bet depending on the site. In this article, we are going to look at all the best betting sites for live streaming.

It will come as no surprise to find out that there are a number of top bookmakers that offer live streaming. They advertise the service enough!

A study by gambling compliance showed that bookmaker such as Unibet saw a significant increase in revenue when they introduced a live streaming service.

If you’re lucky, you could even find offers that allow you to use some of the best free bets on live betting matches that are available for live streaming.

Some are better than others though, so here are the best bookies that we recommend to you if you are considering using the live streaming betting feature.

Top 10 Sites For Live Streaming

bet365 logo graphicBet365

Bet365 is possibly the bookmaker that first comes to mind for punters. This bookmaker offers one of the best live streaming platforms and was, in fact, the first to introduce it. Bet365, in fact, offer over 100,000 live streaming events each year. They are constantly trying to increase their live streaming market for players and find ways to make as many sports eligible for this feature as possible. As long as you have a stable internet connection, the live streaming service will run smoothly and will up to date for you to see exactly what is going on.

coral logoCoral

Coral may be one of the oldest bookmakers, but it offers the most modern betting features, ahead of a lot of competitors. Live streaming is one of these features. It allows its customers to live stream events as long as their betting account is funded, and they have also placed a minimum bet of £1. The live streaming feature only applies to horse racing events. So, players can place a bet on particular horse racing events and then live stream the race through the betting app. On average, there are around 2000 fixtures streamed weekly.

ladbrokes iconLadbrokes

Ladbrokes live streaming feature is linked with the in-play betting market. Therefore, customers can stream events if they have made pre-game bets or in-play bets. In order to live stream a certain event, a minimum deposit and bet of £5 must be made. Customers of Ladbrokes can live stream both football and horse racing events across the UK & Ireland. You will also need to have placed a bet within the past 24 hours.

betfred logoBetfred

Betfred is another online bookmaker that branches out further than just horse racing betting when it comes to live streaming. It too, like the likes of Ladbrokes, allows customers to live stream on other sports such as football. In order to gain access to the live streaming feature, customers must have deposited a minimum of £10 into their betting account. It is not just the top leagues across Europe that Betfred allows its customers to live stream. It also applies for events such as the MLS and Australia’s top division.

unibet logo white and greenUnibet

Unibet allows customers to watch numerous markets live, including horse racing and football. Like with other betting sites, you will need to have placed a bet in relation to the fixture and also have a sufficient amount of funds in your betting account. You can live stream some of the top fixtures from the English premier league, the German Bundesliga and even Spain’s La Liga, all it requires is for you to place a bet on that fixture. In some cases, customers don’t even need to place a bet.

betfair logoBetfair

A lot of punters have considered the Betfair live streaming service to be one of the best that they have seen to date. They do more than just offer the availability of being able to watch a sporting event live, they also allow customers to read their in-depth analysis explained by sporting experts. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is of sufficient standard to be able to allow you to experience the audio and visuals to the best of their ability. All customers need is a funded betting account and to have placed a bet in the previous 24 hours to be able to experience the live streaming feature for a specific event.

william hill promo codeWilliam Hill

William Hill is a bookmaker that thrives in every aspect of betting, and live streaming is no different. William Hill allows customers to use their live streaming facilities on a number of markets. William Hill has one of the biggest ranges of live streaming events, the bookmaker actually allows customers to live stream certain events that are not free to watch on Television. William Hill requires a customer to have funds deposited into their betting account and also bet on the sporting event to be able to watch it live. You can live stream the events in HD too.

888sports white on orange logo888Sport

888Sport is an excellent online betting company, that also offers an amazing live streaming platform. They focus specifically on football live streaming, possibly due to the size of the market. It does a great job of attempting to offer customers the best live streaming platform of any bookmaker. However, it does allow live streaming on other sports, such as horse racing and tennis. What you are eligible to live stream does, in fact, depend on your location.


It is very easy to find out which fixtures of different sports are available for live stream, thanks to the live stream calendar that Betway update for their customers to see. When you go to place a bet on a certain fixture, you will have a live streaming icon that you can press to watch the event after you have placed your bet. Betway specialises in football betting and allows customers to live stream events including Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, Champions League and more.

Paddy Power logoPaddy Power

Paddy Power is similar to Betfair in the sense that they have one of the lowest minimum bet amounts for live streaming. Players can bet a minimum of 50p in some cases. It has made its live streaming page very clear on its betting platform. There is a “Watch Live” tab, which will take you to the live streaming page. Here you can see the range of events in which you will be able to watch live as long as you place a bet on that event and have sufficient funds in your account.

Top Sports for Live Streaming

football iconFootball

Without a doubt, the most popular sport for live streaming is football. The beauty of football live streams is that subscribing to the big games can be very expensive. However, if you place a bet on some of the top live streaming betting sites, then you can watch it for the price of a bet – and you get the chance of winning as well.  You can enjoy all of the top leagues as well as plenty of lesser-known leagues and tournaments. Read more about football live streams

horse racing iconHorse Racing

Back in the day, punters used to place a bet on the horses and either wait for the result or head over to the bookies and watch it there. However, because of the rise in popularity of live streaming, you can now enjoy watching the race from wherever you are – on desktop or mobile. Simply head over to one of the top live betting sites and make sure you have money in your account. Make your bet, then sit back and enjoy the race as it happens. Read more about horse racing live streams


Cricket is a summer sport and in the hot months, you can enjoy a plethora of tournaments, test matches, 20Twentys and more. Sometimes they are broadcast live on TV, but often not. So, if you’re a lover of cricket betting and are putting your money on the latest 3-day test, then you can enjoy the match live-streamed from many of the top live streaming bookmakers. Read more about cricket live streams…

boxing iconBoxing

Boxing can be one of the most expensive sports to watch. If there is a big fight and you want to see the action live, then it can cost a lot of money… which can be very frustrating if the main event is over. Money for nothing. That’s the great thing about boxing betting. You can make a bet on the fight of the year and you will then be able to live stream the event has it happens. Boxing live streaming is very popular and it’s clear to see why. Read more about boxing live streams…

tennis iconTennis

Tennis betting is becoming more popular because of the variety of bets available. Live and in-play betting is also growing in popularity as you can bet on next point, loss of serve next two points. However, this is made easier and more exciting when you can watch the game live. If you don’t have access to the match on television, then you can enjoy the match as it happens on live stream, while you keep making those in-play bets. Read more about tennis live streams…


This isn’t the most obvious sport to bet on, because it’s not as mainstream as other sports on the television. It’s not often that you can switch on the TV and settle down to enjoy a darts match. So, live streaming for darts can be very handy. There are plenty of darts tournaments throughout the year, and with the top live streams, you can enjoy the action as it happens and bet on the next 180.  Read more about darts live streams…

basketball iconBasketball

This isn’t as big in the UK, but there are a number of punters who enjoy watching a game of basketball. However, that means you won’t often find it shown live on television – unless you subscribe to expensive sports channels on cable or satellite television. So, if you are someone that enjoys watching someone sinking a hoop and like to make a bet, then live streaming is perfect. You can bet just a small amount on the game, live stream it and bet on the action as it happens. Read more about basketball live streams


When it comes to betting, this is one of the new kids on the block. However, it is getting more and more popular – to watch and to bet on. Like boxing, the main events can be very popular, but also very expensive to watch live. So, if you make a bet on it at a live streaming site, then for just the cost of a wager, you can skip the expensive subscription cost. Then, you can bet on the winner, method of winning and everything just as it happens. Read more about UFC live streams…

snooker iconSnooker

This may not seem like the most nail-biting sport to bet on, but the tension can be high when the silence is the loudest. If you’ve got money on who will win – or if your player will get a 147 break, then it can be a lot more nerve-wracking than you’d think… especially if you are watching the action live. Bet on the event as it happens and watch it unfold with the best live streaming sites. Read more about snooker live streams…


