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Published: 23rd September 2020
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 24th February 2021
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Same Game Multi Bet Feature Explained

There are so many great betting sites, and all are coming up with different ways of vetting to keep fresh. One betting feature that is becoming more popular is the Same Game Multi bets, offered by companies such as Betfair. Here is everything you need to know about it, what it is, how to use it and who has the best same game multi betting option.

What is a Same Game Multi?

If you know anything about accumulator betting, then grasping the idea behind a Same Game Multi shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Football betting systems and strategies are popular with regular punters and multi betting is a big part of this. Accumulators are very well known, have been around for some time and are popular with players who like the idea of getting the big win. Same Game Multis take that idea and just put a new spin on it.

A multi (or accumulator) is a selection of different bets that are all combined to make one big bet. So, winning the big bet requires that you win all of the small bets involved. Most multis consist of over four different selections. Then, if all those choices come in, you win. However, even if just one falls through, then you lose (unless you use acca insurance). Obviously, it’s a riskier option than the single bet, but the rewards are much higher.

Traditionally, you could only create accumulator bets from different sporting events – so, for example, you might combine four bets from four different Premier League matches, or four separate horse races.  If you wanted to combine four or more bets from the same sporting event, you used to have to ask the bookmaker specifically for the option. However, there are now bookies that offer this option. They call it a Same Game Multi – where punters can make a multi bet of four or more selections from the one event.

How Do They Work?

So, you have found a bookmaker, such as Betfair or bet365, that offers Same Game Multis. How do you actually make the bet? Well, you will find the option to combine the bets on your betting slip into a multi.

So, for example, you bet on Liverpool v Arsenal. You make four different bets on it – over 2.5 goals, Liverpool to win, Salah to score first and Both Teams to Score. As you add each selection to your betting slip, they will automatically be added as separate selections. However, if you click on the option at the top of your slip to combine into a multi, then you have created yourself a Same Game Multi bet. As is the case with a standard accumulator, winning this bet would require all of your selections to come in. With both accas and same game multis, you have the freedom to add plenty of selections – and sites such as Betfair let you add up to 25 selections!

One of the beautiful aspects of this is the speed at which your multi bet is settled. If you have four separate matches or events, it can take hours or even days. With Same Game Multis, it can be settled in just 30 minutes after your game is resulted – depending on what event you bet on.

How to Place a Same Game Multi Bet

As stated before, this is just as simple as any other bet. You simply search your betting site to find the event that you want to bet on and look for the Same Game Multi tab on your chosen match. Not all sites have this yet, but if the site does allow it, you should find it near other tabs such as handicaps and popular bets.

BTTSThe Markets Available

So, for example, you have decided to pick a football match for your same game multi. You will find a huge number of markets available for you to make up your selections – these could include:

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betting slipAdding Your Choices to Your Betting Slip

Once you have looked through all of the markets available and chosen your selections, you can start adding them to your betting slip. If you add any options that the betting site has not made compatible with your Same Game Multi bet, then this will be highlighted on your betting slip. As you add each selection, the odds and your potential wins from the multi will keep updating.  As soon as you have picked all your choices, and selected the multi bet option, simply click on ‘place bet’ and you’re set to go.


So, you have decided to make your same game multi on and Arsenal v Liverpool match… It may look like this:

  • Liverpool to win – 3/2
  • Salah to score first – 4/1
  • Total goals over 2.5 – 2/3
  • Both Teams to Score –3/4

All these odds come together, and on a bet of £10, then you would expect to see a return of £364.58 with £354.58 in winnings for a Same Game Multi.

Should you have out four single bets of £10 on each outcome and they each came in successfully, your total return would bet £109.17.

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The Rules of Same Game Multi Betting

If you were to place your Same Game Multi bet on a football match, there are a number of rules you have to abide by. For example, your bet is only valid for the first 90 minutes of play, so if extra time comes into play, then anything that happens in the time does not count (unless the betting site specifically states otherwise). The only exceptions that you are likely to find that differ from this are outcomes such as to lift the cup or to qualify. So, make sure you read the betting site’s terms and conditions before you make the bet. You should be able to find these in the FAQs and information pages of bookmakers such as Betfair.

It stands to reason that there will be a number of selections that cannot be applied to Same Game Bulti bets together.  So, for example, you couldn’t bet on over 3.5 goals and also a correct score of 1-1. If your bets are not compatible or conflicting, you won’t be allowed to place the multi bet.

A Same Game Multi can never be connected to any other matches or events. So, if you also want to make selections on other games then you must do so on a separate accumulator. You can’t have more than one selection from a match on a standard acca, or more than one sporting event on a Same Game Multi.

You also need to be aware that some other features may not available for use alongside a Same Game Multi, such as cash out, partial cash out, edit bet etc. This depends on the site, so check the terms and information on your chosen site for guidance. You are also generally not able to use free bets or welcome offers on these bets, unless you find a special promotional code specifically for Same Game Multis. Furthermore, you may not be able to make a Same Game Multi bet on certain events whilst the game is in play.

On certain events, the site may offer an insurance, similar to an acca insurance offer, where you can still win but at greatly lessened odds or get your initial stake back if one of your selections fall through.

A Focus on the Betfair Same Game Multi

The best site out there, at the moment, for Same Game Multis, is Betfair. It is one of the first and one of the best to offer this feature. So, let’s take a closer look at the leader in the market.

betfair logoMaking Your Same Game Multi with Betfair

One of the best betting sites for the Same Game Multi is Betfair – and you can make your bet quickly and easily, in just a matter of minutes. Follow our step by step guide here:

  • Search for the particular match that you want to bet on 
  • Click on the match and select Same Game Multi tab
  • Add your selections to the betting slip
  • Enter your stake
  • Place Bet

Same Game Multi FAQs

[faq id=”26″]

Game Multi Summary

Same Game Multis aren’t around on too many sites at the moment, and that’s a shame, as they offer lots of exciting betting opportunities. This is perfect for players who have a lot of interest in one game and want to get a hefty return in the space it takes to play just one match. They are now becoming more popular and we can see more and more betting sites getting in on the match. It’s simply an acca with a difference. Try one out today at top betting sites such as Betfair, Bet365 or BetVictor.

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