Player’s Three-Year-Long Case Against Bet365 for Unpaid Winnings Has Been Discontinued

bet365 million pound court case

Player’s Three-Year-Long Case Against Bet365 for Unpaid Winnings Has Been Discontinued

A player at Bet365 placed a £25,000 stake in 2016 on 12 horses and won close to £1 million. After putting in a withdrawal request, the operator refused to pay the winnings, under the accusation that the player has breached the Terms and Conditions related to the bet.

Soon after, the player sued the operator, but Bet365 still held its grounds, stating that the bet was invalid according to Bet365’s Terms and Conditions. Now, days prior to the full hearing, the case was discontinued.

The Case

Megan McCann, then 19-year-old student, placed a £25,000 bet on the 22nd of June at Bet365 on 12 horses in the running races at Naas, Kempton Park, and Bath. The bets were accepted by the operator and turned out to be successful. McCann won £984,833.

After reviewing the win, Bet365 decided to refuse to pay the winnings, stating that the bets were placed with money provided by a third party who was legally restricted from betting at Bet365 according to the Terms and Conditions. Not only that, but the operator also refused to pay McCann back the £25,000 stake.

Immediately, McCann filed a suit against the operator, back in 2016. The claim was that the operator accepted the bets, and after they turned out successful, it refused to pay the winnings. Following several hearings, the full hearing, the last one, was scheduled for this week.

However, the high court of Belfast confirmed at the beginning of the week that the players’ legal team had missioned to remove the listing with an official ‘notice of discontinuance’. Whether there they made a compromise over the disputed bets or the player finally realized that suits against a giant like Bet365 were a waste of time, it is left to speculation, because Bet365 never commented on the case.

The Theories on the Discontinuance

While some believe Bet365 had probably agreed to pay the winnings, all or at least some of the £1 million, others are bothered that the case was not tested in court. Many are frustrated by the robust Terms and Conditions of most leading bookmakers and wanted for the case to at least reach a full hearing.

McCann claimed that not only Bet365 but other leading operators are not entirely fair with their customers and that they discriminated against players who were, at the end of the day, able to win.

The thing is, and this is something the UK Gambling Commission tries to change, too, operators know the most successful players when they see them, and either restrict their stakes to £1 or less or completely exclude them from their websites. As a result, some players resort to using their family members, acquaintances or friends’ accounts in order to place bets on their behalf.

Whether this was really McCann’s case, or the operator just was not willing to pay the winnings out for an entirely different reason, there was probably a settlement agreed on by both parties, since the case was discontinued.

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