Just like basketball, this is an American sports that isn’t as popular here as in the US. However, there is a following and it can be tough for lovers of the sport to watch it as it happens, without subscribing to special American sports sites. So, live streaming the sport is becoming more popular – and more readily available. Read more about NFL live streams…

Bellator iconBellator

Like MMA and Boxing, watching any kind of fighting live is very costly and very unpredictable. Pay for a football match and you know you’ll get at least 90 minutes for your money. Pay for a fight and you could get just seconds, literally. So, if you are a fan of betting on Bellator and don’t want to subscribe monthly or keep coughing up for PPV event, live streaming is perfect. You can make abet, top up your account and watch the fight as it happens. Read more about Bellator live streams…

More Sports

Listed above are some of the top live streaming sports and most popular sports across the betting industry. However, they are not the only ones that customers are able to stream. There are lots more sports available for streaming, which include:

FootballAmerican FootballBasketball
Formula 1Moto GPNascar
VolleyballBadmintonTable Tennis
SnookerDartsWater Sports

Mobile Live Streaming

Live streaming does not just have to be done through the website of the bookmaker, it can, in fact, be done through the mobile betting app, which means that customers can stream sports through the convenience of their own mobile device, whether it be a smartphone or tablet.

As long as you have a stable internet connection. Which you will need for the betting app to fully function anyway, you can stream sporting events.

When you are watching a live stream through the app, you can, in fact, minimize the picture, in order for you to be able to place in-play bets, whilst streaming an event.

This makes it easy and quick for you to be able to predict what you think may happen next and then place a bet on that prediction within seconds.

You can predict outcomes such as Next goal scorer, both teams to score, correct score, handicap, half time/ full time and many more!

Live Streaming Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately, it is not as simple and straightforward as being able to log into your betting account and watching a live stream of a sporting fixture of your choice.

There are requirements that need to be taken into consideration and terms to be abided by in order for customers to live stream the events available at the bookmakers.

The rules set by the bookmakers can differ and are not all the same, however, there are some general rules that are the same and they must all be fair and just according to the UKGC.

Here are some terms and conditions that you may come across when using a live streaming service:

  • There is a minimum bet requirement that is set by bookmakers. You must place a bet on a fixture before you can live stream it. In order to stop customers placing considerably low amounts such as 1p and then being able to live stream an event, the bookmakers set a minimum bet amount. For most bookmakers, this amount for a general sporting event is £1. Betfair is an exception to this and they allow punters to bet as low as 50p.
  • Customers must have some funds deposited in their betting account. There can be a minimum amount for this, for example £10, but in a lot of cases, this is not the case. Bookmakers want customers to have some funds in their betting account so that whilst they are live streaming an event, they can access the in-play market and place a bet whilst watching the event.

Live Streaming Betting Strategies

Live streaming betting can be stressful at times if you do not take the correct approach.

When it comes to in-play betting, some punters can rush their bets without thinking about it properly. Due to the odds constantly being updated, punters are rushed into making decisions.

When watching a live stream of an event, it is important to make a justified prediction through your eyes and then bet on it, and not just rush to place an in-play bet of what you want to happen next.

Here are some live streaming betting tips to consider, which may help you:

  • Live Stream Quality: If you are going to watch a live stream whilst betting on that fixture, ensure that you have a stable internet connection in order to be able to watch a suffice live stream that isn’t constantly buffering and is in high quality so that you get to analyse the game better. As odds are updated constantly if your betting app is loading at a fast speed, you will get updates as soon as they come through, therefore if you see odds that you fancy, you can quickly place a bet before they change again. If your stream is behind, then this can affect the prices that you will be offered.
  • If you have the live stream minimised, then you can take a look at the available in-play markets for you to bet on. This will give you an idea of what outcomes to look for during the course of the match, for you to then bet on. It will also allow you to see whether or not the odds that are being offered, are worth having a punt at, based on what you have seen through the course of the game.
  • Keep an eye on your bet slip and the likelihood of your current bet. You may be offered the chance to cash out and also a cash-out value that is worth taking, based on what you have seen throughout the course of the game. If you think there is a high possibility of your bet being unsuccessful, then the cash-out feature may be relevant and useful to you.


Top Live Streaming Sites


New players only | Min deposit £10 using code P30 | Min odds 1/2 (1.50) | Free bets paid as 2 x £15/€15 (30 days expiry) | Payment method/player/country restrictions apply

New customers only | 18+, | Min deposit £10 | Money back as bonus | Wagering requirements: Sportsbook 3x at min. odds of 1.40 (2/5), Casino 25x | Only one bonus can be used at a time, Sportsbook bonus must be wagered before using the Casino, unless the bonus has been forfeited | Bonus will expire after 7 days of opt-in | Further T&C’s apply.

Up to £100 in Bet Credits for new customers at bet365 | Min deposit £5 and 1x settled bet requirement to release Bet Credits | Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply | Returns exclude Bet Credits stake | Bet365 Bonus Code Time limits and T&Cs apply

New UK & NI customers only | Sign up using promo code ‘SPORTS60’ | Deposit & place 1st sports bet at a min of £10 in 1 bet transaction at Evens (2.0) + settled within 60 days | £30 paid in free bets within 48 hours of bet settlement, expires 7-days after issue | E-Wallet & Prepaid Card restrictions apply | Max 60 Free Spins on Justice League Comics | SMS validation may be required | Full T&Cs apply

New Players Only | £10 Min Dep using deposit code 30FB | A qualifying bet is a ‘real money’ stake of at least £10 placed on any sports market | Min odds of 1/2 (1.50) | Free bets credited upon qualifying bet settlement and expire after 7 days | Free bet stakes not included in returns | Casino Bonus must be claimed within 7 days | To withdraw bonus/related wins, wager bonus amount x40 within 14 days | Wagering req. vary by game | Deposit methods, Withdrawal restrictions and Full T&C’s apply

New customers referred by a Google Ad or selected affiliates only; Min. deposit £15; Bonus amount is 50% of deposit (up to £50); Must use correct 10bet bonus code; 6x deposit and bonus turnover (min. odds 1/1 on singles and 2/5 per selection on acca bets), in 30 days, for bonus release; Some bet types don’t contribute to turnover – see full terms; Withdrawal before turnover results in bonus cancellation; Terms apply; 18+

18+ | UK+IRE only Paypal & some deposit & bet types excl | Min first bet £5 at odds of 1/2 or more | Use correct Coral Voucher Code | Must be placed within 14 days of account reg | £20 credited as 4 x £5 free bets | Not valid with CashOut | Free bet valid for 7 days | Free bet stake not returned | T&Cs Apply

New UK & IRE Customers only | Minimum deposit and first bet £/€10 on fixed odds within 45 days of registration at min odds 1/2 (1.50) | Paypal & some deposit & bet types excluded | Bonus Code WMILLION | Free entry to RaceBets Million given within 24 hours | Free bet valid for 7 days, free bet stakes not returned | Full T&Cs apply.

