World Cup Predictions, Betting Odds & Tips

England World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 Predictions, Betting Odds & Tips

One of the greatest global sports competition that is sure to bring the world together to support their national teams. The World Cup 2018 is being held in the Russia and will feature a total of 32 national teams. These teams are placed into 8 groups of 4 to battle it out for 1st and 2nd place, where they will then qualify for the knockout stages.

The last 16 then becomes the quarter finals, which then becomes the semi finals and then of course, the World Cup 2018 Final! A big question on a lot of people’s minds, For many years and many World Cups now, England fans and players leave the tournament heavily disappointed with themselves after experiencing poor performances on the pitch. Mixed with a bit of bad luck of course, who could forget Lampard’s disallowed goal V Germany. Listed below are all the World Cup 2018 groups with the predictions of who are most likely to be notorious. Along with this you can find Max Free Bet’s latest free bets and bonuses ready for you to place your World Cup Betting predictions.

World Cup Group A Predictions

In Group A, we have:

  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Uruguay

Starting with the hosts, Russia, it will be interesting to see how well they perform in their own country and whether or not they will be as disappointing as the last world cup where they failed to qualify out of the group stage. Although they may be the hosts, they’re far from favourites to win the trophy, valued at 40/1 by Bwin to win the World Cup 2018.

I think it is fair to say that there isn’t much expectation for Saudi Arabia, despite their convincing run during the qualifications, it isn’t to much surprise that they’re favourites to finish bottom of what is a very competitive and difficult group.

Eyes will be on Egypt this year after their star player Mo Salah won the Premier League Golden Boot award. Egypt hasn’t played in the World Cup since 1990 so expectations aren’t huge but there’s no doubt that they have some excellent talent in their team, including Arsenal’s Mohamed Elneny and Stoke’s Ramadan Sobhi.

Finally, the other big contender in Group A is, of course, the mighty Uruguay, who will certainly take some beating to knock them out the competition. With possibly the best strike force in the group, in Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez, they have a great chance to score a number of goals against weak defensive opposition and pursue into the knockouts. Betfair has valued Luis Suarez at 20/1 to be the World Cup Top Goal scorer.

Our predictions for Group A are that Uruguay will top the group, followed by Egypt, then Russia and then Finally in last place, Saudi Arabia.

World Cup Group B PredictionsIn Group B, we have: Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran.

“Portugal is here to win it”

Now with this group, there are 2 clear leaders who you could put any amount of money on qualifying. The first one being Spain, I think most people will fancy them to top their group, maybe even be crowned World Cup 2018 winners. Ladbrokes fancy Spain’s chances, labelling them at 6/1 to win the World Cup.

Portugal is also the other team favourited to qualify out of the group stages with Spain. Their star man Cristiano Ronaldo will have all eyes on him to see whether he will light up the competition and maybe grab the Top Goal scorer position.

Nevertheless, Morocco or Iran might be able to cause some sort of upset in the competition, that can never be ruled out.

Our predictions for Group B are that Spain will finish 1st in Group B, Portugal finishing just behind them, with Morocco in 3rd and unfortunately leaving Iran as predicted last place.

World Cup Group C Predictions

In Group C, we have: France, Australia, Peru and Denmark.

I think it is very clear who most people will have their money on in this group, and that is France. They are undoubtedly the favourites to top the group, not just that but also good competition to lift the World Cup at the end of the tournament, with BetVictor placing them at 6/1.

The rest of the group is left undecided. Denmark are good competition to finish 2nd in the group when their squad consists of match winners like Christian Erikson and Peter Schmeichel.

I don’t think there is much hope for Australia or Peru, their chances of qualifying are quite slim.

This leaves our World Cup Group C Predictions as follows: France 1st, Denmark 2nd, Peru 3rd and Australia 4th.

World Cup Group D Predictions

In Group D, we have: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria.

Admittedly, this isn’t the most exciting group, unless you are a supporter of any of these teams of course. But if you properly look into it, you will see that this isn’t as an easy group as you might first think. Argentina is predicted favourites to top this group due to their side full of top talent, including football masterclass, Lionel Messi. They have a frightening Front 3 of Messi, Aguero and Di Maria. Messi is the strong favourite to win the World Cup Golden Boot award, with 10Bet backing him at 9/1.

The battle for second will most likely be between Croatia and Iceland, who are both strong teams, Croatia with World Class stars including Luka Modric and if you remember the international underdogs Iceland managed to beat England a few years back.

Our Group D predictions are: Argentina outright group winners, Croatia 2nd, Iceland 3rd and finally Nigeria 4th.

World Cup Group E Predictions

In Group E, we have: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia.

Brazil is favourite to not only top their group but also to win the World Cup in Russia. BetVictor have them as 9/2 joint favourites with Germany.

The battle for 2nd place in Group E is very tough. Serbia has a very strong team, including Manchester United’s Nemanja Matic. Costa Rica has some excellent players including: Real Madrid’s Keylor Navas and Switzerland will battle it out with them both, with their key players being: Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri.

We predict the end result of Group E will be: Brazil easy 1st place finishers, then Costa Rica just nicking 2nd place, followed by Switzerland and then Serbia.

