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UFC & MMA Betting Strategies There is hardly a sport as thrilling and at the same time controversial as mixed martial arts (MMA), which takes the elements of all known full-contact combat sports and puts them in a single, adrenaline-boosting mixture. MMA was originally promoted as a competition to find the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat with fighters deploying different martial arts style being pitted against each other inside an octagonal ring. However, as the sport evolved and fighters’ styles along with it, the MMA promoters were forced to adopt rules to increase the safety of the competitors and expand the mainstream acceptance of this dangerous sport. MMA enjoys vast popularity which is largely thanks to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is an American MMA promotion company, the largest one in the world. UFC is where the top fighters are and where the best action takes place. MMA in general and UFC as the largest promoter of this sport enjoy great popularity worldwide and are a common choice for bettors. MMA and UFC wagering adds a special thrill to the sport, adding to the overall popularity of the sport which offers plenty of different options both for novice and experienced tipsters. All of you who are keen on making some profit out of betting on MMA and UFC need to be aware that, like with any other sport, chance and fortune pay a minor role in determining whether you become a successful tipster. Knowledge is the main factor and the easiest way to make good choices and knowledgeable betting decisions is to follow a certain set of rules placed within the boundaries of a betting strategy. Factors to consider before placing a bet Key factors to analyse while preparing a betting strategy are:
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Previous fighting record
  • Training camp & coaches
It may come as little surprise to learn that all of the aforementioned aspects are crucial when it comes to determining who goes on to win a fight. Naturally, good research on all of these details does not guarantee a win as the MMA and UFC fights are often determined with a sole punch, hence all the excitement and appeal of the sport. Still, a thorough analysis of the aforementioned factors can yield some fascinating results and statistics such as the claim that fighters with over two inches of advantage in height have 80% chance to win all of their matches against a shorter opponent. Age and subsequently shape and form are also determining factors that need to be taken into consideration. Any UFC & MMA Betting Strategy needs to include ways to find the best bets and here a couple of good tips to follow in order to have a more successful rate in betting on this sport:
  • Mind the fighting style
  • Avoid the favourites
  • Take advantage of prop bets
  • Do some line shopping
  • Make parlay bets
It may sound like a general point that can be applied in betting on each sport, but just as you will check out the squad quality of a team prior to making a football bet, the fighting style needs to be analysed. Betting on UFC and MMA involves good research into various betting styles such as boxing, freestyle wrestling or judo, jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai, different versions of karate and some other less known disciplines. Fighters today tend to master different styles and expand their own fighting knowledge to get an edge over their rivals, but not all fighters are equally good at different styles and disciplines, so you need to pay particular attention when analysing a fighter. Also, this leads us into the second key point – avoid the favourites. MMA and UFC betting is much more than just picking the popular names and those fighters who are enjoying the greatest popularity in the media. The public opinion tends to sway the betting line in big name’s favour. However, it is the underdogs who tend to lose less over the long run and fighting a fighter who could exploit a favourite’s weaknesses often yield good betting results. To conclude, betting on favourites in most cases brings a negative expected value bet and finding good-value bets is another crucial point in creating a successful betting strategy. Next up is the prop betting. If we assume that you are headed into the world of betting on MMA and UFC with solid knowledge and good understandings of the sport itself and fighters in it, prop betting can be fun, but also profitable. Knowledge and experience in betting on MMA and UFC will allow you to compare the styles and make good predictions on who will emerge victoriously, so instead of just betting on the fight winner, prop betting gives you a great chance to spice things up and top the value of your bets. Different prop bets can be quite lucrative when it comes to MMA. One of the first prop bets is Will the Fight Go The Distance? Basically, you bet on whether the fight will end via submission and KO, or whether the winner will be determined by the judge’s scores. A similar option is the Fight Outcome which gives you a chance to bet on how the fight will pan out as you choose both the winning fighter and the method of victory. This is a great option for bettors who know their fighters really good and believe they can win by submission or knockout. MMA and UFC betting offers some fairly obscure options such as predicting a draw. It is not that common occurrence in the sport, so it gives rather significant odds. Additionally, a well-paid bet is which round a fight will finish in. If you guess that and you will be in for some pretty hefty payouts. MMA and UFC is arguably one sport where you can almost certainly find a great disparity in odds at different betting sites, so don’t be too lazy to shop around and find the best lines. Another great thing to do is to look for lines that seem too good to be true and bet the other way. Bookies open lines for a good reason and not because they want to give money away. Finally, a thing you should definitely do is bet on parlays. Also known as an accumulator bet, a parlay is a single bet which links several wages together to make combined odds that offer more lucrative payouts. If you are certain your picks will win, tie them down in a parlay and multiply your winnings. You will thank us later. of this sport enjoy great popularity worldwide and are a common choice for bettors. MMA and UFC wagering adds a special thrill to the sport, adding to the overall popularity of the sport which offers plenty of different options both for novice and experienced tipsters.