18+ | UK+IRE only | Ladbrokes Promo code G30 required | PayPal and certain deposit types and bet types excluded | Min £5 bet within 14 days of account reg at min odds 1/2 | 4 x £5 free bets | Free bets valid for 7 days on sports | Stake not returned | T&Cs Apply

Advertiser Disclosure
We believe that every customer deserves a safe and secure betting experience, so we independently review every bookmaker on our site to make sure that they are fully regulated and compliant. All reviews are fair and true based on our experiences of the site. We do accept compensation from the bookmakers on our site, however, which may affect the position they hold. We are always looking to add more bookmakers to our site to keep offering the most up to date lists and to provide you with reviews that are current and true.
Advertiser Disclosure
We believe that every customer deserves a safe and secure betting experience, so we independently review every bookmaker on our site to make sure that they are fully regulated and compliant. All reviews are fair and true based on our experiences of the site. We do accept compensation from the bookmakers on our site, however, which may affect the position they hold. We are always looking to add more bookmakers to our site to keep offering the most up to date lists and to provide you with reviews that are current and true.

Table Tennis

Setka Cup Women
20.10 | 12:25Alisa Dubrova vs Liliya AndrieievaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:55Anastasiia Gordinskaya-Sheiko vs Alisa DubrovaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:55Anastasiia Gordinskaya-Sheiko vs Liliya AndrieievaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:45Anastasiia Mydvetska vs Elina VakhrushevaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:45Anastasiia Mydvetska vs Valeriya StepanovskaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:15Elina Vakhrusheva vs Valeriya StepanovskaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:25Kateryna Hubska vs Alisa DubrovaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:55Kateryna Hubska vs Anastasiia Gordinskaya-SheikoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:25Kateryna Hubska vs Kateryna ZhuchkovaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:55Kateryna Hubska vs Liliya AndrieievaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:55Kateryna Hubska vs Tatyana YaroshenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:55Kateryna Zhuchkova vs Anastasiia Gordinskaya-SheikoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:25Kateryna Zhuchkova vs Liliya AndrieievaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:45Oleksandra Tsiupko vs Anastasiia MydvetskaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:15Oleksandra Tsiupko vs Elina VakhrushevaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:15Oleksandra Tsiupko vs Valeriya StepanovskaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:45Olena Nalisnykovska vs Anastasiia MydvetskaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:15Olena Nalisnykovska vs Elina VakhrushevaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:45Olena Nalisnykovska vs Oleksandra TsiupkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:15Olena Nalisnykovska vs Valeriya StepanovskaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:25Tatyana Yaroshenko vs Alisa DubrovaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:55Tatyana Yaroshenko vs Anastasiia Gordinskaya-SheikoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:25Tatyana Yaroshenko vs Kateryna ZhuchkovaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:55Tatyana Yaroshenko vs Liliya AndrieievaWATCH NOW
Setka Cup
20.10 | 08:10Anar Aliiev vs Bogdan PanchenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:35Andrii Romanenko vs Ihor OranskyiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:15Andrii Sydoruk vs Oleh KasianWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:15Andrii Sydoruk vs Yurii VolkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:05Anton Volvach vs Serhii PitsykWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:35Anton Volvach vs Vladyslav LytvynovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:40Bogdan Havryliuk vs Viktor BerezaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:40Igor Koshkodan vs Bogdan HavryliukWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:35Ihor Oranskyi vs Vladyslav LytvynovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:10Ihor Rubanka vs Anar AliievWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:40Ihor Rubanka vs Bogdan PanchenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:40Ihor Rubanka vs Yurii PetrushenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:00Ivan Omelchuk vs Kyrylo SamokyshWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:30Ivan Omelchuk vs Mykhailo MosiukWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:30Ivan Omelchuk vs Oleh FilenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:00Kyrylo Samokysh vs Mykhailo MosiukWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:00Kyrylo Samokysh vs Oleh FilenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:05Maksym Balakiriev vs Andrii RomanenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:05Maksym Balakiriev vs Serhii PitsykWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:00Mykhailo Kistechko vs Artem YurkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:55Mykola Halynskyi vs Oleksandr DukhovenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:45Oleh Kasian vs Valerii ZhaliiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:50Oleh Yurenev vs Oleh PeregudaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:20Oleh Yurenev vs Serhii DovzhenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:20Oleh Yurenev vs Serhii YatsenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:50Oleh Yurenev vs Vitalii MukhinWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:50Oleh Yurenev vs Volodymyr KononikhinWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:10Oleksandr Borysiuk vs Igor KoshkodanWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:10Oleksandr Borysiuk vs Yevhen HasanWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:05Oleksandr Gress vs Serhii UshakovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:05Oleksandr Gress vs Valerii VoloshkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:05Oleksandr Khoroshun vs Oleksandr GressWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:35Oleksandr Khoroshun vs Serhii UshakovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:05Oleksandr Khoroshun vs Valerii VoloshkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:35Oleksandr Khoroshun vs Viktor SyvychWATCH NOW
20.10 | 04:25Oleksandr Lykhytskyi vs Sergey TkachevWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:25Oleksandr Mishchenko vs Andrii MatiushenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:25Oleksandr Mishchenko vs Oleksandr DukhovenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:45Oleksandr Mytsyk vs Andrii KurtenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:15Oleksandr Mytsyk vs Yurii VolkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 04:55Oleksandr Sulym vs Roman MakarenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:20Olexander Oleskevych vs Rotyslav MaiovetsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:20Serhii Dovzhenko vs Oleh PeregudaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:20Serhii Dovzhenko vs Serhii YatsenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:50Serhii Dovzhenko vs Vitalii MukhinWATCH NOW
