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MMA betting has never been as popular as it is today. Major events promoted by the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator come from every major city in the world with coverage beamed to your home or local sports bar courtesy of major TV stations such as BT Sport and Sky Sports.

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As well as the live-action on TV as well as on UFC live streams, there is no shortage of news available, which allows you to research fighters and bouts well in advance of the first bell. UFC shows sell out around the world, happening in London, Paris, Munich and further afield. If you haven’t already shown an interest in MMA and where the sport is headed, it’s time to get involved.

Rather predictably, as MMA has grown in popularity, major bookmakers have shown an interest, aiming to profit from the increased viewing figures. That’s why you will find all UFC and Bellator shows covered by online betting firms who offer dozens of markets on the top fights as well as undercard bouts. Not only are you able to watch the action live on your TV, desktop computer or mobile device, but you can also profit from the occasion too.

We know it’s possible to place bets on MMA bouts, it’s now time to look at the best ways to gamble on the sport to secure a profit. Our team of sports betting experts and content writers review the very best betting tips associated with MMA gambling, a guide aimed at helping you to beat the bookies and boost your account balance.


You’ll find dozens of markets attached to every MMA fight covered by bookmakers. At first, when a bout is announced, traders go up with their odds on the fight winner market and from there, as we approach the first bell, several specials are attached.

Don’t just opt for the bet you have always placed or one you understand as that approach seriously limits your chances of winning. Have a look around the site to see what is being offered by traders, you may find there’s a better way to gamble that gives you a bigger chance of landing a pay-out.

Backing the fight winner is the easiest way to bet on MMA but the prices aren’t always great, especially if going for the favourite. Therefore, if you are confident and fancy taking a pop at bigger odds, you could try the method of victory market. This challenges you to pick the winner and how your fighter will achieve the result – points, submission or KO/TKO.

Some of the other markets available include round betting, total rounds, exact method of victory and plenty more besides. The best bookmakers also offer a range of specials, including money back, price boosts and free bets.


It’s not only important in modern gambling to make the correct selection, but you must also back it at the right price. Online betting makes it easier to shop around for the most generous odds. Let’s say you backed a fighter at 2/1 and your pick won. Great, you landed a nice profit, but the shine would be taken off that bet when realising you could have had the same bet at 9/4 simply by going with another bookie. There may even have been a firm offering enhanced odds of 3/1.

Check any respected price comparison website before parting with your cash. There you will see a list of every bookmaker accepting bets on your fight of choice, the odds offered and the market best price in bold. Pick out the most generous firm and then place your bets with them. It may not even seem like a big difference at the time, but small margins all add up over the course of a year and could prove to be the difference between profit and loss when tallying up your scores.

Research Form

Researching form is a great way to give yourself a fighting chance against the traders. You can, of course, make a snap decision and go for the favourite to win by KO. You may even get lucky and land a winning bet, but the more research you do the more often you will secure a profit on your MMA wagers. Arm yourself with as much knowledge on the fight as possible, you can be sure that’s exactly what the trading teams of major bookies are doing.

Read up in the form of both men involved. Is one on a winning run and, if so, how have they been performing? Winning on points, by submission or KO/TKO. Does the opponent have defeats on their card and what has been the method of those? That will allow you to make a well-informed bet on the method of victory market.

Read up further. Are there any head-to-head stats to go on? Check out interviews by fighters and their coaching team. Dig for injury news. You should even read gossip columns to ensure you have every department covered before risking your hard-earned cash on MMA betting. Only then will you be able to decide on the outcome of a fight.

You may also, when conducting this research, find a different angle to bet. For example, when two fighters meet who have never tasted defeat or never been stopped, backing the over total rounds would give you a great chance at making a profit. Put the work into your bets and, even if you lose, you can take confidence from the fact you did everything possible to beat the bookies.

Betting Tips

As interest in MMA grows, so too does the number of sites offering MMA betting tips. There are industry leaders as well as a selection of websites. If you are planning on following the advice of a sports betting site over doing your own research, be sure they can be trusted and fully professional. Remember, it’s your money at risk here. Look out for a profit/loss tally for this year and recent years. Ask to see the success of their recent tips. Only then will you know if they deserve your attention.

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