Ladbrokes and Coral’s Owner GVC Holdings Calls for a Complete Gambling Advertising on TV

GVC Holdings Announces Stop of All Advertising

GVC Holdings, the UK’s largest gambling company has issued a corporate statement with the aim to put a stop on all UK sports-betting broadcast advertising, regardless of the time of day. The giant company explained that the whistle-to-whistle ban on advertising that is to take effect from 1st of July will not be sufficient, and all advertising, at any time of day, round-the-clock, should be banned.

GVC’s Statement

With the aim to serve as an example for the industry, GVC made the first step towards protecting the citizens of the UK. Stating that whilst the majority of their players enjoy their offerings responsibly, Kenneth Alexander, the company’s CEO explained that it was about time that the industry did a lot more to protect the people from potential harm. As the owner of the UK’s most popular Coral and Ladbrokes, Alexander added, everyone at GVC is set do to exactly that, protect the citizens of the UK, but as he said, they are asking for their industry peers to join forces with them and put a stop to gambling advertising during live-streamed events which promote sports betting, no matter the time of day.

Additionally, GVC suggests four new directives, new responsible gambling initiatives complementing its ‘Changing for the Bettor’ mandate. So, in addition to the gambling advertising ban, GVC proposes increased investment in Research Education and Treatment, ban on perimeter advert and shirt sponsorship ban, establishing new treatment centres and a safer gambling ban software for free to those in need.

GVS’s Plans to Deliver on Its Promises

To contribute to its cause and set an example, GVC will end all shirt sponsorship deals with UK teams and perimeter advertising on football fields, raise its spending on RET to 1% in the next three years, fund a new treatment centre for problem gambling and offer GamBan for free to those at risk.

Alexander concluded his statement saying that increasing investment in education, research and treatment by 2022, using technology to intervene before even a gambling problem occurs, funding the establishment of treatment centres and doing whatever it takes alongside its behaviour analysts, proves GVC’s commitment to be the most enjoyable and trusted operator in the entire world. Finishing his statement, he appealed to the industry to join them in their cause, helping to revolutionize gambling advertising and do more to protect those who are affected by gambling-related harms. He said that GVC’s statement demonstrates its dedication to delivering on its promises.

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