20.10 | 05:25Serhii Kaminskyi vs Yevhen KyiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:10Serhii Sokolov vs Anar AliievWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:10Serhii Sokolov vs Bogdan PanchenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:40Serhii Sokolov vs Ihor RubankaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:10Serhii Sokolov vs Yevhen SkorobahatyiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:40Serhii Sokolov vs Yurii PetrushenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:35Serhii Ushakov vs Valerii VoloshkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:20Serhii Yatsenko vs Oleh PeregudaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:45Valerii Zhalii vs Andrii KurtenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:30Valery Vlasenko vs Mykhailo KistechkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:00Viktor Ivanov vs Artem YurkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:00Viktor Ivanov vs Mykhailo KistechkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:30Viktor Ivanov vs Valery VlasenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:05Viktor Syvych vs Oleksandr GressWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:35Viktor Syvych vs Serhii UshakovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:35Viktor Syvych vs Valerii VoloshkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:50Vitalii Mukhin vs Oleh PeregudaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:50Vitalii Mukhin vs Serhii YatsenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:30Vladyslav Ratushniak vs Mykhailo MosiukWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:30Vladyslav Ratushniak vs Oleh FilenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:50Volodymyr Kononikhin v Vitalii MukhinWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:50Volodymyr Kononikhin vs Oleh PeregudaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:20Volodymyr Kononikhin vs Serhii DovzhenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:20Volodymyr Kononikhin vs Serhii YatsenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:05Volodymyr Tymchenko vs Oleksandr GressWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:05Volodymyr Tymchenko vs Oleksandr KhoroshunWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:35Volodymyr Tymchenko vs Serhii UshakovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:05Volodymyr Tymchenko vs Valerii VoloshkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:35Volodymyr Tymchenko vs Viktor SyvychWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:50Volodymyr Voronenkov vs Anatolii LevshynWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:40Yaroslav Voitenko vs Viktor BerezaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:10Yaroslav Voitenko vs Yevhen HasanWATCH NOW
20.10 | 03:55Yevhen Kyi vs Roman MakarenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:10Yevhen Skorobahatyi vs Anar AliievWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:10Yevhen Skorobahatyi vs Bogdan PanchenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:40Yevhen Skorobahatyi vs Yurii PetrushenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:00Yurii Kurishchenko vs Artem YurkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:00Yurii Kurishchenko vs Mykhailo KistechkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:30Yurii Kurishchenko vs Valery VlasenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:40Yurii Petrushenko vs Bogdan PanchenkoWATCH NOW
Liga Pro
20.10 | 07:45Aik Lulikyan vs Sergey NikulinWATCH NOW
20.10 | 05:45Aik Lulikyan vs Viktor GoljanovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:00Aleksandr Kolmin vs Oleg MelkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:45Aleksei Slachshilin vs Ivan BuyaninWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:45Aleksei Slachshilin vs Nikita KurilchikWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:15Alexander Gribkov vs Oleg NikiforovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:15Alexandr Kononenko vs Oleg BeluginWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:45Alexandr Kononenko vs Oleg ManuylovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:45Anatolii Gerasimov vs Alexandr KononenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:45Anatolii Gerasimov vs Oleg ManuylovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:15Evgeny Grishaev vs Alexander GribkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:15Igor Poletaev vs Alexander GribkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:45Igor Poletaev vs Evgeny GrishaevWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:00Ilya Korogodskii vs Roman KobytovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:00Ivan Afanasev vs Ilya KorogodskiiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:15Ivan Buyanin vs Oleg SuharkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 03:15Konstantin Churin vs Anatoly IlinWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:45Nikita Kurilchik vs Ivan BuyaninWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:15Nikita Kurilchik vs Oleg SuharkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:00Nikita Lyfenko vs Ilya KorogodskiiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:30Nikita Lyfenko vs Ivan AfanasevWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:15Oleg Belugin vs Anatolii GerasimovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:15Oleg Manuylov vs Oleg BeluginWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:00Oleg Melkov vs Vladimir VologzhaninWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:45Oleg Nikiforov vs Evgeny GrishaevWATCH NOW
20.10 | 05:45Oleg Nikiforov vs Igor PoletaevWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:15Oleg Suharkov vs Aleksei SlachshilinWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:30Roman Kobytov vs Ivan AfanasevWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:30Roman Kobytov vs Nikita LyfenkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:30Sergey Muslikov vs Aleksandr KolminWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:00Sergey Muslikov vs Oleg MelkovWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:15Sergey Nikulin vs Vitalii BazilevskiiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 06:45Viktor Goljanov vs Sergey NikulinWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:15Viktor Goljanov vs Vitalii BazilevskiiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:15Vitalii Bazilevskii vs Aik LulikyanWATCH NOW
20.10 | 07:30Vladimir Vologzhanin vs Aleksandr KolminWATCH NOW
20.10 | 05:30Vladimir Vologzhanin vs Sergey MuslikovWATCH NOW
Challenger Ochsenhausen
20.10 | 10:40Dimitrije Levajac vs Florian BluhmWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:20Fedor Kuzmin vs Florian BluhmWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:40Jakub Folwarski vs Alexander ValuchWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:40Liang Qiu vs Alexander ValuchWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:00Liang Qiu vs Dimitrije LevajacWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:20Stanislav Kucera vs Fedor KuzminWATCH NOW
24.10 | 21:00Atlanta United v DC UnitedWATCH NOW
25.10 | 00:30Chicago Fire v New York Red BullsWATCH NOW
25.10 | 00:30FC Cincinnati v Minnesota UnitedWATCH NOW
25.10 | 01:00Houston Dynamo v Columbus CrewWATCH NOW
24.10 | 20:30Inter Miami CF v Orlando City SCWATCH NOW
21.10 | 01:30Nashville SC v FC DallasWATCH NOW
25.10 | 00:30New York City FC v Montreal ImpactWATCH NOW
25.10 | 00:30Philadelphia Union v Toronto FCWATCH NOW
25.10 | 01:30Real Salt Lake v FC DallasWATCH NOW
23.10 | 03:30Seattle Sounders FC v Portland TimbersWATCH NOW
25.10 | 01:30Sporting Kansas City v Colorado RapidsWATCH NOW
Turkey 1 Lig
21.10 | 14:00Adana Demirspor v UmraniyesporWATCH NOW
21.10 | 17:00Altinordu v AltayWATCH NOW
21.10 | 17:00Balikesirspor v BolusporWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:00Eskisehirspor v SamsunsporWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:30Giresunspor v AdanasporWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:30Keciorengucu v BandirmasporWATCH NOW
Switzerland Challenge League
20.10 | 18:00FC Thun v WinterthurWATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:30Kriens v GrasshoppersWATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:00Neuchatel Xamax v Wil 1900WATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:00Stade Lausanne-Ouchy v FC ChiassoWATCH NOW
Sweden Superettan
21.10 | 18:00AFC Eskilstuna v Trelleborgs FFWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Dalkurd FF v GIF SundsvallWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Degerfors v Orgryte ISWATCH NOW
24.10 | 16:30Halmstad v Västerås SK FKWATCH NOW
22.10 | 18:00IK Brage v Ljungskile SKWATCH NOW
22.10 | 18:00Jonkopings Sodra v GAISWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Norrby IF v HalmstadWATCH NOW
24.10 | 16:30Orgryte IS v Osters IFWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Osters IF v Umeå FCWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Västerås SK FK v Akropolis IFWATCH NOW
Sweden Allsvenskan
24.10 | 14:00BK Hacken v Mjällby AIFWATCH NOW
24.10 | 14:00Djurgarden v SiriusWATCH NOW
26.10 | 18:00IFK Norrkoping v AIKWATCH NOW
25.10 | 13:30Kalmar FF v Falkenbergs FFWATCH NOW
25.10 | 16:30Malmo FF v IFK GoteborgWATCH NOW
25.10 | 16:30Orebro SK v HelsingborgWATCH NOW
25.10 | 13:30Ostersunds FK v HammarbyWATCH NOW
26.10 | 18:00Varbergs BoIS FC v ElfsborgWATCH NOW
Spain Segunda
20.10 | 20:30Almeria v FC CartagenaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 20:30Espanyol v MirandesWATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:00Fuenlabrada v UD LogronesWATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:00Las Palmas v CD CastellonWATCH NOW
22.10 | 20:30Leganes v Real ZaragozaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Lugo v GironaWATCH NOW
22.10 | 20:30Malaga v Sporting GijonWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Mallorca v AlbaceteWATCH NOW
22.10 | 18:00Oviedo v Rayo VallecanoWATCH NOW
22.10 | 18:00Ponferradina v TenerifeWATCH NOW
21.10 | 20:30Sabadell v AlcorconWATCH NOW
Spain Primera Liga
