Spread Betting On Sports
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Spread Betting On Sports

If you haven’t heard of Spread Betting before, then be prepared to take in what it is as it is possibly one of the most complex forms of betting. Being new to it makes it hard to understand but as soon as you get your head around it, you can start making some money! Before you get into spread betting it is important to know that the risk of losing is higher than normal betting, so you need to be willing to take that risk!

Sports Spread Betting

Spread betting is different to traditional betting as you are betting on the movement of the market instead of a particular event. For example, for sports spread betting, you might bet on the total amount of goals scored by a particular team in a Premier League Season. The Spread might be set to 70 goals. You will then be set an amount per point that you think their goal tally will conclude to either above or below the spread. You might then stake £10 per goal over the spread amount. This means that for ever goal scored by that team past the 70 mark, you win £10. However, if that team scores less than 70, then you will lose £10 for every goal they miss 70 by. So, it is evident that there’s a chance for some very high wins, but also the risk of losing some cash. That is the big risk with spread betting. Within spread betting, there is a feature called stop loss. What this will do is cancel your spread bet at a particular score that you define, and you then take the loss.


Spread Betting may have gone straight over your head first time round reading about it. Therefore, below are listed some examples of spread betting on sports and how it works.

Chelsea Premier League Points: 73

In this example, the spread is set to 73. Therefore, you may have £5 on this spread. In the season, Chelsea get a total of 81 points! This is great news for you because it means they have got 8 more points than the spread target! You win £5 for every point over 73 so therefore you will win a total of £40.


There are different Spread Betting Markets just within the sport of football, some which apply to other sports also. Here is a list of a few of the different Spread markets:

Total Corner

This spread indicates how many corners will be awarded during the match. If the betting site predicts a lot of corners will be taken they may set the spread at around 12-13 corners. You might predict that only 12 corners will be awarded, the lower end of the spread. However, if 20 were awarded and you had a £10 stake on this spread, you’re looking at a loss of £80!

Minute of First Goal

Spreads are available to predict the minute that the first goal will be scored in. For example, the spread might say that the first goal will be scored in the 34-38 minute of the first half. You predict that the first goal will come later as it is a game between 2 very well defended sides. You are correct, and the first goal is scored in the 44th minute, right before half time. Due to your £10 stake and the goal being scored 6 minutes after the spread prediction. You win a total of £60!


Spread Betting is not only a hard concept of betting to get your head around, it is also hard to pull off and continuously make profit from. Therefore, here are a few tips to note down when using this betting strategy so you can have some form of idea as to how this can make you money:

  1. As this differs from traditional betting, there is more than just your stake on the line here, so make sure you always choose an even stake.
  2. Make sure you are aware of the consequences if the bet is to fall through. As discussed earlier, bare in mind the ‘Stop Loss’ feature.
  3. Gamble safe and responsibly, do not bet what you can’t afford to lose.
  4. As Spread Betting is hard to understand, ensure you are aware of the market and rules before betting.