What is a Patent Bet? 

Published: 10th July 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 12th January 2021
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A Patent Bet – What is it?

A patent is an example of a bet known as a full coverage bet because it covers every possible combination from a number of chosen selections, which in this case, is three.

The patent brings together every single, double and treble from three selections and groups them in a one combination bet that offers the potential for significant profits. Unlike the Trixie bets, which also combines three selections, but doesn’t include singles, the patent ensures that even if only one of the three selections wins, the bettor earns a return.

This full-coverage aspect, which provides a total of seven bets, makes the patent a very potent and popular option for bettors, particularly those who bet on football and horse racing.
So how does a patent work and can you show us a patent bet explained? It is important to remember that a patent involves seven separate bets, so to place it, you will have to pay seven times the value of your stake. For example, a £1 patent will cost you £7.

Making a Profit from Patent Bets

The best outcome with a patent involves all three selections winning, and this can lead to some significant profits. For example, if your three selections were priced at 8/1 and they all won, then your patent would earn you just short of £1000 for a £7 stake, thanks to the combination of three doubles, three singles and a treble. This is a considerably higher return than you would get had you simply placed three win only single bets.

Another advantage of the patent is that being a full coverage bet, it guarantees you a return even if one of the selections doesn’t win. Obviously, if one selection fails, you won’t win the treble element of the patent, but you will still benefit from one double and two successful singles. For example, in the example given above, if one of the three selections don’t win, you would still receive a profit of around £90; not a bad return for a £7 stake.

A popular way to use the patent bet is to choose a solid, banker bet at short odds, and then combine it with two selections at bigger odds. This increases your prospects of at least one of the selections being successful, while potentially producing big profits if one or both of the other, longer-price selections also wins. By making sure you have the right combination of odds in your patent, you can increase your winning chances and the size of your profits.

Patents are available on most sports, not just on horse-racing and football, and most betting sites will make it easy for you to turn any three individual selections into a patent. For example, William Hill gives you the option instantly on your betting slip. If you are unsure about the potential returns from a patent, it is a good idea to utilise one of the many free bet calculators on the internet. This will enable you to calculate your winnings, and by playing around with different odds, you can come up with the right combination of selections to maximise your returns.

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