24.10 | 20:00Atletico Madrid v Real BetisWATCH NOW
24.10 | 15:00Barcelona v Real MadridWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00Elche v ValenciaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 12:00Osasuna v Athletic BilbaoWATCH NOW
24.10 | 17:30Sevilla v EibarWATCH NOW
Scotland Premiership
25.10 | 12:00Aberdeen v CelticWATCH NOW
24.10 | 15:00Kilmarnock v HibernianWATCH NOW
Scotland Championship
23.10 | 19:45Arbroath v HeartsWATCH NOW
Poland Ekstraklasa
23.10 | 17:00Piast Gliwice v Wisla PlockWATCH NOW
24.10 | 19:00Pogon Szczecin v Legia WarsawWATCH NOW
24.10 | 16:30Slask Wroclaw v Jagiellonia BialystokWATCH NOW
24.10 | 14:00Wisla Krakow v Podbeskidzie Bielsko BialaWATCH NOW
23.10 | 19:30Zaglebie Lubin v Lechia GdanskWATCH NOW
Norway Eliteserien
25.10 | 17:00Aalesund v Odd BKWATCH NOW
25.10 | 17:00Bodo/Glimt v MjondalenWATCH NOW
24.10 | 17:00IK Start v SandefjordWATCH NOW
25.10 | 17:00Molde v StromsgodsetWATCH NOW
24.10 | 19:30SK Brann v StabaekWATCH NOW
25.10 | 17:00Sarpsborg v RosenborgWATCH NOW
25.10 | 17:00Valerenga v Kristiansund BKWATCH NOW
Netherlands Eredivisie
25.10 | 19:00ADO Den Haag v AZWATCH NOW
24.10 | 19:00FC Utrecht v FC TwenteWATCH NOW
25.10 | 13:30Fortuna Sittard v FC GroningenWATCH NOW
24.10 | 20:00Heerenveen v FC EmmenWATCH NOW
25.10 | 15:45PEC Zwolle v Willem IIWATCH NOW
25.10 | 11:15RKC v FeyenoordWATCH NOW
25.10 | 15:45Sparta Rotterdam v HeraclesWATCH NOW
24.10 | 15:30VVV v AjaxWATCH NOW
25.10 | 13:30Vitesse v PSVWATCH NOW
Netherlands Eerste Divisie
23.10 | 20:00Almere City FC v NECWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00Cambuur Leeuwarden v Roda JCWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00De Graafschap v PSV ReservesWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00FC Den Bosch v ExcelsiorWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00FC Eindhoven v AZ ReservesWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00FC Utrecht Reserves v Top OssWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00FC Volendam v FC DordrechtWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00Maastricht v Ajax ReservesWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:45NAC v Cambuur LeeuwardenWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00NEC v Go Ahead EaglesWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:45PSV Reserves v NECWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00Telstar v Helmond SportWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Top Oss v FC Den BoschWATCH NOW
Lithuania A Lyga
20.10 | 16:00Banga Gargzdai v FK Kauno ZalgirisWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:00FK Riteriai v FK PanevezysWATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:00Suduva Marijampole v FK Kauno ZalgirisWATCH NOW
Japan J2-League
21.10 | 11:00Albirex Niigata v Fagiano OkayamaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 05:00Avispa Fukuoka v JEF Utd ChibaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 07:00Ehime FC v Tochigi SCWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:00Ehime FC v V-Varen NagasakiWATCH NOW
25.10 | 09:30FC Ryukyu v Kyoto Sanga FCWATCH NOW
25.10 | 06:00Giravanz Kitakyushu v Matsumoto Y FCWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:00JEF Utd Chiba v Zweigen KanazawaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 06:00Jubilo Iwata v Thespa KusatsuWATCH NOW
21.10 | 10:30Kyoto Sanga FC v Giravanz KitakyushuWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:00Machida Zelvia v Avispa FukuokaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:00Matsumoto Y FC v Omiya ArdijaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:00Mito Hollyhock v Montedio YamagataWATCH NOW
24.10 | 06:00Montedio Yamagata v Tokyo VerdyWATCH NOW
25.10 | 05:00Omiya Ardija v V-Varen NagasakiWATCH NOW
25.10 | 06:00Renofa Yamaguchi v Mito HollyhockWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:00Renofa Yamaguchi v Tokushima VortisWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:00Thespa Kusatsu v Ventforet KofuWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:30Tochigi SC v FC RyukyuWATCH NOW
25.10 | 05:00Tokushima Vortis v Albirex NiigataWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:00Tokyo Verdy v Jubilo IwataWATCH NOW
25.10 | 05:00Ventforet Kofu v Machida ZelviaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 06:00Zweigen Kanazawa v Fagiano OkayamaWATCH NOW
Japan J-League
24.10 | 07:00Aries FC Tokyo v Yokohama F-MarinosWATCH NOW
24.10 | 06:00Consadole Sapporo v Yokohama FCWATCH NOW
24.10 | 08:00Gamba Osaka v Kashiwa ReysolWATCH NOW
24.10 | 06:00Kashima Antlers v Sanfrecce HiroshimaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 06:00Nagoya Grampus v Vegalta SendaiWATCH NOW
25.10 | 05:00Sagan Tosu v Shonan BellmareWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:30Shonan Bellmare v Sagan TosuWATCH NOW
24.10 | 09:00Urawa Red Diamonds v Cerezo OsakaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 10:00Vissel Kobe v Kashima AntlersWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:30Yokohama F-Marinos v Nagoya GrampusWATCH NOW
Italy Serie B
20.10 | 20:00AC Feralpisalo v Fiammamonza WomenWATCH NOW
24.10 | 13:00AC Reggiana 1919 v CittadellaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Ascoli v AC Reggiana 1919WATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Chievo v BresciaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Cittadella v PordenoneWATCH NOW
25.10 | 14:00Cosenza v LecceWATCH NOW
25.10 | 20:00Cremonese v BresciaWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00Empoli v PisaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Empoli v SpalWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Frosinone v Virtus EntellaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Lecce v CremoneseWATCH NOW
24.10 | 13:00Monza v ChievoWATCH NOW
24.10 | 15:00Pescara v FrosinoneWATCH NOW
24.10 | 13:00Pordenone v RegginaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Reggina v CosenzaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 13:00Salernitana v AscoliWATCH NOW
24.10 | 13:00Spal v VicenzaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Venezia v PescaraWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Vicenza v SalernitanaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 13:00Virtus Entella v VeneziaWATCH NOW
Italy Serie A
26.10 | 19:45AC Milan v RomaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 14:00Atalanta v SampdoriaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 14:00Benevento v NapoliWATCH NOW
31.10 | 19:45Bologna v CagliariWATCH NOW
25.10 | 11:30Cagliari v CrotoneWATCH NOW
31.10 | 14:00Crotone v AtalantaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 17:00Fiorentina v UdineseWATCH NOW
24.10 | 17:00Genoa v Inter MilanWATCH NOW
31.10 | 17:00Inter Milan v ParmaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 19:45Juventus v VeronaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 19:45Lazio v BolognaWATCH NOW
01.11 | 17:00Napoli v SassuoloWATCH NOW
25.10 | 14:00Parma v SpeziaWATCH NOW
01.11 | 17:00Roma v FiorentinaWATCH NOW
01.11 | 19:45Sampdoria v GenoaWATCH NOW
23.10 | 19:45Sassuolo v TorinoWATCH NOW
01.11 | 14:00Spezia v JuventusWATCH NOW
01.11 | 14:00Torino v LazioWATCH NOW
01.11 | 11:30Udinese v AC MilanWATCH NOW
02.11 | 19:45Verona v BeneventoWATCH NOW
Germany Bundesliga II
30.10 | 17:30Hamburg v St PauliWATCH NOW
France Ligue 1
25.10 | 14:00Bordeaux v NimesWATCH NOW
25.10 | 14:00Brest v StrasbourgWATCH NOW
25.10 | 12:00Lens v NantesWATCH NOW
24.10 | 16:00Lorient v MarseilleWATCH NOW
25.10 | 20:00Lyon v MonacoWATCH NOW
25.10 | 14:00Metz v St EtienneWATCH NOW
25.10 | 14:00Montpellier v ReimsWATCH NOW
25.10 | 16:00Nice v LilleWATCH NOW
24.10 | 20:00PSG v DijonWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00Rennes v AngersWATCH NOW
Finland Veikkausliiga
22.10 | 16:30FC Honka v FC LahtiWATCH NOW
22.10 | 16:30FC Inter v TPSWATCH NOW
22.10 | 16:00HIFK v RoPSWATCH NOW
22.10 | 16:30IFK Mariehamn v HJK HelsinkiWATCH NOW
22.10 | 16:30KuPS Kuopio v FC HakaWATCH NOW
22.10 | 16:30SJK v FC IlvesWATCH NOW
Esoccer Liga Pro Challenger - 8 mins play
20.10 | 04:20France (Nikita-Iceman) Esports v Portugal (Sakh-boom) EsportsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 05:00Italy (sps_94) Esports v France (Nikita-Iceman) EsportsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 04:40Portugal (Sakh-boom) Esports v Russia (Niksank95) EsportsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 03:20Portugal (Sakh-boom) Esports v Spain (stopkirpichi) EsportsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 03:40Russia (Niksank95) Esports v France (Nikita-Iceman) EsportsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 04:00Spain (stopkirpichi) Esports v Italy (sps_94) EsportsWATCH NOW
England Championship
24.10 | 15:00Cardiff v MiddlesbroughWATCH NOW
23.10 | 19:45Nottm Forest v DerbyWATCH NOW
24.10 | 12:30Watford v BournemouthWATCH NOW
