World Championship Heavyweight Boxing: Fury vs Wilder 

Millions of boxing fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the heavyweight boxing between Brit Tyson Fury (31) and American Deontay Wilder (34) on February 22nd. The winner will get his hands on the WBC boxing association belt. After this, the next step would be to unite all of the four major boxing associations with a match between the winner of this WBC title fight and Anthony Joshua – the reigning boxing world champion in the other three major associations.

On February 22, the long-awaited fight will take place at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. You can catch the action on some of the top live streaming boxing sites. In the first fight, it was clear that both boxers currently are the crème de e crème of heavyweight boxing.

Wilder, is an absolute top fighter with an impressive battle record. Fury is a giant with an enormous punch to match and has heaps of self-confidence.

An Even Bout

In December 2018, the first fight between the two boxers ended in a draw, although Fury went down twice. However, these stats simplify the match far too much. Fury struck back several times, but ultimately always got a little lost in his antics. Somehow it seems that once he starts pulling faces or making theatrical gestures, he starts to lose his concentration and forget the basics of his boxing, which causes him the biggest problems.

On the other hand, with Fury, it almost looks as if he needs to showboat in order to push himself to his best. He also uses his showboating technique to intimidate and even put off his opponents, hopefully meaning Wilder will at times be a little distracted from the fight. Furthermore, Fury has a good defence, first-class jab and surprising flexibility for a big man.

Wilder, in comparison, is equipped with enormous power. His current knockout rate as a boxing professional is 95%. For a 2.01-metre heavyweight boxer, Wilder also has impressive mobility and speed. 

Bouncing Back

In the first fight, although Wilder appeared more guarded and active overall, even knocking Fury down twice, ultimately, he couldn’t land any decisive, heavy hits to finish the fight for himself.

Fury hit back surprisingly strong after the first knockdown in round nine and came back remarkably aggressively. However, he hit the mat again in round 12. But the fight was not done. The Brit also recovered from this second knockdown and went on the attack against Wilder in the final round.

After 12 dramatic rounds, the three judges scored it a tie. However, Wilder was not really happy with the verdict and said: “With the two knockdowns, I guess I won the fight.”. However, Tyson Fury claimed the victory for himself, despite the knockdowns. 

Looking towards the fight that will bring all of the boxing associations together – the potential fight against Joshua, Fury would surely offer the more exciting prospect, especially for the British boxing fans. This would make a possible scenario of a heavyweight World Championship unification fight for the belt of all four large boxing associations between the two British boxers – Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. A fight held in London – in the sold-out Wembley Stadium.

However, for the fight on February 22nd in Las Vegas, the odds are fairly even, with the slight advantage going to Tyson Fury.

  • For a Fury win, the odds are 10/13 at Mr Play
  • For a Wilder win the odds are 20/21 
  • Over 10.5 rounds odds are 10/13
  • Under 10.5 rounds odds are 20/21
  • Fight to go the distance ‘yes’ odds are 10/11
  • Fight to go the distance ‘no’ odds are 4/5


Round Betting

Wilder to win in rounds 1-3 odds 10/1 Fury to win in rounds 1-3 odds are 25/1
Wilder to win in rounds 4-6 odds are 7/1 Fury to win in rounds 4-6 odds are 16/1
Wilder to win in rounds 7-9 odds are 13/2 Fury to win in rounds 7-9 odds are 12/1
Wilder to win in rounds 10-12 odds are 8/1 Tyson Fury to win in rounds 10-12 odds are 16/1
Draw or Technical Draw 20/1 Decision or Tech Decision 10/11


Fight Outcome

  • Wilder by decision or technical decision – 10/1
  • Wilder by KO, TKO or Disqualification – 7/5
  • Fury by decision or technical decision – 7/5
  • Fury by KO, TKO or Disqualification – 19/4
  • Draw or Technical Draw – 20/1


3 Way

Wilder 1/1 Draw 20/1 Fury 5/6


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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 

 We predict Deontay Wilder to win at odds of 20/21 at Mr Play 

***All Odds from Mr Play correct on date of publication