Bookmakers Predicted Brexit Party Would Win But Labour Defied All Odds

Bookmakers Predicted Brexit Party Would Win But Labour Defied All Odds

Even though many considered that it was impossible for the Brexit Party to make their political debut in Westminster, others were fairly positive. Considering major bookmakers noticed that players’ interest in the Brexit Party spiked as of lately, they have improved its odds. However, the Labour Party defied all odds and managed to hold his seat.

The Expectations

Bookies have predicted that the Brexit Party will get its first MP and make its political debut in the by-election in Peterborough. There were statements by leaders in the UK gambling industry, stating that their players seemed to love the Brexit Party. Jessica Bridge at Ladbrokes mentioned that it would not come as a surprise if the Brexit Party emerged victorious in Peterborough, considering that Ladbrokes players couldn’t get enough of the 8-weeks old party. William Hill’s Rupert Adams said that although he expected Brexiteers to vote in big numbers, there was no such thing as a sure thing in politics.

The odds offered a few days ago were 7/1 for Labour to hold seat and 1/7 for the Nigel Farange’s Brexit Party. This meant that if you were to put £10 on Labour, you could win £70 back in addition to your original stake, but if you put £10 on Brexit, you could only win £1.43. Bookmakers were led by the negative media coverage on Labour. Labour’s MP Fiona Onysanya has been expelled from the Party after being convicted for lying to the police in order to avoid prosecution for speeding. There was a petition signed by close to 20,000 constituents to remove her from her position. Nigel Farange’s success on the EU elections, on the other hand, made things better for the Brexit Party, and recent polls showed people’s interest in the Party.

Against All Odds

However, despite everything thrown at them and the odds against them, the Labour Party managed to gather 31% of the votes and hold the seat. The Labour MP Lisa Forbes will take her seat in the House of Commons effective-immediately. Even though going against the odds, being listed second to the Brexit Party in the odds, Labour’s experience meant victory for the Party.

The Brexit Party picked up 29% of the votes, and you can see that it was a close one. The 29% show that there are so many Brexiteers out there and the fact that they came second is remarkable. The Tories were third with 21%, Lib Dems forth with 12% and the Greens with 3%.

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