Denmark Superligaen
25.10 | 13:00AC Horsens v FC NordsjaellandWATCH NOW
25.10 | 17:00AGF Aarhus v FC CopenhagenWATCH NOW
26.10 | 18:00AaB v VejleWATCH NOW
24.10 | 17:00Brondby v MidtjyllandWATCH NOW
23.10 | 18:00Lyngby v Odense BKWATCH NOW
25.10 | 15:00Randers FC v SonderjyskeWATCH NOW
Denmark Division 1
20.10 | 18:00Esbjerg v Hvidovre IFWATCH NOW
24.10 | 13:00FC Fredericia v SkiveWATCH NOW
24.10 | 15:00FC Helsingor v Kolding IFWATCH NOW
21.10 | 17:30Fremad Amager v FC HelsingorWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00HB Køge v FC FredericiaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 12:15Hobro IK v EsbjergWATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:00Kolding IF v Hobro IKWATCH NOW
22.10 | 17:00Silkeborg IF v ViborgWATCH NOW
21.10 | 17:00Skive v Vendsyssel FFWATCH NOW
24.10 | 14:00Vendsyssel FF v HB KøgeWATCH NOW
Croatia 1.HNL
24.10 | 14:00Istra 1961 v NK OsijekWATCH NOW
24.10 | 16:05NK Lokomotiva Zagreb v Hajduk SplitWATCH NOW
23.10 | 17:00NK Varazdin v Slaven BelupoWATCH NOW
Copa Libertadores
21.10 | 01:30Colo Colo v Jorge WilstermannWATCH NOW
21.10 | 23:15Nacional De Football v Alianza LimaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 23:15Olimpia Asuncion v Delfin SCWATCH NOW
21.10 | 01:30Penarol v Athletico ParanaenseWATCH NOW
21.10 | 23:15Racing Club v Estudiantes MeridaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 01:30River Plate v LDU QuitoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 23:15Santos v Defensa y JusticiaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 01:30Sao Paulo v Deportivo BinacionalWATCH NOW
Colombia Primera A
25.10 | 23:05America de Cali v Deportivo PastoWATCH NOW
25.10 | 00:05Deportes Tolima v La EquidadWATCH NOW
25.10 | 16:30Envigado FC v Alianza PetroleraWATCH NOW
26.10 | 01:10Independiente Medellin v Deportivo CaliWATCH NOW
25.10 | 21:00Independiente Santa Fe v Boyaca ChicoWATCH NOW
25.10 | 01:10Junior v MillonariosWATCH NOW
24.10 | 22:00Once Caldas v Jaguares de CordobaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 19:00Patriotas FC v Atletico Nacional MedellinWATCH NOW
26.10 | 23:00Rionegro Aguilas v Deportivo PereiraWATCH NOW
China Super League
22.10 | 12:35Beijing Guoan v Shandong LunengWATCH NOW
21.10 | 12:35Guangzhou Evergrande v Hebei CFFCWATCH NOW
24.10 | 12:35Jiangsu Suning FC v Chongqing LifanWATCH NOW
23.10 | 12:35Shanghai SIPG v Shanghai ShenhuaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 08:30Shenzhen v Tianjin TedaWATCH NOW
Chile Primera Division
21.10 | 17:30Coquimbo Unido v Universidad de ConcepcionWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:00Deportes Iquique v La SerenaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00O'Higgins v Curico UnidoWATCH NOW
21.10 | 15:00Santiago Wanderers v CD AntofagastaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 22:30Union Espanola v CobresalWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:30Union La Calera v HuachipatoWATCH NOW
21.10 | 20:00Universidad de Chile v Audax ItalianoWATCH NOW
CAF Confederations Cup
20.10 | 20:00Pyramids FC v HoroyaWATCH NOW
Brazil Serie B
20.10 | 20:30America MG v Brasil de PelotasWATCH NOW
20.10 | 23:15CSA v Botafogo SPWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:00Cuiaba v ParanaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 23:15EC Juventude v AvaiWATCH NOW
21.10 | 20:30Figueirense v CRBWATCH NOW
20.10 | 23:15Oeste v Nautico CapibaribeWATCH NOW
21.10 | 01:30Operario PR v CruzeiroWATCH NOW
21.10 | 01:30Ponte Preta v ChapecoenseWATCH NOW
21.10 | 23:00Sampaio Correa v AD ConfiancaWATCH NOW
Brazil Serie A
24.10 | 21:00Bragantino v GoiasWATCH NOW
24.10 | 23:00Ceara v CoritibaWATCH NOW
22.10 | 01:30Vasco da Gama v CorinthiansWATCH NOW
Belgium First Division A
25.10 | 12:30Antwerp v KFCO Beerschot WilrijkWATCH NOW
24.10 | 17:30Cercle Brugge v Royal Excel MouscronWATCH NOW
25.10 | 19:45Charleroi v Waasland-BeverenWATCH NOW
24.10 | 15:15Eupen v KV MechelenWATCH NOW
26.10 | 19:45Gent v GenkWATCH NOW
23.10 | 19:45KV Kortrijk v AnderlechtWATCH NOW
25.10 | 15:00KV Oostende v Zulte-WaregemWATCH NOW
24.10 | 19:45OH Leuven v Club BruggeWATCH NOW
25.10 | 17:15Sint-Truidense v Standard LiegeWATCH NOW
Belarus Premier League
24.10 | 14:30BATE Borisov v FC VitebskWATCH NOW
24.10 | 16:30Dinamo Minsk v Belshina BobruiskWATCH NOW
21.10 | 13:00FC Minsk v Slavia MozyrWATCH NOW
24.10 | 12:30FK Gorodeya v SmolevichiWATCH NOW
Australia NPL Queensland
21.10 | 10:30Brisbane City v Peninsula PowerWATCH NOW
21.10 | 10:00Gold Coast United v Gold Coast KnightsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:30Sunshine Coast Wanderers v Eastern SuburbsWATCH NOW
Sweden Basketligan
20.10 | 17:34Köping Stars vs Boras BasketWATCH NOW
Spain ACB League
25.10 | 19:00Barcelona vs BC AndorraWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:00Barcelona vs GipuzkoaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 16:00Burgos vs UCAM MurciaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 19:45Gipuzkoa vs FuenlabradaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 12:00Gran Canaria vs Monbus ObradoiroWATCH NOW
24.10 | 19:45Joventut vs BaskoniaWATCH NOW
24.10 | 17:00Manresa vs Real BetisWATCH NOW
25.10 | 17:30Real Madrid vs EstudiantesWATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:15Real Madrid vs Monbus ObradoiroWATCH NOW
25.10 | 11:30Unicaja Malaga vs Iberostar TenerifeWATCH NOW
24.10 | 17:00Valencia vs ZaragozaWATCH NOW
Philippines PBA Cup
22.10 | 11:45Alaska Aces vs Rain or Shine Elasto PaintersWATCH NOW
23.10 | 11:45Magnolia Hotshots vs Phoenix Fuel MastersWATCH NOW
23.10 | 09:00NLEX Road Warriors vs Meralco BoltsWATCH NOW
21.10 | 09:00NorthPort Batang Pier vs NLEX Road WarriorsWATCH NOW
21.10 | 11:45Phoenix Fuel Masters vs Barangay Ginebra San MiguelWATCH NOW
24.10 | 11:45San Miguel Beermen vs Alaska AcesWATCH NOW
22.10 | 09:00TNT Tropang Giga vs Blackwater EliteWATCH NOW
24.10 | 09:00Terrafirma Dyip vs NorthPort Batang PierWATCH NOW
Latvia-Estonia BL
21.10 | 17:00Kalev/Cramo vs TLU/KalevWATCH NOW
Korea KBL
21.10 | 11:00KCC Egis vs Seoul KnightsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:00Seoul Thunders vs Incheon ElephantsWATCH NOW
Italy Lega 1
25.10 | 16:00Fortitudo Bologna vs MilanoWATCH NOW
24.10 | 19:30Reggio Emilia vs BresciaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 19:45Trento vs Vanoli CremonaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 18:00Treviso vs CantuWATCH NOW
25.10 | 18:30Trieste vs BrindisiWATCH NOW
24.10 | 19:30Varese vs Virtus BolognaWATCH NOW
25.10 | 16:30Venezia vs Dinamo SassariWATCH NOW
25.10 | 17:00Virtus Roma vs PesaroWATCH NOW
22.10 | 19:00Alba Berlin vs BaskoniaWATCH NOW
23.10 | 18:30Anadolu Efes vs Asvel Lyon-VilleurbanneWATCH NOW
23.10 | 20:00Barcelona vs Real MadridWATCH NOW
23.10 | 19:30Bayern Munich vs OlympiacosWATCH NOW
22.10 | 19:45Crvena Zvezda vs CSKA MoscowWATCH NOW
23.10 | 18:00Khimki Moscow Region vs Maccabi Tel AvivWATCH NOW
22.10 | 19:00Panathinaikos vs FenerbahceWATCH NOW
22.10 | 18:00Zalgiris vs ValenciaWATCH NOW
22.10 | 18:00Zenit St. Petersburg vs MilanoWATCH NOW
Euro Cup
20.10 | 17:00Bahcesehir Koleji vs PartizanWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:00Boulogne - Levallois vs MornarWATCH NOW
21.10 | 19:45Bourg vs Unics KazanWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Buducnost vs Ratiopharm UlmWATCH NOW
21.10 | 18:00Bursaspor vs Gran CanariaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 19:45Joventut vs VeneziaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 17:00Lietkabelis vs Antwerp GiantsWATCH NOW
21.10 | 17:30Lokomotiv Kuban vs BC AndorraWATCH NOW
21.10 | 17:15Promitheas vs NanterreWATCH NOW
20.10 | 19:00Trento vs Cedevita OlimpijaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 19:45Unicaja Malaga vs BresciaWATCH NOW
21.10 | 20:00Virtus Bologna vs MonacoWATCH NOW
Croatia A1 Liga
20.10 | 18:00Zadar vs SkrljevoWATCH NOW
China CBA
21.10 | 05:30Bayi Rockets vs Zhejiang LionsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:00Beijing Ducks vs Zhejiang Golden BullsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:30Fujian Sturgeons vs Sichuan Blue WhalesWATCH NOW
20.10 | 04:00Guangzhou Long-Lions vs Qingdao EaglesWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:30Jilin Northeast Tigers vs Jiangsu DragonsWATCH NOW
21.10 | 12:35Liaoning Flying Leopards vs Shandong HeroesWATCH NOW
21.10 | 05:00Nanjing Monkey King vs Tianjin PioneersWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:00Shanghai Sharks vs Shanxi LoongsWATCH NOW
20.10 | 04:00Shenzhen Aviators vs Guangdong Southern TigersWATCH NOW
21.10 | 13:00Xinjiang Flying Tigers vs Beijing Royal FightersWATCH NOW
Basketball Champions League
20.10 | 19:30Dijon vs KeravnosWATCH NOW
21.10 | 19:30Dinamo Sassari vs GalatasarayWATCH NOW
20.10 | 19:30Iberostar Tenerife vs Bakken BearsWATCH NOW
21.10 | 17:00Nizhny Novgorod vs Falco SzombathelyWATCH NOW
21.10 | 17:30Start Lublin vs ZaragozaWATCH NOW


