William Hill to Void and Refund Certain Ante-Post Bets of Swiss Players in Light of the Swiss Gambling Market Change

William Hill, after understanding that Switzerland would prohibit access to foreign online gambling sites from Monday, has decided to inform its Swiss players that all ante-posts will be voided and refunded.

The bookmaker made the decision at short notice but explained to its Swiss players that had been taken for regulatory reasons, even though the T&Cs only allow operators to cancel bets weeks and even months after acceptance.

The Bet Voidance

When William Hill announced that it will void all bets, it did not initially offer players a chance of ‘early cash out’ of the bet, reminding players of bookmakers’ right to void bets weeks and sometimes even months after acceptance. On grounds that it does not give cash outs on each-way bets, William Hill could have managed to get away with cash outs, however, the bookmaker stumbled upon a player’s case that changed its mind.

Namely, a Swiss player at William Hill had placed a €1,500 each-way bet on Ashleigh Barty to win, at a potential payout of approximately €77,000. At odds of 33-1 at the time, the punter bet that Barty will win women’s singles. Since the bet was placed, Ashleigh Barty became world’s No. 1 after winning the French Open, and now, is at odds of 7-2, William Hill’s favourite to win the tournament.

This case made William Hill step back from its original decision. In a statement, the bookmaker explained the situation with the bet voidance once again, saying that unfortunately, it has no other option due to the new market regulations in Switzerland than to void all bets that would settle after the 30th of June. However, even though a straight refund of the bet would be the better option for the bookmaker, in cases like the aforementioned one, William Hill would look to offer the prevailing payout value as the fairest way to resolve the case.

Ciaran O’Brien’s Statement

William Hill’s Communications Director O’Brien said that all players will be refunded to a just payout value if their bets now looked like they could win, rather than just receiving their original stake back.

Other players, who don’t look as if they were sitting on a profit, however, will only be refunded their original stake.

Considering players that take the refund can use it at other bookmakers on the market, O’Brien said that William Hill would refund even those for which there’s no market at this point.

Finishing the statement, O’Brien said that everyone at William Hill was manually going through the bets and have already started refunding all Swiss players.