What is a Yankee bet? 
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Yankee Betting – What is it?

The Yankee is one of the most popular multiple bets employed by bettors to increase their profits. It consists of eleven bets derived from four selections on separate events, which breaks down into six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold accumulator. The Yankee is not a full coverage bet, in that it doesn’t include single bets, so two or more selections have to be successful to generate a return.

As there are eleven bets involved, a £1 Yankee costs £11, while some bettors opt for an each-way Yankee, which is double the cost of a straightforward win Yankee.

Like all such multiple bets, the Yankee has an advantage over an accumulator in that it can produce a profit, even if not all of the selections involved are winners.

So what kind of Yankee should you employ: win or each way? This often depends on the prices of your selections. If you have come up with four short-priced choices, it is generally better to stick with a simple win-only Yankee. If your selections include one or more at bigger odds, then an each-way Yankee becomes a much more viable proposition.

As an example of how the Yankee works, consider the following selections taken from a day’s racing. These are all fairly short-priced favourites, so the win-only Yankee is the best option:

Horse A: 6/4
Horse B: 4/6
Horse C: 15/8
Horse D: 8/11

In this case, our £1 Yankee would produce a return of £89.21 if all four selections won. If, for example, the last leg didn’t win, you would still benefit from three winning doubles and one winning treble, producing a return of £28.20. This is where the Yankee can pay dividends: enabling the bettor to double their initial stake despite only picking three winners from four.

Let’s take a different example. In this case, some of the odds are bigger than in the first example, so an Each Way Yankee might be the way to go here:

Horse A: 15/2
Horse B: 5/2
Horse C: 3/1
Horse D: 7/1

Our £1 Each Way Yankee will cost £22, but in this case, if all four selections win, the return would be an impressive £1975.12. Even if none of the four horses win, providing they all finish in the top three, the profit would amount to a solid £72.90.

The Yankee is a fairly simple multiple bet that can offer big returns from relatively minor stakes. The profit from a Yankee bet can increase dramatically, and if you manage to find four winners, particularly if one or two of them are at a big price, you can really cash in. Even if you don’t hit all four, the coverage that this bet offers can still return a profit.

Bookmakers offer Yankees on most sports, not just horse racing. They are an excellent way to turn small stakes into significant returns and represent a solid alternative to the traditional win bet.