Best Fantasy Football Betting Sites 2020

At MaxFreeBets, we offer many different betting sites to cater for all. Generally, most people just think about real sports betting, but many offer much more than that now. So, we are checking out the best sites for fantasy football betting – which is more popular than ever right now.

Our Top Site for Fantasy Football 2020


New customers only | 18+, | Min deposit £10 | Money back as bonus | Wagering requirements: Sportsbook 3x at min. odds of 1.40 (2/5), Casino 25x | Only one bonus can be used at a time, Sportsbook bonus must be wagered before using the Casino, unless the bonus has been forfeited | Bonus will expire after 7 days of opt-in | Further T&C’s apply.

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We believe that every customer deserves a safe and secure betting experience, so we independently review every bookmaker on our site to make sure that they are fully regulated and compliant. All reviews are fair and true based on our experiences of the site. We do accept compensation from the bookmakers on our site, however, which may affect the position they hold. We are always looking to add more bookmakers to our site to keep offering the most up to date lists and to provide you with reviews that are current and true.
Advertiser Disclosure
We believe that every customer deserves a safe and secure betting experience, so we independently review every bookmaker on our site to make sure that they are fully regulated and compliant. All reviews are fair and true based on our experiences of the site. We do accept compensation from the bookmakers on our site, however, which may affect the position they hold. We are always looking to add more bookmakers to our site to keep offering the most up to date lists and to provide you with reviews that are current and true.

How We Rate the Best Fantasy Football Betting Sites

If you are an avid fan of football, then nothing is more thrilling than putting a bet on a game – especially where you get to be the manager, make the decisions, spend the cash, sub players and literally, play the team of your dreams. How many times have you shouted at the manager for his decision making? Well, you get to literally put your money where your mouth is. This used to be just a season-long commitment, but now it’s moving into daily games. So, this makes it more interesting and accessible to even more people.

Fantasy Football Betting Sites

Currently, it isn’t big in the betting site world and just a few have their finger in the pie, as the UKGC regulates that betting sites need a special pool betting license to be able to offer fantasy football. Many fantasy football betting sites are independent and focus on that market alone. However, all-rounders, such as Betfair, do offer this service. With over 6 million people becoming armchair managers each year, according to,  it’s definitely worth putting in the time and effort to offer it.

We look at all the highs and lows of the sites that do offer this service. We check out every single area of the site – not just the fantasy football product as it is vital to know everything about the site. So, we make sure that the service is fair and good value, that they offer safe and secure banking and accounts. We also make sure that customer service is completely up to scratch. We also check out any free bets and offers you might find on the site.

You can also be sure of the fact that any site we have here is fully compliant, registered and certified with top governing bodies including, but not limited to the UKGC. This is the perfect time to start your fantasy football, so anyone offering the service will be looking out for you. Here’s what we look at when recommending a site…

  • Safety, Security and Reputation. No matter what you are betting on, you need to know that the site that you are putting your money and personal information into is safe and secure. So, you need to have peace of mind that for that entire season, your data is secure. As such. We make sure that the sites we recommend are not only licensed by the UKGC, but preferably also have other endorsements. We look for signs that the tech is fair, with certification by companies such as ESSA. If it is linked with IBAS, then we know that if there is any dispute, your issue will be dealt with by a fair third-party adjudication service. Finally, any site we recommend has links with responsible gambling organisations like BeGambleAware and GamStop.
  • Promotions, Bonuses and Welcome Offers. We love promotions and free bets here at MaxFreeBets – and the top ones that we recommend offer great free bets and offers with fair T&Cs. We also like to see if there are original offers – so do they give you any special deals for fantasy football bets as well as a great welcome offer? Extra points…
  • A Focus on Features. We like forward-thinking betting sites. This means offering areas of betting that others don’t – so not just cashout and in play, but features like edit bet, bet builder and pulse betting. It is this type of sportsbook that will offer new options such as fantasy

Other areas that might interest you that we cover in similar articles include:

What You Can Expect from the Best Fantasy Football Betting Sites

Tick IconA Variety of Fantasy Competitions

We like to see a variety of options for fantasy football games – and this includes offering players a number of competitions – weekly, monthly or even daily. It’s also great if they can encourage punters to go head to head to win prizes. Competitions go hand in hand with prizes – so it goes without saying that these sites will also offer winners prizes including free bets, cash and more!

Tick IconThe Option of Other Fantasy Sports

Although fantasy football is by far the most popular option – and all that offer it will give players the chance for Premier League fantasy betting, however, the best fantasy sites also offer other sports. We are looking at sites that offer options such as NFL, NBA, Golf and more. If you like getting involved in fantasy sports, the more choices available, the better.

Tick IconHandy Hints and Tips

If you are starting out in fantasy football betting then a helping hand is always appreciated. Some of the top fantasy football sites not only offer you the option to play, but they will also give customers top tips and strategical ideas.

