The Return of the Premier League 2020

Published: 3rd June 2020
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 25th February 2021
Premier League

The Return of the Premier League 2020 – Offers and Odds

It’s exciting – after some time off our screens, the Premier League is making its long-awaited return to our screens and we couldn’t be happier. Here is everything you need to know about the return of the Premier League 2020 and what betting sites will be offering free bets and promotions to celebrate its return.

Best Premier League Free Bets and Betting Offers

When Does the Premier League Start Again?

As you know, on March 13, 2020, the Premier League took the unprecedented decision to suspend the season due to an ongoing health crisis. Since that moment, there have been numerous rumours as to what happens next? When will it resume? Will it resume at all? Will it be called to a halt and the final results stand? Will the whole season be null and void? Everyone had a different viewpoint for a different reason. However, all agreed that nothing could happen until it was safe to do so – and many dates have been bandied about. May, June 1, June 15. However, the official start date has now been agreed and it’s all back to action on June 17.

question markShould the Premier League Season Have Been Declared Null and Void?

This whole period has been full of strong opinions and controversy for the whole of the EFL. Should we follow Italy and just completely rule out the whole season? Obviously, the teams facing relegation and the teams that hadn’t played well and had underperformed were very much in favour of this option – oops, they made a mess so they can forget it and start again. However, on the other side of the argument, there were the teams that were over performing and had done well this season. The teams at the top of the leagues would be looking to be promoted, which would be huge for the team – they would benefit financially massively from moving up to the next division. Would it really be fair that they should lose out on this? They would argue not. And, of course, any fans of Liverpool who have been waiting for decades to see their team lift the title. Liverpool is 25 points clear and almost a shoe-in for the win. Would it be fair to pull this way after such an incredible season? Many would argue not.

question markShould the Premier Finish and Declare the Results Final?

Then, there was the option that they should call time on the Premier League and treat it as the end of the season? Well, this would obviously be preferable to the teams doing well – as Liverpool would be crowned winners and the teams in line for promotion would benefit. However, the teams in the relegation zone would argue that they would still have time to fight their way out – and this would be a huge financial blow to those teams – who have been given no chance to escape. Again, a solution that suits some more than others.

Also, although all would argue that health comes above finances, the finishing of the Premier League early would cost them billions – in gate sales and TV deals etc. This could be a killer blow for smaller teams and a huge punch to the Premier League as a whole. ESPN declared that the premature conclusion of the Premier League could cost the Premier League clubs around £1.1 billion in lost revenue.  Because of this, it was decided that the Premier League should return – but only when safe to do so. This is now set to be  17th June 2020.

The Premier League hasn’t just come back straight away though – it’s been a gradual re-emergence. Players have started training sol – and have also started playing in small groups with non-contact. As of May 27, the ”Players will now be asked to train as a group, with the move allowing them to tackle each other again “while minimising any unnecessary close contact”, according to Sky News.

Indeed, before the restart, there are several safety areas that must be looked at. According to Euronews, there will be a number of precautions they need to take, including disinfecting training equipment and strict testing guidelines. At this time, constant testing is still be carried out with the aim to restarting in the next few weeks. Games will be held at neutral grounds and behind closed doors. It was reported in the Guardian that the Premier League has been ordered to air the games for free for fans, so all can enjoy the game from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Updated Premier League Fixtures

So, when the Premier League resumes, what will the fixture list look like? Well, there will be plenty to bet on just as it starts, with bookmakers such as LeoVegas and Bet365 getting ready to offer There is nothing confirmed to date – the first two games are due to be played on June 17, but there is nothing else set in stone yet. However, according to several news sources, including Talk Sport, supporters will be treated to a restart bonanza with games being played back to back, with kick-offs every 2 hours – as 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm , with the bulk of the games being played at the weekend.

The odds are out already for the first 2 games – with some generous odds to start off with. You can get best odds of 2/5 at Ladbrokes for a Man City win and best odds of 15/2 at BetVictor for an Arsenal win.

