Paul Scholes Gets Fined £8,000 by FA and Apologises for Breaking Betting Rules

Paul Scholes Gets Fined £8,000 by FA and Apologises for Breaking Betting Rules

The FA has fined Paul Scholes for placing bets during his time as the Salford City co-owner. Scholes has placed over 140 bets worth £26,159 over a period of three and a half years, allegedly unaware of the FA betting rules, out of which he made a £5,831 profit.

After agreeing with and accepting the fine, he apologised for his actions, explaining that even though he broke the rules, it was done unintentionally.

The Ruling

The first time the FA found out that Paul Scholes was placing bets was after the bookmaker Paddy Power informed them of his betting history.

The FA launched an investigation on the matter and became aware that Scholes was not only betting at Paddy Power but also at Bet365.

Over the three year span, from the 17th of August 2015 until the 12th of January 2019, he was found to have made 8 Manchester United bets on the outcome, 8 on FA Cup matches and 1 on Valencia. What concerned the FA most and is considered as the most serious breach of rules were the bets on FA Cup fixtures, because Salford City were participants in the FA Cup, and he was their director and co-owner, together with his former United co-players Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, and Gary and Phil Neville.  However, Salford had been knocked out of the FA Cup by the time he placed the bets.

Scholes claimed that it was a genuine mistake, done unintentionally since he believed that as long as there were no personal connections between him and the matches he placed bets upon then there would be no issue. The FA gave him credit for the argument but warned him that he should still have known the laws in full as a former player, and decided to fine Scholes £8,000.

The FA E8 Rule states that no one, no athletes, stewards, club management, match officials or representatives are allowed to wager, directly or indirectly, on football matches of any level. He was, at the time, club management, therefore, the fine is just.

Scholes’ Explanation

In an official statement, the former Manchester United midfielder apologised for his conduct. He apologised and admitted that he fully understood and accepted the fine by the FA. He explained that he believed that the rules only applied to matches in which he, as a punter, might have been able to affect or tamper with the outcome.

However, he told the FA that now he understood that this was not the case and admitted that he should have taken care to verify this opinion at the time he placed the bets.

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