Commonwealth Games, Australia 2018

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Commonwealth Games, Australia 2018

The Commonwealth Games is a sporting event that happens every four years, and the next edition is coming soon. The 2018 Commonwealth Games will take place in Australia, and will begin on April 4. The games last for just under two weeks, ending on April 15 with what will surely be a spectacular closing ceremony. With 71 competing nations heading to Australia to take part in a whole host of events across 19 sports, there really is something for everyone at the Commonwealth Games and that is probably why it is such a popular sporting event.

With so many events to look forward to and many different competing nations, this makes the Commonwealth Games a great betting event for punters looking to take advantage of the available Commonwealth Games odds.

Top Countries

Although there are many different competing nations at the Commonwealth Games, England and Australia have been the dominating forces over the past few years. This was no different in 2014, and with Australia hosting the 2018 event, there is a case to be made for them to be even stronger this time around.

Of the 824 medals handed out at the 2014 games in Glasgow, 311 of them went to either England or Australia. England won the battle for top spot by taking 174 of the medals, Australia finished in second with 137. To show their dominance of the event, Canada finished third but they ended with just 82 medals.

From a betting point of view, the race for top spot should be very close this time around. Australia will have put extra funding into their program for this year, and with home fans to cheer them on, there is every chance they can overtake England and be the number one nation.

Behind the top two, Canada, India and Scotland will bring the best teams and they can all compete for third spot in the medal table behind the big two.


Just like at the summer Olympics, the Commonwealth Games covers a wide range of sports. This means there really is something for everyone and many different people will be looking at the schedule to see when their favourite events are taking place.


There are 58 medal events in the athletics section, making it the biggest sport in the Commonwealth Games. The athletics is where all the interest is, and many people will tune in just for the athletics and nothing else. With many different medal events, there are many betting opportunities in the athletics, and this is where a lot of the interest will be from a betting point of view.


Just like at the summer Olympics, swimming is a close second behind athletics, and will also attract a lot of interest from the betting public. There are 50 medal events so plenty to look forward to and like at the Olympics, these events all happen in the first few days, to kick off the Commonwealth Games with a bang.

Other Sports of Note

The majority of the other sports at the Commonwealth Games are all team games. This makes it hard from a betting point of view because many of the players involved haven’t spent too much time playing with each other. This means that sometimes it isn’t the best team that wins, but the one who can gel together the quickest.

With basketball, hockey, netball and rugby sevens, some of the best team sports will be on show at the Commonwealth Games. Traditionally these are all very well contested, and they also allow some of the smaller nations a chance of winning a gold medal. India always has a very good hockey team at the games so they compete well in that, and countries like Fiji, New Zealand and South Africa all compete well in the rugby event.

When it comes to individual events, two of the most popular are boxing and cycling. There are many different betting opportunities on these, with many different disciplines, especially in boxing where the athletes compete across many different weights.

For fans of racket sports, there is badminton, table tennis and squash to bring interest. With both men and women competing, as well as mixed events and doubles, there are many different events to watch and bet on.

Changes to the Schedule

Since 2014, there have been a few changes to the schedule, with the re-introduction of a sport, the loss of one, and some events added for women. Basketball makes a welcome return to the Commonwealth Games, and with this being the first year back, interest will be huge. The one sport that has suffered due to the re-introduction of basketball is judo, and this will be missing in 2018.

This is a shame, but when a sport returns, something else has to give and unfortunately, that sport is judo. Two sports making their Commonwealth Games debut in 2018 are women’s rugby sevens and beach volleyball. It will be interesting to see how these two sports do, but beach volleyball has always been a popular Olympic sport, so the same is expected here.

Key Events to Watch out For

Many people will not be able to watch all the action from Australia, but the biggest events that take place are certainly worth watching. Here is a list of the key events that are taking place, and on what day, so you will be able to make plans and ensure you can catch all the action you want. You are sure to see many Commonwealth Games tips for these events. They are going to certainly attract the most betting interest.

Men’s 100m final – Monday, April 9

The men’s 100m final is always an event that grabs the attention of many people, whether it is in the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games. Some of the fastest men in the world will all compete for a gold medal in the premier track event, and although it lasts just 10 seconds, it is certainly worth watching.

Men’s Basketball final – Sunday, April 15

Basketball is back at the Commonwealth Games and because of that, there is sure to be a lot of interest in the men’s final, one of the final events to take place at the games. There will not be the stars of the USA on show like we see in the Olympics, but the games are sure to be extremely competitive and very hard fought. This is one event that many people will want to watch, and one that will feature prominently in lists of commonwealth games odds.

Men’s Rugby Sevens final – Sunday, April 15

Australia loves rugby, so one event they are sure to put a huge amount of effort into is the rugby sevens event. Expect to see huge interest, and big crowds watching all the games, but the one everyone will want to see is the men’s final, which takes place on Sunday, April 15. This will put together two of the best sevens teams in the world, and we will see some great skill on show. This is certainly an event to look out for, even for those who don’t like rugby too much, sevens is a much quicker and easier to watch version that fans love.

Commonwealth Games Tips

If you are looking to place a bet on any of the events at the Commonwealth Games then be sure to look around and follow some simple rules. Look out for the best Commonwealth Games odds available to you, which mean comparing the various bookmakers that have betting available now.

There are many ways to bet on the events, you can either bet on individual games that take place, or you can bet on someone to win the event overall, meaning they take home the gold medal. From fun bets to serious wagers, you can do many different things when it comes to Commonwealth Games betting, so be sure to look out for the markets that are available to you.

With so many sports happening in such a short period, there will always be an upcoming event with betting available for you to have a bet on. From swimming finals to preliminary round games in one of the many team sports like rugby sevens, basketball or hockey, there will always be somewhere to place a bet.

As far as the teams and athletes go, try and watch games if you are betting on a team sport, and look to see how each team is coming together. These teams won’t have spent too much time together, so the ones who quickly work well with each other often have a good advantage, and they can gain a quick upper hand on their rivals, even if they are not the best team in the tournament.

Don’t be too concerned about missing an event if you do, there are many others to take advantage of, so you can bet and watch all the action unfold.

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