If looking to bet on Aston Villa v Sheffield Utd, the best odds for a Sheffield Utd win come from 7/5 at GentingBet and for Aston Villa you can get 11/5 at Betway.

So far it looks like this:

Wednesday June 17 

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Match Week 30

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Match Week 31

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Match Week 32

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Match Week 33

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Match Week 34

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Match Week 35

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Match Week 36

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Match Week 37

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Match Week 38

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Top 4 – Champions League Spots Betting Odds

It doesn’t make much sense to bet on the winner, as you won’t get much when betting on Liverpool – and betting against doesn’t seem like a good idea. However, the fight for 2nd 3rd and 4th spots – and a chance to play in the Champions League next year is still up for grabs. As it stands, the teams set to nab those places are Liverpool, Man City, Leicester City and Chelsea, but it could all change with another 93 games left to play. So, who are odds on favourites for a Champions League spot and who offers the best odds?

Team Best Odds Bookmaker
Leicester 1/7 William Hill
Chelsea 8/12 Bet365
Manchester United 7/4 Ladbrokes
Wolves 8/1 William Hill
Tottenham 16/1 Betfair
Sheffield Utd 17/1 Betfair
Arsenal 16/1 888sport

Bottom 3 – Relegation Betting Odds

There are also a number of teams hanging around the bottom 3, desperately trying to claw their way away from the relegation zone. Some look like a cert to drop, but there are only a few points between the third from bottom spot and the teams above, so it is still a long way from being decided. Here are the best odds for relegation betting:

Team Best Odds Bookmaker
Norwich 1/9 Bet365
Aston Villa 2/5 William Hill
Bournemouth 4/5 BetFred
West Ham 2/1 Ladbrokes
Watford 12/5 Bet365
Brighton 11/4 Coral
Newcastle 20/1 Bet365
Southampton 50/1 Bet365

Premier League Scores

So – what was the form when we left the Premier League teams? Surely this extended break may have affected the form so it will be difficult to predict how they will be performing on return. However, let’s take a quick look at the last 5 results for each team before lockdown kicked in…

Liverpool logoLiverpool

  • Liverpool bt Bournemouth 2-1 (H)
  • Watford bt Liverpool 3-0 (A)
  • Liverpool bt WHU 3-2 (H)
  • Liverpool bt Norwich City 1-0 (A)
  • Liverpool bt WHU – 2-0 (H)

Manchester City

  • Manchester Utd bt Manchester City 2-0 (A)
  • Manchester City bt Leicester City 1-0 (A)
  • Manchester City bt WHU 2-0 (H)
  • Tottenham bt Manchester City 2-0 (A)
  • Manchester City bt Sheffield Utd 1-0 (A)

Leicester City logoLeicester City

  • Leicester City bt Aston Villa 4-0 (H)
  • Norwich City bt Leicester City 1-0 (A)
  • Manchester City bt Leicester City 1-0 (A)
  • Wolverhampton dr Leicester City 0-0 (A)
  • Leicester Coty dr Chelsea 2-2 (H)

Chelsea logoChelsea

  • Chelsea bt Everton 4-0 (H)
  • Chelsea dr Bournemouth 2-2 (H)
  • Chelsea bt Tottenham 2-1 (H)
  • Manchester Utd bt Chelsea 2-0 (A)
  • Chelsea dr Leicester 2-2 (A)

Manchester Utd logoManchester Utd

  • Manchester Utd bt Manchester City 2-0 (H)
  • Manchester Utd dr Everton 1-1 (A)
  • Manchester Utd bt Watford 3-0 (H)
  • Manchester Utd bt Chelsea 2-0 (A)
  • Manchester Utd dr Wolves 0-0 (H)

Wolves logoWolverhampton

  • Wolverhampton dr Brighton 0-0 (H)
  • Wolverhampton bt Tottenham 3-2 (A)
  • Wolverhampton bt Norwich City 3-0 (H)
  • Wolverhampton dr Leicester City 0-0 (H)
  • Manchester Utd dr Wolverhampton 0.0 (A)