Tick IconA Range of Betting Features

The more other features that the betting site can offer, the better. It stands to reason that you may use the site to perform more than just fantasy betting. Also, it is obvious that betting sites with original features like bet builder and edit bet and betting sites that offer cash out, will be at the forefront of the industry. As such, these will be the first sites that offer players more advanced fantasy football betting features.

Tick IconGood Odds and Rewards

Fantasy football isn’t about the odds, but there can be plenty of nice rewards. There’s no point betting on anything where you won’t get a decent return. So, you really need to be sure that your fantasy football betting site is offering you better prizes and returns than anywhere else.

Tick IconPayment Options

The best betting sites will offer you safe and secure payment options – and they will also offer you a decent variety, so you can credit your account quickly and easily. Obviously, it’s also a huge benefit if players can withdraw their winnings without too much delay as well. We like diversity in payment options as well. So, we expect to see debit card options. Most also offer eWallets as well, such as Neteller, PayPal and Skrill. However, if they offer options like Boku, Paysafecard and Trustly, then it’s even better. The most forward-thinking betting sites even offer Google Pay, Apple Pay and even Bitcoin, so worth looking out for!

Tick IconUser Experience on Desktop and Mobile

Online betting, no matter what you are betting on, is done for fun, so it should be an enjoyable experience – win or lose. So, your user experience should be good – which means, quick and simple. Fantasy football is very different from regular football betting, so it needs to be clear.

Any player of fantasy football needs to be able to access all areas of the site easily. So, signing in or registering should be an easy process, as should making deposits and withdrawing funds. You should also be able to contact customer support with no problems.

Ideally, your whole fantasy football betting journey should be a fun experience that makes you want to go back for more.

Fantasy Betting Sites that offer the Best Free Bets and Bonuses

If the site does offer fantasy football betting, then chances are, you may find special promos and offers available on the site to encourage you to join in. Top sites such as Betfair not only offer free bets and promotions on join up, but they also offer prizes that include cash, freebies and more. Fantasy football betting is fun, but it’s even more fun when you are being nicely rewarded.

Fantasy Football Betting Sites with the Best Customer Service

No matter what you choose to bet on – whether it’s fantasy football betting, betting on football or cricket, the best betting sites all offer good customer service. It’s a must because your whole experience can rest on this factor. Good customer service can make up for virtually anything else – as you know the betting site is trying to get it right for you. However, if they are unavailable, not helpful or dismissive, then it can dampen the whole experience – to the point where you opt to go elsewhere.

So, what creates a good customer service? Well, there a number of factors that we look at. Firstly, we look at the hours of opening. The longer the better. Ideally, a betting site will offer 24-hour customer service, although some smaller and newer companies that are tied to betting providers services and, as such, can only offer set hours. However, as long as they are long hours then it’s still ok. If they simply offer 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, then it’s not really enough.

We also like personalised customer service. We want the company to be friendly, helpful and professional, so you know that they are looking into your query and taking care of it.

Finally, we like to have a number of options in which we can contact them. Most offer email, but this can be quite slow and frustrating if you have an urgent query. As such, we like the option of live chat and phone number – preferably both as some people prefer to talk to people, others like the anonymity and ease of live chat.  However, more and more betting sites offer alternatives such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter and even Instagram. With these, you do need to be careful as you can’t give away too much personal information but they are ideal for general queries.

Fantasy Football Site of the Month (Oct 2020)

betfair logoBetfair doesn’t just offer a great fantasy football betting site, but it also gives you lots of tips, news and helpful strategies to put together your winning team. This is a great all-round site, as not only can you bet on it as someone in the know, but it offers lots of guidance for new players.

So, as well as getting great prizes at the end of the round, they give you a helping hand on the way, with tips on who’s scoring well and who is keeping a clean sheet.

How Fantasy Football Works

If you are new to fantasy football betting or haven’t participated for a while, then you may need to understand how it works. According to experts at the BBC, winning at Fantasy Football is a mix of maths and patience. The good thing about fantasy football betting is that it’s all pretty much the same. Once you have bet on a fantasy football game a few times, it will be a piece of cake.

football 30Firstly, you need to pick your team from the list of available players in the league.

football 30You will be awarded points for their achievements on the pitch.

football 30Points will be awarded for things such as scoring goals, assists, clean sheets etc.

football 30You can choose between daily fantasy football which covers one round of league games or a whole season of play.

football 30When you bet on a betting site, generally there is more focus on daily fantasy football so it’s a much quicker return.

How to Create Your Fantasy Team and Get Started

So, how do you start your team and get going? No matter which site you decide to sign up to, the steps are basically the same. Here’s what you need to do…

TickPick the best fantasy football site and sign up.

TickCheck out for any free bet or offer that is available for fantasy football betting.

TickSign up for a fantasy football account.

TickDecide whether you want to play daily fantasy football or seasonal.

TickPick your players, sticking to the rules. You will need to take into account the budget available, and the number of players in each position for the type of game you pick.

