How To Hedge A Bet 

Published: 16th May 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 3rd September 2023
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The word hedging is commonly associated with the stock market and is a process that brokers carry out to cut the risks along with guarantee profits. It is also a strategy that can be used when placing bets on sports. In this guide, I will go into further details on how you can use it to profit big.

Reduce Risks By Hedge Betting

The reason hedging is so popular is it cuts the risks of the punter by having a secondary bet that is opposite of the first. If the main wager does not win then the second bet helps to cover any losses. If you are placing risky bets using this strategy along with it is the best way for long-term profit.

Hedge Betting Example

If you placed a wager of one hundred pounds on a point spread for Manchester United to beat Leicester City you can hedge the bet. It is carried out before the match begins and will help you to avoid a potential loss.

The ways that you hedge your bet is by placing a separate wager on the points spread for Leicester City also. You will still make a small loss but it will almost cover the first bet put on Manchester United. By using a matched deposit to get free money on top of your deposit it means that you can extract the bonus cash and guarantee yourself a profit.

Guaranteed Profits Hedge Betting

There are many ways that you can hedge a bet to guarantee that you make profits. One way to do this is if you put money on Manchester United to win the FA cup at the start of the campaign and they made it all the way to the final. To hedge this bet you would need to back the team that they were playing and that would guarantee you profits regardless of the winner.

Another common betting strategy is when using an accumulator to make a wager. If the almost all of them come in but you need the rest to follow to win money, you can place a bet on the teams that they are playing to win. That way even if all the bets do not go your way you are guaranteed profits.

The last and most common which I mentioned earlier is by extracting matched deposit bonuses and welcome sign up rewards. You do this by depositing money into your account using one of the promotions to get the free cash. You then use this additional capital to bet on the same match but a different result. You are guaranteed to win and when you do you can withdraw the bonus offer you used to place your wager.

Hedge Betting Pros & Cons

If you are looking to make profits over the long-term the hedge betting strategy is the best way to make sure this. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantage as hedging cuts financial risks and is why you will find billionaire using it as a strategy to protect their wealth. If you are looking simply for one big payday then hedging bets may not be for you. Using this strategy means that it will eat into your winnings as you are having to use more capital to place a number of bets.

The most important aspect of being a successful gambler is by managing your bankroll in the best possible way. By reducing risks and lowering a number of losses by hedge betting it will help you to protect your capital and make a profit over the long-term. It is tempting to take big risking when placing bets for big rewards but the chances of this strategy being profitable for a long period are extremely slim.

All the best professional gambler use hedging to make profits when betting on sport such as football. The top professionals can quickly spot value in the market and use the odds along with matched deposit bonuses to guarantee that they make profits. For the casual punter, it may not be a great strategy as it takes much research to find the wagers to place that enable to strategy to work. There are however a number of top blogs, forums, and sites that specialize in this form of gambling. You can find hot tips on the best bets to place using the hedge betting system.

Hedge Betting Conclusion

There are many betting strategies for sports you will find online and it is hard to know which one will work best. A large factor depends on your personal circumstance and the budget that you have to gamble with. If you want to be successful it is vital that you attempt to reduce risks and by using the hedge betting system you are able to do that. With patience and time, you can find enough guaranteed profits bets to make a nice amount of cash.

If you are using a betting strategy it is important that you stick to it at all costs. The only way to know if it works or not is to follow it exactly. When trying one out for the first-time place small wagers or look for free bet bonuses that you can use. That way you are not taking huge risks on something that you are unsure about. Being extra caution is the best approach to gambling and you need to stay focused and disciplined at all time.

When hedge betting is used correctly it will guarantee you profits. Even if you do not use this strategy on all the bets you place, it is certainly worthwhile using it to make money. You can then use the cash made to put a large wager on a game that you think is undervalued. If you are correct you will win huge sums of money and be able to spoil yourself.

When placing hedging bets, you will need to carefully assess each bet individually. If you have long-term wagers placed and you want to eliminate risk, us the hedge system to stay ahead of the game. Make sure that you take full advantage of offers such a welcome and matched bonus rewards. You can then use the free money to hedge for free! If you’re going to have a go at hedge betting, we recommend you check out some of the exchange betting sites we’ve reviewed.

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