Matched Betting Guide 
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Matched Betting Guide

If you are new to gambling and are considering putting a bet on, this article is packed with vital information to help you gain a competitive advantage over the bookmaker. It will explain what matched betting is along with how to use it so that you can win big when you gamble on sporting events.

Matched Betting Explained

One of the reasons why matched betting is so popular with punters is that it is completely risk-free. You can double or even triple your profits by using one of these bonus offers. It works by the bookmaker matching or greater the deposit amount placed by the punter into their bookie account. This extra money can then be used to place bets with and greatly increase profits and cut financial risks.

Is Matched Betting Risk-Free

The only capital you are putting at risk is the amount of money that you have deposited so that you are applicable for the matched deposit bonus. If the correct strategy is used it is possible for punters to extract the profits from the bookies and exchanges. It takes experience and patience to make this but it is well worth the time learning how to do it.

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Matched betting is legal when the countries that the bet is placed allow gambling. There are no elements of this form of promotion that are illegal.

Bookies And Bet Exchanges

When placing bets there are two different online websites that are available for you to use. These are Bookmaker sites like 10Bet along with bet exchanges. The difference between the two is with bookies you wager back bets and with exchanges, you wager lay bets.

Betting Bonuses And Promotions

Gambling is one of the most competitive industries online which is why bookies and bet exchanges are constantly coming up with new promotions to try to attract new customers. The two most popular bonuses used are the welcome sign up reward along with matched deposit bonuses.

Are Matched Bets Trustworthy

Most matched deposit betting promotions offered by bookmakers and exchanges are legit. Like with most things online you will come across the occasional rogue website which is out to take your money. To avoid getting ripped off make sure to carry out research by reading previous customers reviews along with checking out the gambling license certificate number.

Can I Make Lots Of Money From Using Matched Betting Promos?

There are lots of different factors that impact the amount of money you can make from using a matched betting promotion. Things such as the amount of money you initially deposit, the level of research carried out on each bet, how many times you use a promo etc. If you use the best strategy it is possible to make huge sums of profit.

Can I Use More Than One Bonus At A Time?

The quickest way to making lots of money is by using one than one bonus at a time. It will, however, need more initial capital to do this as you will need to join a number of betting sites so that you have access to a large number of bonus rewards. It is not recommended that beginners do this as it can be complex and requires a lot of time along with skill.

Matched Betting Tools

It is not complicated to be able to use matched bets but it can take a lot of time. By using tools specifically designed this type of promotion you can speed up the process. Below are the best match bet tools that you can use to help you gain an advantage.

Odds Betting Matching Software

This software works by enabling punters to find the best bookies lay bets along with betting exchange lay bets. It speeds up the process considerably as you no longer have to do the research yourself.

Matched Bet Calculator

One of the things that take a long time is working how the total amount you will get back when using matched bonuses to bet with on lay and back bets. There are many calculators online and most betting sites will have one available on their website for you to use for free.

Matched Betting Bonuses

Another time-consuming process if finding all the best highest paying bonuses. By using a matched betting service you can take the hassle away from this process and quickly identify the best promos on offer from the best bookmakers.

Matched Bet Service

As well as helping punters find the best betting bonuses, matched bet services also explain all the different promos that you can use. They go into details about the amount required to deposit, odds available along with the terms and conditions of the bonus offer. It is a vital source of information and one that you should use if you want to be successful.

Record Keeping

Due to the fact that you are going to be joining many betting sites and exchanges, it is important to keep a record of all the usernames and passwords used to sign up. It is also vital that you make a note of every bet you make along with the profit and loss. By doing this you will know if you are successful or if you need to change strategy.

Matched Betting Conclusion

It would be crazy to turn down free money to bet with which is why using a matched bet is essential if you’re going to turn a regular profit each month. Make sure that you carry out extensive research on each bet you are thinking about making before putting it on. By using the tools above you will save lots of time which will help you to concentrate on picking a winner. Do not be afraid of joining multiple betting sites so that you can take full advantage of this unbelievable promotion. When signing up for bonuses read the terms and conditions to check if it is available on the bets that you want to make along with what the wagering requirement is. The most important thing is to have fun and never wager more than you can afford.