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Paddy Power Pays out More Than $1 Million on PSG vs Manchester United Bets

Players at Paddy Power have placed the right bet on Champions League’s PSG vs Manchester United match, leaving the operator in a position to pay out more than $1 million in wagers amidst a pretty rough period of the year. Even though Paris Saint-Germain had an advantage over the English team since it had defeated it in the first leg of the competition with 2-0, Manchester United has found its way to triumph, and Paddy Power players were ready for it. Even though the operator wasn’t expecting Manchester United’s comeback, players were. Placing bets in favour of Manchester United, players have managed to put Paddy Power in a position to pay out over a million dollars.

The PSG vs Manchester United Match

Paris Saint-Germain has defeated United in the first of the two matches scoring two goals and leaving the English team with no goals whatsoever. With a clear advantage, PSG was the favourite to win. However, as many Paddy Power players anticipated, Manchester United was not ready to quit. Being down in points, Manchester United had to pull out the big guns and fight really hard to win the match. Thanks to the controversial final free kick by Marcus Rashford, Manchester United managed to win in the last second of the match. There was incidental contact, and after the referee reviewed it in the VAR, he gave the free-kick to Manchester United, which eventually led the team on the winning side. The free kick was deemed as the most controversial one in VAR history, and one that has left the entire football world stunned. But the one that was shocked the most was Paddy Power. Courtesy of the VAR call, the operator had to pay out $1.3 million in wagers.

Still Holding It

The operator has had a really rough year, mainly due to the 10% drop in sportsbook sales which eventually resulted in revenue drop. Due to punters winning the advantage, Paddy Power has experienced a 6% drop in revenue, and the four draws with 34 games weren’t helpful either. The unbeaten records of Liverpool and Manchester City also filled players’ pockets and emptied Paddy Power’s. However, Paddy Power is still holding it. Thanks to the gaming sales which increased 26% on the strong US and European demand, the operator has seen an increase in revenue by 17%. The $622.43 million in revenue will compensate for the $1.3 million loss due to the single Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester United match.