A Heinz Bet – What is it?

Published: 5th July 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 26th January 2021
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A Heinz Bet – What is it?

A Heinz is made up of 57 separate bets derived from six individual selections and is named after the famous Heinz ‘57 Varieties’ slogan; something to bear in mind next time you’re reaching for the ketchup!

Heinz Bet Explained:

So how is this unusually-named bet constructed? A Heinz is made up of an assortment of accumulator bets: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds and 1 sixfold. For the bet to be successful, two or more selections must be winners, and to place the bet costs 57 times your individual stake, so for example, a £1 Heinz would need a stake of £57.

If all six of your selections wins, then you could earn major returns, but the advantage of the Heinz is that for every winning selection, your return increases, and even if you only pick three, four or five winners, you can still earn a big pay-out. This is in contrast to an accumulator, which will fail if just one of the selections doesn’t win.
To see how a Heinz bet works, here is an example. Let’s say you have picked horses to win six races and they are available at the odds shown below:

Horse A: Evens
Horse B: 11-4
Horse C: 5-2
Horse D: 4-6
Horse E: 11-2
Horse F: 5-4

A £1 Heinz bet on these selections would cost £57. If all six selections win, then the total return would be £4147. Here the advantages of the Heinz bet are clearly demonstrated. Had that £57 stake been divided up and placed on each selection to win, the profit would have been considerably smaller. Like a number of other combination bets, the Heinz bet enables big returns for a relatively small stake.

It is also possible to choose an Each Way Heinz bet. A £1 each-way Heinz would cost twice as much as a standard Heinz, at £114, but it is often a good option to consider if some of your selections are outsiders, as you will still earn a decent profit if some of your selections are placed but don’t win, while collecting some of the doubles and trebles from the win portion of the bet if some of your selections are successful.

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Here is an example of where an Each Way Heinz can be effective. Let’s say you have come up with six selections, some of which are available at big prices:

Horse A: 8-1
Horse B: 2-1
Horse C 11-2
Horse D:10-1
Horse E: 5-1
Horse F: 11-4

An Each Way £1 Heinz on these selections would cost £114, but the potential returns are impressive. If all six horses were placed, then you would pick up £1673.98, and if all six horses were to win, your returns would be well over £191,000.

Heinz bets are also popular with football bettors, particularly those who find that they are often let down by one or two selections in their accumulators. By grouping them in a Heinz bet, substantial profits can still be obtained even if some of your selections fail.

What to Remember:

Due to the fact that you probably will be parting with a fairly high amount of money in order to place your Heinz Bet, you probably are extremely adamant to win. So here are a few tips we feel you must bare in mind.

First of all, you may have the mind that the best way to place a Heinz bet is by choosing the strong favourites. However, this may not always be the case.

Another thing you must consider is that you can easily make a significant loss from a Heinz Bet so please ensure you be careful and take time when choosing your bets!

Another thing we would suggest for you to do when placing a Heinz Bet it choose your selections and then place them onto a ‘betting calculator’ before you go ahead in order for you to see what you could potentially win.

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