Fed Cup Final

November brings a host of exciting tennis tournaments for both avid followers of the sport and casual backers to keep an eye on. The schedule is made up of the Fed Cup final in Australia on 9 and 10, before we get into the thick of the ATP Finals at the 02 Arena in London between 11 and 17 November. That’s seen as the showpiece of the season-ending defeats.

There is one final fixture to get through before November’s results are added to the books, however, and that is the Davis Cup World Cup Final that will be decided before a Spanish audience at La Caja Magica, Madrid. Play opens on 18 November with the final match due for play on 24 November on the indoor hardcourt surface.

Times are Changing

When those three tournaments have resulted there’s not an awful lot to hold the interest of tennis fans until we get into the new year and the majors kick in. 2020 promises to be another thriller and an important year for the sport as the young players coming through stake a claim to be the future of the sport.

Some of the famous names that have dominated over the last decade or so are now fast-approaching retirement. In the not too distant future, we’ll be without the likes of Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. The plan is to enjoy them while we can.

It’s also important to make the most of the final few competitions remaining in 2019 before the break for the festive period. There’s plenty of sport on in December and the early parts of January but during winter you’ll find tennis and, in particular, UK tennis very thin on the ground. It’s a fair-weather sport in this part of the world.

Tennis - Fed Cup GB

Focus on the Fed Cup final

Of the three tournaments mentioned above, we are going to focus on the Fed Cup final which will be hosted in Shenzhen, China in the first three days of the month. It’s another indoor hardcourt competition and that’s worth keeping in mind when looking for your winner. Which of the players involved have the best results on this surface and what are the vital trends that could lead to a champion? Who will win the WTA Fed Cup final? Knowing the answer to these questions could help you turn a profit from the action.

You can follow the play live on Sky Sports as well as a few other major worldwide TV channels. If you can’t make it to a TV screen, for whatever reason, there’s no reason why you should have to miss out on the play. Modern mobile apps mean tennis betting sites provide live coverage through their live tennis streaming sites. This is an HD quality stream that allows you to view the play on your desktop computer at home or a mobile app when out and about. It’s HD quality with crystal clear audio, expert live commentary and up to date match stats.

Another great thing about the tennis live streaming service is it works incredibly well with tennis betting and in-play tennis betting. Place your bets and cheer on your selection in real-time. Notice another bet worth having and you can get on again at any point of the contest thanks to in-play betting. This is all done through one screen and on one device. Modern tennis betting is a beautiful thing and we’ve never had it so good. The recent advancements in technology mean the service is getting better all the time. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Place Your Bets on the Action

Live tennis really is a joy to behold and the WTA Fed Cup final promises to be a competitive and gripping contest that is up there with the best we’ve seen this year. That’s all well and good but one sure-fire way to drastically improve your viewing is with a bet on the outcome. Not only will a financial interest increase your interest, but it also gives punters the chance to profit from their love of the sport. Bet wisely and you could earn cash while watching the play. Getting paid to watch tennis is a fine way to spend your time.

There are many options when it comes to tennis betting. You can pick sides and get your cash on the winner of the match or play one of the specials betting markets. These include set betting, handicap, over/under games, the result of the first game and plenty more besides. Don’t simply go for the market you’ve always backed, trawl through the options and see if there’s a better way to wager your cash. You could find a more appealing option at a bigger price. Bookies have done the hard work on this final to ensure there’s a market to suit all types of punters and all pockets. Play small stakes for a big return or go in hard on the favourite to limit the risk involved.

Modern tennis betting means you can get your cash on before a ball has been struck or bide your time and take advantage of the in-play betting. A bet is as exciting in the final set as it was before the start. Many of the original bets remain live throughout the course of play with the prices and handicap lines updated to match the score. Watch the match live and keep your eye out for any hints.

Tennis - Fed Cup Australia

Australia Women are Hot Favourites

The current tennis betting on the WTA Fed Cup final has Australia Women as the hot favourites. That will come as no major surprise to those who have followed this competition from the start or even casual backers who have a knowledge of women’s tennis. Team Australia is strong this year, are here completely on merit and all major bookmakers expect them to come out on top with a bit to spare. That’s difficult to argue against.

The best price available on Australia Women’s living up to expectations is the 4/6 currently being offered up by 10bet. That’s tight but it’s better than the 8/13 you’ll get with much of the competition., If you’re backing the Aussies you should do so at 10bet to ensure your stake money works as hard as possible. You could aim for a bigger price by playing the specials. Australia to win the first set or win on the handicap gives backers a crack at a better price.

Would you prefer to play the upset? France Women aren’t in the final by accident. They too have enjoyed an impressive journey to this point and will go to China confident they have what it believes to go all the way. Are they could enough to tame the Australian team? The Tennis betting doesn’t think so and offers 6/5 on them pulling off an upset. That’s the market best price and comes to us from Betfred and Paddy Power, better than the 11/10 available at the competition. If you are after a bit more of a safety net you can always back France Women on the handicap. Check through the updated odds for different ways to back the bigger price team. There’s more available than you might think and ways to limit the risk involved.

Fed Cup Final Facts and Stats

The Fed Cup was founded in 1963 and the stats make for very interesting reading. United States rate as the most successful team, having won the title 18 times between 1963 and 2017. They have also made the final and been runner up on a dozen occasions.

Team USA is ahead of Czech Republic on 11 wins and one second. The major places are completed by Australia who has won seven times and been second 10 times. That’s worrying as it shows they have been losing finalists more times than they’ve won the decider. They will be desperate to avoid a repeat by adding another notch to the winner’s column, closing the gap on the Czech Republic. Team Great Britain has never won the Fed Cup but has lost in the final four times. France Women have stats reading two wins – 1997 and 2003 – and three seconds – 2004, 2005 and 2016.

The 2018 Fed Cup final was won by the Czech Republic after they narrowed the gap by beating pre-match betting favourites USA 3-0 at the O2 Arena in Prague. It was a one-sided match that saw the host nation blow away their more fancied opponents. Not only did they win the cup, but they also did it in true style and you won’t see too many champions quite as impressive as the Czech Republic were 12 months ago. Will we see another underdog upset the traders to delight backers in China? That remains to be seen but it’s certainly possible and it will be entertaining and great fun finding out.

Have your say on the tennis betting for the Fed Cup final now. Follow our advice to get the best odds on your preferred team.