Korea KOVO
20.10 | 07:30Hyundai Skywalkers vs Woori Card WibeeWATCH NOW
France Pro A
20.10 | 16:00Montpellier vs NiceWATCH NOW
20.10 | 19:00Nantes vs ParisWATCH NOW


Bowls Grand Prix 2020
20.10 | 12:00Mark Royal vs Matt WhyersWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:00Mark Royal vs Robert ElmoreWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:00Matt Whyers vs Mark RoyalWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:00Matt Whyers vs Robert ElmoreWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:30Robert Elmore vs Mark RoyalWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:00Robert Elmore vs Matt WhyersWATCH NOW
WTA Ostrava WD
20.10 | 15:30Anna Blinkova / Veronika Kudermetova vs Magda Linette / Jil TeichmannWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:00Elise Mertens / Aryna Sabalenka vs Jesika Maleckova / Chantal SkamlovaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:30Kirsten Flipkens / Demi Schuurs vs Lucie Hradecka / Andreja KlepacWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:00Nadiia Kichenok / Monica Niculescu vs Anna-Lena Friedsam / Raluca OlaruWATCH NOW
WTA Ostrava
20.10 | 18:30Barbora Strycova vs Ons JabeurWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:00Dayana Yastremska vs Jennifer BradyWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:30Elena Rybakina vs Daria KasatkinaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:00Jelena Ostapenko vs Petra MarticWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:00Katerina Siniakova vs Cori GauffWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:00Shuai Zhang vs Karolina MuchovaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:00Veronika Kudermetova vs Donna VekicWATCH NOW
Challenger Istanbul MD
20.10 | 09:30Luis David Martinez / Miguel Angel Reyes-Varela vs Denys Molchanov / Sergiy StakhovskyWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:00Rafael Matos / Felipe Alves vs Hunter Reese / Jan ZielinskiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:00Teymuraz Gabashvili / Maxime Janvier vs Sarp Agabigun / Altug CelikbilekWATCH NOW
Challenger Istanbul
20.10 | 08:00Alexey Vatutin vs Nino SerdarusicWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:00Elias Ymer vs Jaume MunarWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:00Elliot Benchetrit vs Cem IlkelWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:00Frederico Ferreira Silva vs Dmitry PopkoWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:30Illya Marchenko vs Martin KlizanWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:00Mackenzie McDonald vs Teymuraz GabashviliWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:30Roberto Marcora vs Mohamed SafwatWATCH NOW
Challenger Ismaning MD
20.10 | 17:30Andre Begemann / David Pel vs Julian Lenz / Yannick MadenWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:00Dustin Brown / Brayden Schnur vs Sergio Galdos / Marc-Andrea HueslerWATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:00Max Hans Rehberg / Cedrik M Stebe vs Jakob Schnaitter / Michael WeindlWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:30Sebastian Korda / Brandon Nakashima vs N.Sriram Balaji / Luca MargaroliWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:00Zdenek Kolar / Albano Olivetti vs Fernando Romboli / Tsung-Hua YangWATCH NOW
Challenger Ismaning
20.10 | 12:00Constant Lestienne vs Tobias KamkeWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:30Daniel Masur vs Gregoire BarrereWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:30Julian Lenz vs Juan Pablo FicovichWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:00Lukas Lacko vs Max Hans RehbergWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:30Mats Rosenkranz vs Maxime CressyWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:30Maximilian Marterer vs Mikael TorpegaardWATCH NOW
ATP Cologne 2 MD
21.10 | 10:00Dominic Inglot / Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi vs Alexander Zverev / Mischa ZverevWATCH NOW
21.10 | 10:00Felix Auger Aliassime / Robert Lindstedt vs Max Purcell / Luke SavilleWATCH NOW
21.10 | 10:00Tomislav Brkic / Franko Skugor vs Raven Klaasen / Ben MclachlanWATCH NOW
ATP Cologne 2
20.10 | 10:00Damir Dzumhur vs Alejandro Davidovich FokinaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:00Danilo Petrovic vs Dennis NovakWATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:30Fernando Verdasco vs John MillmanWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:00Jannik Sinner vs James DuckworthWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:00Tennys Sandgren vs Pierre-Hugues HerbertWATCH NOW
ATP Antwerp MD
20.10 | 15:30Frederik Nielsen / Tim Puetz vs Simone Bolelli / Maximo GonzalezWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:00Kei Nishikori / Yasutaka Suzuki vs Fabrice Martin / Jean-Julien RojerWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:00Taylor Fritz / Nicholas Monroe vs Daniel Evans / Cameron NorrieWATCH NOW
ATP Antwerp
20.10 | 14:30Corentin Moutet vs Lloyd HarrisWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:30Emil Ruusuvuori vs Cameron NorrieWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:00Kei Nishikori vs Pablo AndujarWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:00Marcos Giron vs Luca NardiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:30Richard Gasquet vs Alex De MinaurWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:30Salvatore Caruso vs Daniel EvansWATCH NOW
20.10 | 19:00Zizou Bergs vs Albert Ramos-VinolasWATCH NOW