Sheffield Utd

  • Sheffield Utd bt Norwich City 1-0 (H)
  • Sheffield Utd dr Brighton 1-1 (H)
  • Sheffield Utd bt Bournemouth 2-1 (H)
  • Sheffield Utd bt Crystal Palace 1-0 (A)
  • Manchester City bt Sheffield Utd 1-0 (H)

Tottenham logo 68Tottenham

  • Burnley dr Tottenham 1-1 (A)
  • Wolverhampton bt Tottenham 3-2 (H)
  • Chelsea bt Tottenham 2-1 (A)
  • Tottenham bt Aston Villa 3-2 (A)
  • Tottenham bt Manchester City 2-0 (H)

Arsenal Logo 68Arsenal

  • Arsenal bt WHU 1-0 (H)
  • Arsenal bt Everton 3-2 (H)
  • Arsenal bt Newcastle 4-0 (H)
  • Burnley dr Arsenal 0-0 (A)
  • Chelsea dr Arsenal 2-2 (A)

Burnley logo 68Burnley

  • Burnley dr Tottenham 1-1 (H)
  • Newcastle dr Burnley 0-0 (A)
  • Burnley bt Bournemouth 3-0 (H)
  • Burnley bt Southampton 2-1 (A)
  • Burnley dr Arsenal 0-0 (H)

Crystal Palace logo 68Crystal Palace

  • Crystal Palace bt Watford 1-0 (H)
  • Crystal Palace bt Brighton 1-0 (A)
  • Crystal Palace bt Newcastle 1-0 (H)
  • Everton bt Crystal Palace 3-1 (A)
  • Sheffield Utd bt Crystal Palace 1-0 (H)

Everton 68Everton

  • Chelsea bt Everton 4-0 (A)
  • Everton dr Manchester Utd 1-1 (H)
  • Arsenal bt Everton 3-2 (A)
  • Everton bt Crystal Palace 3-1 (H)
  • Everton bt Watford 3-2 (A)

Newcastle logo 68Newcastle

  • Newcastle bt Southampton 1-0 (A)
  • Newcastle dr Burnley 0-0 (H)
  • Crystal Palace bt Newcastle 1-0 (A)
  • Arsenal bt Newcastle 4-0 (A)
  • Newcastle dr Norwich City 0-0 (H)

Southampton logo 68Southampton

  • Newcastle bt Southampton 1-0 (H)
  • WHU bt Southampton 3-1 (A)
  • Southampton bt Aston Villa 2-0 (H)
  • Burnley bt Southampton 2-1 (H)
  • Liverpool bt Southampton 4-0 (A)


  • Wolverhampton dr Brighton 0-0 (A)
  • Crystal Palace bt Brighton 1-0 (A)
  • Sheffield Utd dr Brighton 0-0 (A)
  • Brighton dr Watford 1-1 (H)
  • West Ham dr Brighton 3-3 (A)

West Ham logo 68West Ham

  • Arsenal bt West Ham 1-0 (A)
  • West Ham bt Southampton 3-2 (H)
  • Liverpool bt West Ham 3-1 (A)
  • Manchester City bt West Ham 2-0 (A)
  • West Ham dr Brighton 3-3 (H)

Watford Logo 68Watford

  • Crystal Palace bt Watford 1-0 (A)
  • Watford bt Liverpool 3-0 (H)
  • Manchester Utd bt Watford 3-0 (A)
  • Brighton dr Watford 1-1 (A)
  • Everton bt Watford 3-2 (H)

bournemouth 68Bournemouth

  • Liverpool bt Bournemouth 2-0 (A)
  • Bournemouth dr Chelsea 2-2 (H)
  • Burnley bt Bournemouth 3-0 (A)
  • Sheffield Utd bt Bournemouth 2-1 (A)
  • Bournemouth bt Aston Villa 2-1 (H)

Aston Villa logo 68Aston Villa

  • Leicester City bt Aston Villa 4-0 (A)
  • Southampton bt Aston Villa 2-0 (A)
  • Tottenham bt Aston Villa 3-2 (H)
  • Bournemouth bt Aston Villa 2-1 (A)
  • Aston Villa bt Watford 2-1 (H)

