Unibet Uniboost Offer on Racing Bets

Published: 1st March 2021
Author: Gabriel Hall
Last Updated: 3rd March 2021

All racing punters on Unibet have the chance to get involved with their fantastic new offer known as ‘Uniboost’ which you’ll be able to use three times a day.

You’ll be able to highly benefit on those offer while using each-way bets on both greyhound and horse racing bets and improve them massively with Uniboost.

Unibet Uniboost

You can easily check out your uniboost statement be heading over to your Unibet betting statement, and remember you can only use this offer three times per day.

How To Claim

Claiming the Uniboost offer is simple, all you need to do is follow our below steps to qualify for this offer you can use three times a day, see below:

  • Register / Log-in to Unibet
  • Click on the Uniboost button
  • Place your greyhound or horse racing bet

About Unibet

Unibet is another fantastic bookmaker in the UK and mainly focuses on tournaments and events over the UK, and like most bookmakers produces plenty of offers on horse and greyhound racing events.

Offers, promotions, and free bets from Unibet are some of the best in the industry, other bookmakers have similar promotions on horse racing, however, Unibet has made this offer be eligible on greyhound racing as well.

Unibet Uniboost Offer on Racing Bets Summary

As we’ve said this is both for new and existing customers and all you need to do is click the ‘Uniboost’ button.

And remember you can improve your favourites and the each-way bets by simply placing a bet and you’ll be able to get up to 3x odds on your bet.

Head over to Unibet to claim this fantastic offer on all UK and Irish greyhound and horse racing events and tournaments.

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