CS:GO - Nine to Five
20.10 | 08:00AGF vs HONORISWATCH NOW
20.10 | 08:00Galaxy Racer vs Giants GamingWATCH NOW
PDC Home Tour 2 - Final Group 2020
20.10 | 10:10Damon Heta vs Jonny ClaytonWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:50Damon Heta vs Krzysztof RatajskiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:30Damon Heta vs Luke HumphriesWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:50Jonny Clayton vs Kai Fan LeungWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:50Jonny Clayton vs Ron MeulenkampWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:10Jonny Clayton vs Ross SmithWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:50Kai Fan Leung vs Damon HetaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:30Kai Fan Leung vs Luke HumphriesWATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:10Kai Fan Leung vs Ron MeulenkampWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:50Krzysztof Ratajski vs Jonny ClaytonWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:30Krzysztof Ratajski vs Kai Fan LeungWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:10Krzysztof Ratajski vs Ross SmithWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:30Luke Humphries vs Jonny ClaytonWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:30Luke Humphries vs Krzysztof RatajskiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 11:30Luke Humphries vs Ron MeulenkampWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:50Ron Meulenkamp vs Damon HetaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:30Ron Meulenkamp vs Krzysztof RatajskiWATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:10Ron Meulenkamp vs Ross SmithWATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:10Ross Smith vs Damon HetaWATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:10Ross Smith vs Kai Fan LeungWATCH NOW
20.10 | 09:50Ross Smith vs Luke HumphriesWATCH NOW


21.10 | 01:09TB Rays @ LA DodgersWATCH NOW
Korean KBO
20.10 | 10:30LG Twins @ KT WizWATCH NOW
20.10 | 10:30NC Dinos @ Kia TigersWATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:251.25 Yarmouth (Race 3)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:2512.25 Yarmouth (Race 1)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:5512.55 Yarmouth (Race 2)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:002.00 Yarmouth (Race 4)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:352.35 Yarmouth (Race 5)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:103.10 Yarmouth (Race 6)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:453.45 Yarmouth (Race 7)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:204.20 Yarmouth (Race 8)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:504.50 Yarmouth (Race 9)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:301.30 Tipperary (Race 1)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:052.05 Tipperary (Race 2)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:402.40 Tipperary (Race 3)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:153.15 Tipperary (Race 4)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:503.50 Tipperary (Race 5)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:254.25 Tipperary (Race 6)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:554.55 Tipperary (Race 7)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:255.25 Tipperary (Race 8)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:501.50 Newcastle (Race 1)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:252.25 Newcastle (Race 2)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:003.00 Newcastle (Race 3)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:353.35 Newcastle (Race 4)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:104.10 Newcastle (Race 5)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:404.40 Newcastle (Race 6)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:105.10 Newcastle (Race 7)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:405.40 Newcastle (Race 8)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:354.35 Kempton (Race 1)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:055.05 Kempton (Race 2)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:355.35 Kempton (Race 3)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:106.10 Kempton (Race 4)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:406.40 Kempton (Race 5)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 19:107.10 Kempton (Race 6)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 19:407.40 Kempton (Race 7)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 20:108.10 Kempton (Race 8)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:201.20 Fairyhouse (Race 1)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:551.55 Fairyhouse (Race 2)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:302.30 Fairyhouse (Race 3)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:053.05 Fairyhouse (Race 4)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:403.40 Fairyhouse (Race 5)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:154.15 Fairyhouse (Race 6)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:454.45 Fairyhouse (Race 7)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:101.10 Exeter (Race 2)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 13:401.40 Exeter (Race 3)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 12:4012.40 Exeter (Race 1)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:152.15 Exeter (Race 4)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 14:502.50 Exeter (Race 5)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 15:253.25 Exeter (Race 6)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:004.00 Exeter (Race 7)WATCH NOW
20.10 | 16:304.30 Exeter (Race 8)WATCH NOW

Ice Hockey

Swedish Hockey League
20.10 | 18:00IF Malmö Redhawks vs Frölunda HCWATCH NOW
20.10 | 18:00Leksands IF vs Djurgårdens IFWATCH NOW
20.10 | 17:00Lokomotiv Yaroslavl vs Spartak MoscowWATCH NOW


Sweden Handbollsligan
20.10 | 18:00IFK Ystad HK vs IFK Skövde HKWATCH NOW
Germany Bundesliga
25.10 | 15:00HC Erlangen vs Rhein Neckar LöwenWATCH NOW
25.10 | 12:30HSG Wetzlar vs MT MelsungenWATCH NOW
22.10 | 18:00SC DHFK Leipzig vs Frisch Auf GöppingenWATCH NOW
Champions League
21.10 | 17:45Aalborg Håndbold vs THW KielWATCH NOW
21.10 | 19:45RK Zagreb vs RK CeljeWATCH NOW