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Published: 15th May 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 3rd September 2023
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Cricket is one of the most popular sports to bet on and with so many different games taking place across the world, that popularity is only likely to increase. Whether you are a huge cricket fan or just a casual watcher, you can get involved with cricket betting straight away.

Types of Cricket Events:

There are three different formats of cricket.

These are

  1. Four/ five-day test cricket
  2. One day cricket
  3. T20 cricket

All three types are available to bet on, and all three types are played both domestically and internationally, meaning there will always be a match upcoming that you can test out your cricket betting strategy on.

Four and five-day games are the longest form and, in these games, both teams will bat twice, for an unlimited amount of overs. One day cricket is a game where each team bats once, and the overs are usually limited to 40 or 50 overs, so the teams have to score as many as they can during their allotted number of overs.

Finally, T20 cricket is the newest and shortest format of the game, however, it has a huge number of leagues all over the world. In this short format, each team has 20 overs to score as many runs as possible and because of the small number of overs, you will see a lot of risk-taking and big-hitting in this format, a huge reason why it is so popular with both fans of the game and those who want to place bets.

Where should I go to Bet on Cricket?

The good news for punters is that all bookmakers will take cricket bets on the major events, and the majority of bookmakers will price up all the major leagues from around the world. This means you have a wide choice open to you when you want to choose the best betting site for your cricket bets, and if you hold multiple accounts then you can shop around to get the best price on your selection. While placing bets on your cricket betting tips, always lookout for the biggest possible price to ensure that if you win, you will take home the most possible profit from each bet.

The other advantage that punters have is that bookmakers ensure the betting is available well in advance of the games that are taking place. Expect to see odds up on the various websites early, allowing you to be able to get a bet on if you don’t have the time to bet every single day. For big events, ante-post betting is available throughout the year, so those events can be backed on weeks, months or sometimes years before they actually take place.

All in all, the service offered by bookmakers to punters when it comes to cricket is a very good one, and you should find no problems getting a bet on and getting a good price.

The Biggest Cricket Events:

On the international stage, the biggest two events both use the shorter format of the game. The Cricket World Cup is a 50 over competition that brings together the best nations to compete for a very prestigious trophy.

Alongside this, after the surge in interest in the T20 format, a T20 World Cup was also launched, and this is a great, and fast-paced tournament bringing together the biggest hitters in the game as they battle it out for their country.

There are no competitions when it comes to international test cricket, but games to watch out for include the Ashes series between England and Australia, and the series played between India and Pakistan, two arch-rivals who love to beat their near neighbours.

Cricket is the national sport in both India and Pakistan, and these games mean a lot to both the players and fans in these countries, so they always provide huge excitement to those who tune in.

When it comes to domestic action, the most interest comes from the T20 leagues that are played around the world. The first, biggest and best of them is the IPL which takes place each year in India. This is a big money league, and players are auctioned off, going to the highest bidder to play for that team. Interest is huge in this league, and it has done a lot for the development of Indian cricket, so its importance cannot be underestimated. The other big T20 leagues are the Big Bash which takes place in Australia and the T20 Blast which takes place in England, both of these are not at the same level as the IPL, but they attract many star names each season.

There are a few domestic four-day leagues around the world but the only one that gains much interest is the County Championship which is played in England. The season begins in April and ends in September, although there is a mid-season break to allow teams to play their T20 Blast games, and you will often find many international players heading over to play in this during the summer.

Methods To Bet on Cricket Tips

There are many different ways that you can place a wager on an upcoming cricket game. If you are new to the sport then it is often best to keep things simple, so look for bets on who will win the game. This keeps you entertained, offers you a good chance of winning and keeps your betting as simple as possible.

Those punters who are a little more experienced may want to look elsewhere to place other bets on the upcoming games. There are many ways to put your money down including who will be the top batsman in a game, who will take the most wickets, if a 100 will be scored, who will take a lead after the first innings, who will be man of the match and much more.

If you like to bet in play then you should also know that cricket games turn in play when they begin, allowing you even more ways to place a bet. Look out for markets on who will be the next man out, what the total number of runs scored will be and of course, the same markets that are available to punters before the game begins will also be available in play.

With many ways to put your money down, either before or during a game, it is easy to see why cricket is seen as an accessible and easy sport to bet on

Best Tips for Betting on Cricket:

If you are getting into cricket betting for the first time then you may be a little lost when looking at the games, so you are unsure who to bet on. The first thing to understand is that the three different versions of cricket are very different and teams who perform well in one may not work well in another format.

This is true in both domestic and international cricket, and a big reason for that is because the teams will use different players to change their team for each format. For example, a country may not be very good in test matches, but they may have three or four T20 specialists that come into the team and make them a very good T20 team, so be sure to look out for this when placing your bets based on recent form.

Something else to consider is recent form when looking at the different formats of the game and the best deals. For example, an international team may have gaps that last for months between their test matches, so recent form for those players doesn’t mean as much. However, when it comes to T20 games that is very different because teams can play two or three games per week. That means if you find a team full of batsmen playing well, it is often a good idea to follow them in the T20 format because their next game will be within a matter of days.

Easiest Matches to Bet on:

When it comes to Cricket betting, it usually is common for the majority of punters to just go and pick an outright winner of a match or tournament. However, there are other options that we recommend you explore in order to have a greater chance of winning because putting all your eggs in one basket may not be the wisest decision as you bet can instantly go just from one rocky performance. We recommend you taking a look at markets such as “50 scored in the first innings” or “Total match fours”. We also recommend that you take notes and listen to the analysis of the pundits as well as keeping an eye on individual player performances too, you will find that all of these brilliant tips can infact help you achieve a greater chance of winning!

Choosing Your Cricket Betting Site Wisely:

We understand that when it comes to choosing which betting site to go with when betting on Cricket, it can actually be difficult and certainly daunting at times. The reason because of this is mainly due to the huge range of choices and options there are, so this then means that narrowing your options down can be a tricky process. The vast majority of online sports betting sites pretty much all offer very similar features. Some of the most popular ones include great free bets, as well as bonuses and promo codes when betting on Cricket.  We always want our readers to have the very best experience when betting on Cricket via online sports betting sites, and we are also strong believers of helping our readers out to get the most out of their money! Luckily for you, we have decided to put together a useful list that guides you and displays some of the best online betting cricket sites that are currently available. These are displayed below:

  • Bet365
  • BetHard
  • 888sport
  • Mansion Bet
  • Karamba
  • MoPlay
  • Grosvenor Sport
  • Volt Sports


Cricket is a great sport to bet on, and if you are new or you have never placed a bet before you should be able to quickly get to grips with how cricket betting works. Look out for the major events that take place, you will often see some great games take place during these events, featuring the best players in the world.

With three different formats of the game to choose from you can explore them all or focus on just one if you like. The four or five-day format is known as the purest form of the game, but when it comes to betting, many people prefer to bet on the shorter formats, with the T20 format being the most popular. With so many different T20 leagues around the world, plus many international tournaments to look forward to there are many different betting opportunities for those focusing on T20 games. With so much action, you should be able to place regular bets and get up and running with your cricket bets.

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