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How to Bet on MMA

MMA is evolving. It has moved from a niche sport to one of the biggest sporting industries in the world. Much of that success can be credited to the phenomenal work done by the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator promotions who have modernised the game, marketed it to major TV stations and helped bring in fresh sponsors as well as a new audience.

They also paved the way for major TV stations such as BT Sport and Sky Sports to come on board. That allowed MMA to reach a bigger audience than ever before. This spike in popularity caught the attention of major bookmakers, as it so often does, and you will now find MMA betting on the biggest and best mobile betting apps and websites.

Not only do bookies now cover all major title fights from UFC and Bellator taking place in major cities, but they are also expanding into the undercard. This allows you to bet on the progress of up-and-coming fighters to the scene. You can also place accumulator bets, covering many different bouts on the programme. Gamble wisely and you could have an interest for the entire night.

MMA betting is available at most bookmakers and the big names even offer promotions on the sport, including enhanced odds, money back, price boosts and more. We know it is possible to bet on UFC and Bellator bouts, but how do you do it. Which bets are available, and which give you the best chance of landing a winner?

The idea here is to boost your balance while enjoying the live-action. This article looks at the most popular MMA betting markets available, as well as how to approach each to be in with a chance of profiting from your MMA bets. Keep your betting guide close and read back before putting your stake money down on the outcome of the next big fight.

MMA Scheduling

The great thing about MMA is the schedule is often set months in advance, especially for the big fights. This is to allow fighters to fully prepare themselves for battle, training, dieting and sparring. As soon as a bout has been announced and a press conference called, bookmakers instantly scramble to get prices up on the outcome. They will start with the fight winner and then add specials, including method of victory.

This allows you to get in early and place your bets on MMA months in advance. The earlier you bet the better the price should be, especially if backing the favourite. The reason for that is you are getting in before the casual money arrives and shapes the market. Most backers will throw their cash into the betting ring on the week of the bout or even on fight night, forcing traders to adjust their offers accordingly. When betting as soon as an MMA fight has been announced in either Bellator or UFC, you are getting value for money.

Let’s now look at the different markets available to bet on in every MMA contest. Knowing what’s available and how to use them could prove to be the difference between making a profit and dropping your cash.

Fight Winner

This is the simplest form of betting on MMA, but it is no less exciting than any other mentioned in this review of MMA betting. The clue is very much in the name with this bet. All you need to do it correctly predict which fighter will win the bout. The odds aren’t even money each, as most bouts aren’t 50/50. You’ll find a favourite – the traders pick – and a second favourite – the warrior with a slightly better price attached. If your selection wins, you win. The odds aren’t great with this bet – unless landing a massive upset – so many prefer to play the fight winner market in accumulators and multiples. Big returns for small stakes is the aim with an acca.

Round Betting

Bet on round betting and you have a few options here. The most basic is predicting which round a certain fighter will win in. So, for example, you could place your cash on the favourite to win in round three. The odds on this type of bet are usually very attractive, due to the difficulty in getting it right. There are other ways to play round betting, however. You can choose the winning round without siding with either fighter. You can play total rounds, which could be the bout lasting more or less than 1.5 rounds. In other words, will the fight end in the first or second half. Going to points would pay over 1.5 rounds as a winner. Remember, unlike boxing where there are 12 rounds in a championship bout, MMA fights only have three rounds of five minutes each.

Method of Victory

This is up there with the most popular ways to bet on MMA. The reason for that is the prices are very appealing to both avid followers of the sport and casual backers looking for an interest. Following the form is the best approach when placing a method of victory bet. Check how the favourite has been winning and how his opponent has been performing in recent outings. Get an update on any possible head-to-head form too. Method of victory is a tough one to get right with several risks involved, but the rewards are worth shooting for. To get this bet right you must call the winner of the fight and how they will achieve the result – knockout, submission or on points. It’s played for one stake, so you must get both parts correct for your bet to be paid out for a profit.


Accumulator bets can be placed on MMA, just like with most other sports. Make four or more predictions, mixing and matching markets if you like, and add them to an accumulator. Place your stake and confirm the bet. What’s worth remembering with acca bets is they are done for one stake, so all legs must win for you to bag a return.