TickSit back, see how your players perform and wait for the points to roll in.

TickCheck out the leaderboard and see where you stand. If you are playing daily fantasy, you can see the final results. If you are playing seasonal, you can check how you’re performing week on week.

As you keep going, you will keep getting better and better. You will start finding out new fantasy football betting strategies and tips. So the odds of you working your way up and winning will start increasing.

Daily Fantasy Football

Most people who have dabbled with amateur fantasy football leagues generally go with seasonal and haven’t really tried out daily fantasy football.

question markWhat is Daily Fantasy Football?

Daily fantasy football is where you create a team for the day (or weekend) of action, rather than for the whole season. At the end of the round, there will be a winner, rather than just an updated table. The winner of the day’s (weekend’s) action will then get to walk away with the prize pot. Often with others in top places getting a share of the spoils.

gold starThe Benefits of Daily Fantasy Football

One of the biggest benefits is the quick outcome. You don’t have to wait the whole season for the result, just a day or two. By this time, there will be the winner. This is great for people who struggle to maintain an active interest for an entire season. Many people start a fantasy football team full of verve, but by Christmas, they have stopped bothering. So, this is the perfect option for this type of player.

  • Get your wins more quickly – weekly rather than at the end of a season.
  • More choice at betting sites for daily play.
  • You don’t need to maintain interest for a full season.
  • Easier to pick your team for one game rather than a whole season.


Fantasy Football Formats

There are plenty of ways to enjoy fantasy football – and you don’t have to go head to head with experts from all over the country if you are new to the fantasy football betting scene.

Firstly, you can choose from different types of leagues. You can choose to enjoy it for free or a set joining fee in private leagues, where you go head to head with your friends or colleagues. This makes it fun and competitive and is popular in workplaces. If you want to try your skills out on a bigger platform, there are also public leagues, where you will have thousands of opponents.

However, if you want to try something a bit more exclusive, then there are members-only leagues that you can pay to join and win big prizes. This is where fantasy football betting sits. This is now becoming more popular because you don’t just get the pride of winning, but you can also benefit from cash, prizes and free bets from the betting site in charge.

Mostly, these sites focus on Premier League fantasy football – and, surprisingly, it attracts bettors from all across the globe – not just England. If you opt for daily competitions, then you will get new opportunities to hone your skills every weekend.

Strategies and Tips for Fantasy Football Betting

So, you have decided to check out a new betting site for fantasy football. But as a newbie, you might want to have a few tips and strategies under your belt. Sites such as The Independent often help out with Fantasy Football teams of the week, but if you want to go it alone then here are some things to take into account…

  • Look to see which team your player is up against. A defender or striker up against a much weaker opponent will likely give you more in the way of rewards.
  • Check out what games the team has coming up. If you have chosen a big player like Salah or Aubameyang, then if they have a big game coming up, they may be rested or taken off early to give the upcoming game their full attention.
  • Look at the history of the player against the opposition club. Some players perform notoriously well, or badly, when against certain opposition.
  • Are they playing a former club? Players tend to up their game when facing their previous club.
  • If you combine your defensive players in teams with weak opponents, then you can potentially pick up more points for the clean sheet.

Only Choosing Sites Regulated by the UKGC

Just because fantasy football betting doesn’t necessarily fall into the same category as other betting types, in terms of odds and win types, it doesn’t mean you should play just anywhere. It is vital that any betting site you visit, for whatever reason, is still certified by top governing bodies such as the UKGC. Any betting site that we, at MaxFreeBets, recommend, will be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Fantasy Football Betting Sites FAQs

  • Can You Make Money Playing Fantasy Football?

    If you decide to play on daily fantasy football games with prizes and cash up for grabs, and you know what you’re doing, then you can make money from it.
  • Is Fantasy Football Considered to be Gambling?

    If you pay to enter the fantasy football in order to win a prize, then yes, it is considered to be a form of gambling.
  • Is it Legal to Play Fantasy Football for Money?

    Yes, it’s completely legal and a number of top betting sites offer the service. It’s just like entering any competition for a prize.
  • What is a ‘Free Hit’?

    The Free Hit chip is something you can use just once if you have signed up for a season of fantasy football. It lets you make as many changes as you want to your team in the one week that you choose to use it. You could use it to create an entirely new team if your current one is proving to be unsuccessful.
  • How Many Free Hits can I Get in Premier League Fantasy Football?

    You only get one per season, so you need to use it at the right time. The correct use of the ‘free hit’ chip is part of a winning strategy.
  • What Happens if a Player on My Fantasy Football Team Doesn’t Play?

    Well, if he doesn’t play, then you won’t get any points from him, so it’s a waste of a space. As such, before you make your team selection, it is vital to check all team news so that you can avoid this happening
  • What is the Betting Site for Fantasy Football Betting

    There are lots of great options for fantasy football betting, depending on what you are looking for, but currently, we find that the Betfair fantasy football betting is coming out on top for us.