A Punter Wins £10K for a Snooker Bet Placed 21 Years Ago for Judd Trump to Win Title

A Punter Wins £10K for a Snooker Bet Placed 21 Years Ago for Judd Trump to Win Title

An incredible story about a man who had won a 21-year-old bet surfaced these days. Neil Morrice, a racing journalist saw something in an 8-year-old boy when he saw him how he plays snooker. After carefully observing the boy, Morrice decided to place a bet that one day before the boy turns 30, he will win the World Snooker Championship.

That boy in question was Judd Trump, now a full grown-up, the man who has won the World Snooker Championship with 18-9 over none other than John Higgins. And, Morrice, 21 years later, has received his £10,000 prize!

The 21-Year-Old Bet

As Morrice explains, his 12-year old son Richard used to be a solid club player, so he took him to all the clubs near them. One day, the father and son went down to Bristol in a club called Keynsham Club, where they first met Judd Trump, an 8-year-old boy who offered Richard a frame.

Since he was so small, Trump used his cue more like a spear but still whacked down a 30 break, and in one more step, won the game. After talking to many people from Bristol, Morrice discovered that they all share his opinion and have high hopes for Trump. So he called a friend who worked for Coral and placed a fantasy bet of £10 at odds 1,000 to 1 that the little boy will become champion of the World Snooker Championship.

As Morrice says, he and everyone else in Bristol saw something in the little boy, but it has been a rollercoaster ride following Trump’s snooker career. The boy made it, he made it to the top games and in 2011 he was faced with John Higgins, of all people. Although it looked as if Trump was going to win, Morrice says, the young boy lost.

Now, 21 years later, in the World Snooker Championship final Morrice saw the grown-up Trump so relaxed, so cool, playing sensational snooker, both defending and attacking, defeating his opponent in the first two frames. This was the last opportunity for Morrice to win his bet, since on this year’s tournament Trump has already reached the age of 29, and that’s what makes the story even sweeter.

The £10,000 Win

Morrice admitted that it was not easy to watch Trump play for the past 21 years hoping for the kid to win, but at this last tournament, the racing journalist said he was not nervous. He knew that this was the year Trump wins, and it came as no surprise that he won the game in the first two frames.

On the topic of what he’s planning to do with the £10,000 he has received after so many years, the now 62-year old Morrice said that he will give his wife a nice holiday because that was paramount at this point of his life.

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