Norwich City logo 68Norwich City

  • Sheffield Utd bt Norwich City 1-0 (A)
  • Norwich City bt Leicester City 1-0 (H)
  • Wolverhampton bt Norwich City 3-0 (A)
  • Liverpool bt Norwich City 1-0 (H)
  • Newcastle dr Norwich City 0-0 (A)

The Premier League Table Without VAR

The Premier League 2020 has not been without controversy, even before this pandemic stopped play. The addition of VAR has certainly been very controversial, especially when it comes to the offside rule, with many arguably very great goals having been ruled off-side by a hair’s breadth. In fact, sources such as The Independent has picked up at least four decisions that were wrongly over turned by VAR during just the first four matches. It goes without saying that fans are too nervous now to celebrate any goal without fear it will be ruled disallowed, which happens all too frequently now. Some teams have claimed that they are victims of VAR – with fans saying some teams benefit more than others. However, others claim it’s been spread evenly over the teams – given and taken away. Here is what the table would look like without VAR:

New Pos Real Pos Team Pts Diff
1 1 Liverpool -4
2 2 Manchester City +3
3 4 Chelsea +3
4 6 Wolves +5
5 3 Leicester -4
6 12 Everton +5
7 9 Arsenal +3
8 7 Sheffield Utd -1
9 5 Manchester Utd -5
10 8 Tottenham -3
11 10 Burnley -1
12 11 Crystal Palace -1
13 16 West Ham +6
14 13 Newcastle 0
15 14 Southampton -5
16 17 Watford 0
17 19 Aston Villa +1
18 18 Bournemouth -2
19 20 Norwich City +4
20 15 Brighton -7

Makes for very interesting viewing – and some big differences for some teams… Brighton has done well from VAR and seems to have benefitted the most as they would be bottom and facing relegation, but it comfortable at 15th right now. However, there are some on the losing side – Chelsea and Wolves at the top – as Everton who is currently in 12th but could be in 6th… and in line for a Europa Cup spot. West Ham would also be more comfortable up three spots and further away from the relegation zone.

Clearly, VAR has made a massive difference – and there are clearly some teams wishing it away. Hopefully, there will be some changes being made in terms of offside etc. It will be interesting to see how it evolves in the sport. According to Givemesport, there’s a petition going viral to remove VAR from the Premier League, but how successful it will be? Who knows?

question markWho Will Win The Premier League This Year?

Well, it seems to be almost a certainty that Liverpool will take the win this year, for the first time in 30 years, as they are 25 points clear and only need 2 more wins from the whole season – so unless something drastic happens, the Kop will bring home the cup this year.

It will be a strange one though as this is a massive deal for Liverpool and its fans, who have been chasing this forever. How will they celebrate? There will be no big parties or celebrations, but maybe everyone who supports Liverpool can enjoy the moment at home, blare out ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and take joy in the fact that the year has just got a whole lot better.

question markHow Many Times Has Liverpool Won the Premier League?

The official answer is never. Liverpool has never before won the Premier League. They last won the league in the 1989/920 season, 30 years gone when it was in the First Division. However, top First Division teams broke away in 1992 to create the Premier League. As such, they have never been the winners of the Premier League. They have had 18 First League wins though

question markHow Many Games in the Premier League When It Returns?

Overall, in a Premier League season, each team plays 38 games, so in total, a whole season there are 380 (as 2 teams are involved in each game) games overall. However, when the season stopped, there were 92 games remaining, that are set to be played from neutral grounds in the coming weeks.

question markWhen Does the Premier League Season End?

Normally, when it runs to schedule, the Premier League ends mid -May. This year, it was doe to be completed on May 17. However, this was delayed. So, when will it end now?

Well, with the season restarting on June 17, there are approximately 8 weeks’ worth of games left to play, so possibly around the 9th August. There are no set dates as of yet but according to our calculations, it should be around the beginning to middle of August this year.

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