Betway Snooker UK Championship

Published: 27th November 2020
Author: Gabriel Hall
Last Updated: 1st March 2021
Betway snooker UK championship
Betway snooker UK championship

Betway Snooker UK Championship 2020 – Tips, Odds and Predictions

This has been a strange year for sports, and snooker is no different. But, now is the time for the season’s first Triple Crown event – the Betway Snooker UK Championship. The Championship takes place from 23rd November until 6th December in Milton Keynes. In this time, 128 players will face off for the title – and £200,000 in winnings. This is eagerly awaited by snooker fans and all the best betting sites, who will all look to offer the best odds, promotions and free bets. Read on for our ultimate Betway Snooker UK Championship betting guide.

Betway Snooker UK Championship Best Betting Odds

This will be an exciting tournament and the 44th edition of the famous Championship will be kicking off on 24th November, with 2 solid weeks of action. It will take place at The Marshall Arena, in the heart of Milton Keynes. The very best in the world of snooker betting will face off to claim the title and a cash prize of £200,000.  So, what are the best odds and who do we think will take the win?

Betway UK Championships Tips and Predictions

There are a number of great players all looking to prove themselves the best – but there are a few that really stand out – in terms of skills and odds, that you should be aware of. One player that we are all keeping a close eye on is Mark Selby. He is undoubtedly one of the best in the world right now, but because he isn’t seen as bookies favourite, you can also get stonking odds for him to win with the current 8/1 at Betfair offer. He may have been defeated in the last tournament by Robertson, but it was so close that it could have gone either way.

Another player you can never count out is Ronnie O Sullivan, arguably one of the best snooker players the world has ever seen. Currently, Betfair is offering a pretty generous 4/1 on him, which wouldn’t be a stupid bet. He well and truly had Neil Robertson beaten, 10-4, last year. So the odds are excellent value.

The overall favourite is Judd Trump, and that will come as no surprise to all snooker betting fans out there. He is one of just 11 players ever to win The Triple Crown. Moreover, in 2019 he beat Yan Bingtao and did so in style! So, for this reason, he can’t be ruled out either. He’s one of the safer bets, but you can still get value odds of 3/1 at Boylesports.

So, what about last year’s winner? Well, Ding Junhui is the most famous and successful Chinese and Asian player currently. He has had an impressive 14 big wins to his name already in his career and he will certainly be looking for a repeat of 2019 to make it his 15th. Having said that, betting sites don’t think he’ll get the second win this year and he’s got odds of 18/1 at GentingBet, which can’t be argued with. He’s already won the UK Championships thee times and is the current champion, so odds of 18/1 seem very generous for the repeat win.

Then there’s Neil Roberson, who also is a highly rated player with odds of 7/1 at Betfair who has won the Champion of Champions tournament twice already. He definitely can’t be counted out.

However, despite all these very impressive names thrown into the mix. We think it will go the way of The Rocket. He is six-time and reigning world champion and has won the UK Championship a record seven times. He is a player with that touch of genius – and when on form, is impossible to beat.

Top 5 Betting Sites for Betway Snooker UK Championship

We have gone through all of the sites and looked for the best sites to bet on the Betway Snooker UK Championship we looked at a certain number of factors. Obviously, the quality and value of the betting odds is a big factor. However, we also look at other betting factors as well. Other aspects judged is the quality and quality of features, including cashout, bet builder, edit bet and more. We also look at the quality of their in-play betting which is also a contributing factor – as is promos, free bets and offers. Another area is live streaming – which of these has the tech to offer good and value snooker live streaming. Here are our top 5 snooker betting sites:

The Top Betway Snooker UK Championship Betting Markets

Obviously, the most popular and well-known betting market is outright winner market, which has already been well covered – but if you want to make use of features such as tournament accumulator bets and same game multis, then you will need to look at other markets that you can bet on alongside (or instead of) the tournament winner market.

Match Win Bet

A tournament is made up of many different matches. Obviously, it stands to reason that you can bet on the matches separately. This is also perfect for building up tournament acca bets. There will be all different types of match bets available – some will be huge underdogs/favourites matches and others will be closer rivalries. Betting on match wins can be much more exciting and is faster paced than tournament betting. We found Betfair great for single match betting

Frame Win Bets

This is even more broken down bet than match win. In a match, the players play to the best of a set number of frames. In every frame, the player needs to pot enough balls for the other player to be able to reach the same point score. Frame betting is can include a number of different betting markets. You could, for example, bet on which player will win more frames – a simple 50-50 bet. However, you can make it riskier and more complex. You could, in live betting, bet on who will win the next frame. You could even bet on the exact number of frames a player will win.

Frame Handicaps Betting

Many top snooker betting sites will offer frame handicap betting. This is most likely to be the case when there is a clear favourite against an underdog. This frame handicap market evens up the chances a little more – and is directly comparable to football betting when football betting sites offer goal handicaps.

The favourite would then have to win by a certain amount of frames to be considered the bet winner. Also, if the underdog lost, but not by as many frames as expected, he could still be crowned the bet winner. The best site we find for snooker handicap betting is bet365.

Tournament Winner

As mentioned before, this is the main market to bet on. Who will win the overall tournament? Because of the length of the tournament, and how much can happen from beginning to end, the earlier you bet, the better. If you make an early ante-post bet then you are likely to get better odds. The later on in the tournament you leave it, the more the odds are likely to drop.

How the Snooker UK Championship Will Work

This is one of the three tournaments making up the Triple Crown, what’s more, it is one of the most exciting in the world. As such, it attracts all of the best players in the sport. It has 128 top players made up of 123 professionals plus 5 amateur players. The players then take each other on and get whittled down as the tournament goes on, with the conclusion happening on 6th December 2020.

The History of the Tournament

This is the 44th edition of the Betway UK Snooker Championships. It was first held back in 1977 in Blackpool. However, it has moved around since then. It moved over to Preston and stayed there until 1997. From there, it moved to Bournemouth where it stayed for 4 years, until 2001. It then moved to the Barbican Centre in York.

The first-ever tournament was won by Patsy Fagan, who got a victory over Doug Mountjoy. Since then, it has been won by some of the most famous names in the history of snooker, including O’Sullivan, Steve Davis and more. It has also been hoe of some of the most tense matches in history, including 1983’s Higgins v Davis match. The youngest ever winner was Ronnie the Rocket, who won in 1993. This career was taken to the next level in 2018 when O’Sullivan won and overtook Stephen Hendry and Steve Davis in the total tournament wins.

As the name suggests, when the tournament first started, it was for UK players only – and it didn’t count towards world rankings. However, this changed in 1984, when it not only became a ranking event, but it was also open to all players. At one point it was, in fact, the second-highest-ranking event across the globe. However, that was before the introduction of the International and the China Championship. Other changes that have happened include the length of the matches. In the 80s, the matches were the best of 31 frames. However, now the finals are now the best of 19 – first to 10 matchups.

From 2012 till 2019, the tournament was dominated by four players – Selby, Trump, Robertson and O’Sullivan. However, last year this was broken when Ding Junhui took the title. He will want to defend his crown. However, the four players will look to take back dominance, with O’Sullivan, seven times winner, taking the lead. Other dominant names of the Championship before 2012 include Steve Davis, who won six times and Stephen Hendry, who won five times.

Previous Winners of the Championship

gold starTournament Fun Facts!

  • In total, the prize pool is, in fact, £1,009,000. The winner will get £200,000 of that.
  • The most successful player in the Championship is Ronnie O’Sullivan with 7 wins
  • This is followed by Steve Davis at 6 wins and Stephen Hendry with 5

Tournament FAQS

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