World Cup Group F Predictions

In Group F, we have: Germany, Sweden, Mexico and South Korea.

This group isn’t as easy as you may think, each and every team has some top-class players. The vast majority would position Germany as predicted group winners as every tournament they are such a dominant force and are the current world cup holders. They are also favourites alongside Brazil to win the tournament for a consecutive year, with UniBet placing them at 5/1.

Sweden and Mexico will be really battling it out with each other for a qualifying place. It is difficult to separate the 2 sides on paper, so it will have to be determined on how well they perform on the pitch.

South Korea has some excellent players like Tottenham’s Heung-Min Son. He is sure to be their star player in this tournament. It is hard to compare them to the other teams in this group who might be too big opposition for them

Therefore, our Group F predictions are as follows: Germany 1st, Mexico just clinching 2nd, Sweden 3rd and South Korea 4th.

World Cup Group G Predictions

In Group G, we have: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England.

Now, what do England have in store for us this World Cup? Is it going to bring another year of heartache, pain and disappointment? Or can England pursue through the World Cup with flying colours like they did in the 1966 World Cup that even fans of the try want to re-ignite. I think the 53 Million people of England all have huge expectations for our national team and expect the very best football, a standard that perhaps we don’t have judging by the quality of the squad. Nevertheless, it is an exciting time for the nation and let’s hope that England can leave a positive mark on this year’s World Cup competition.

The toughest opponent in our group according to bookies and journalists, are the mighty Belgium. It is fair to say that they have shined the past few tournaments. Their main 3 men are: Eden Hazard from Chelsea, Kevin De Bruyne from Manchester City and Romelu Lukaku from Manchester United. If you look at the Belgium squad, it is packed full of Premier league talent. Belgium will also be favouriting themselves to clinch top spot ahead of England. Kevin De Bruyne is a potential candidate to be player of the tournament, with Bet Victor backing him at 33/1.

Panama will be competing in their first ever World Cup competition. Panama don’t come across as much competition in the tournament and don’t seem to be much threat, with them only netting 9 goals in qualifying.

Tunisia also don’t seem to pose much threat to England or Belgium, like Panama they don’t have any big names in their squad. Their last success was winning the African Cup of Nations back in 2004, they haven’t won anything since.

Our World Cup Group G predictions are:

Belgium 1st, England 2nd due to a predicted defeat against the Belgium Giants, Tunisia 3rd and Panama 4th.

World Cup Group H Predictions

In the final group, group H, we have: Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan.

This group is important for England also, because if we were to qualify, we will either play 1st or 2nd of this group. Judging by people’s opinions, the likely qualifiers will be Colombia and Poland.

Poland are good candidates for first place as they were extremely impressive in the 2016 Euros, being knocked out in the Quarter Finals, only by penalties, to Portugal who ended up winning that competition. With their Star Man Robert Lewandowski upfront, anything can happen.

Senegal won’t be too much competition in this group I don’t think. Although having an extremely good qualifying run, the standard of their team cannot compare on paper to Poland or Colombia. However, they do have the brilliant Sadio Mane upfront who has been clinical for Liverpool this season.

Japan also did extremely well in their qualifying matches, conceding only 10 goals and keeping 4 clean sheets in the 10 games. Their man to watch is Shinji Okazaki of Leicester City. He is 6 goals away from being their all time top goal scorer, can he achieve this in this year’s World Cup?

Our World Cup Group H Predictions are: Colombia just scrapping 1st, Poland 2nd, then Senegal just clinching 3rd and Japan finishing 4th.

Winners Group C v Runners-up Group D – Match 50

Winners Group A v Runners-up Group B – Match 49

Winners Group B v Runners-up Group A – Match 51

Winners Group D v Runners-up Group C – Match 52

Winners Group E v Runners-up Group F – Match 53

Winners Group G v Runners-up Group H – Match 54

Winners Group F v Runners-up Group E – Match 55

Winners Group H v Runners-up Group G – Match 56[/su_box]

World Cup Quarter-Finals Fixtures

After teams have surpassed the World Cup knockout stages, the quarter final fixtures will be as follows:

Winners Match 49 v Winners Match 50 – Match 57

Winners Match 53 v Winners Match 54 – Match 58

Winners Match 55 v Winners Match 56 – Match 60

Winners Match 51 v Winners Match 52- Match 59

World Cup 2018 Semi Final Fixtures

The Semi final fixtures for the World Cup 2018 will be:

Winners Match 57 v Winners Match 58 – Match 61

Winners Match 59 v Winners Match 60 – Match 62

World Cup 3rd Play-Off Fixture

In the World Cup, there is still a fixture to find out who will claim 3rd place.

Losers Match 61 v Losers Match 62 – Match 63

World Cup 2018 Final Fixture

Then finally, the world cup final fixture will be between:

Winners Match 61 v Winners Match 62 – Match 64

World Cup 2018 Winners Predictions

So, to conclude the World Cup 2018 predictions, who will you choose as your winner? Not only that, but who will you predict to win the other player awards on offer. Over at Max Free Bets, you can see the latest Bookie bonuses and World Cup promotions in order to choose your winners, best of luck!

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