FIFA 20’s Executive Producer Doesn’t Think Ultimate Team Is a Form of Gambling

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FIFA 20’s Executive Producer Doesn’t Think Ultimate Team Is a Form of Gambling

Lately, FIFA 20’s Ultimate Team mode has started causing concerns, as many started relating it to gambling. However, FIFA 20’s Executive Producer doesn’t share their opinion. In fact, Aaron McHardy explained that at FIFA 20, they don’t think Ultimate Team mode was gambling.

The recent rise of Esports betting has subsequently forced FIFA games into the limelight of the esports world, creating large viewerships, brand deals and so much more value to esports.

Why the Concerns?

FIFA Ultimate Team is a mode on the world’s most popular football esports game. It is a card-collecting game, where you piece together your dream team by purchasing players with points.

You can get these points by winning games while playing FIFA online or purchase them using real money alternatively.

The alternative is what concerns people: if you buy points to buy players and level up in the game, then it means that you can get addicted and want more. This is why many pose the question of whether this addictive mode was gambling indeed.

The only country that has prohibited its citizens purchasing points on FIFA with real money is Belgium. The government labelled the purchase of player packs as an illegal game of chance, hence, connected it to gambling.

In fact, the cost of these points varies, but players are given the freedom to buy a lot of them. For 100 FIFA points, you would need to pay £0.79. When you see it like that, that’s not a lot of money. However, you are allowed to purchase up to 12,000 FIFA points in one go, which means you could spend £79.99. Now, that is a lot of money, all things considered. If you were to like the easiness with which you get your points, and start buying more and more each day, that could easily develop into an addiction.

FIFA 20 Executive Producer’s Statement

McHardy, FIFA 20’s Executive Producer, said that if for some reason, FIFA 20’s team ever deemed the mode to not be legal, they would have obviously reacted to that.

However, McHardy said, what they put out every single year, they stood behind. They don’t actually think the mode is gambling. They think of it as a fun form of engagement for players to be able to interact with the video game in an absolutely cool way.

As announced, FIFA 20 is to be released this year, on the 24th of September. The game was developed by EA Sports, so they probably know what they’re doing. The company has years and years of experience in the area. Whether other countries would consider the mode dangerous enough to forbid their citizens from purchasing points using real money, it is yet to be seen.

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