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Where to Watch UFC on TV

UFC has become the biggest promotion in the world of mixed martial arts. It brings in millions of pounds worth of sponsorship, boasts the best fighters in the business, sells out arenas around the world and has live TV coverage in every sports-loving nation on the planet.

Major bookmakers have seized on the sport of MMA’s popularity rise and now offer betting on the top fights offered by UFC. The more television coverage, the more fans pay attention and the more betting markets lined up.

Bet and Watch

You can have your say on the winner of each bout and back as a single to build a profit. You can even throw together a few different fight winners to build a multiple, such as an accumulator. The latter gives players the chance to target big wins for small stakes and also rates as a value for money bet. There are many specials also added by traders, including method of victory, total rounds, winning round and plenty more besides. Get your cash on pre-match and in-play.

When betting on UFC you want to enjoy the luxury of watching your fighter perform live. Thankfully, checking a results service to see how you got on is a thing of the past. You can now bet on UFC and watch live through TV coverage or a live stream available on desktop computers and mobile devices. View your favourite fights at home, in a sports bar or when on the move through your mobile phone or tablet device. UFC coverage just got modern.

Here are some of the ways to watch UFC this year…

Pay-per-view is a platform that allows you to subscribe to the biggest events for a one-off charge. No monthly subscriptions or recurring charges. Simply pay the PPV fee, watch the fights and the contract will end when the coverage finishes. PPV events include the biggest fights, full cards and behind the scenes interviews.

The UFC Fight Pass also gives you access to the biggest and best shows of the season. You can watch on TV, desktop or mobile app. A front-row ticket to the sport, viewers can bag a free trial today.

Nothing beats the real thing, of course, and it has never been easier to take in a UFC card live. The UFC website and a number of respected ticket selling sites offer fans the change to attend a UFC show in person, sitting in the crowd and getting the full experience. A range of prices exists, from affordable in the stands to a unique ringside experience.

UFC fans in the United Kingdom get most of their UFC coverage through BT Sport. The top fights of the year are shown from major countries around the world. Watch live, on catch up or through the extended highlights show available on TV and the BT Sport app.