In Play & Live Betting Tips, Strategies and Rules
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What is In Play Betting

Live betting, or in-play betting, is betting on sporting event as they are taking place. For example, this could be betting on a football game whilst it is being played. Betfair were the first to introduce this betting strategy and every bookie were soon to follow.


Live Betting Tips

The way in play betting works is fairly simple. We will continue to use the example of a football match. So, the bookie you are betting will with give you specific betting odds for the match ending in either a home win, an away win, or a draw. This is also known as a 1X2 betting result. The value 1 represents a home win, the value 2 represents an away win and the value X represents a draw. During the match, if one team was to score, the odds will then be re-evaluated and altered. For the purpose of this explanation, we will use the teams England and Germany to help demonstrate this. If England faced Germany and went 1-0 up as the home team, the bookmaker would then change the betting odds, taking into consideration the current score and the amount of time left in the game. England would become favourites to clinch the win and therefore their odds will be lowered. The odds for the draw may be raised a little bit, especially if Germany look likely to score and bookies had predicted them to score against a defensively fragile England team. This is what is called a value bet. The odds for Germany to go on and win the game will also become more appealing to players, as the betting odds will be raised, for example they might have been 1/1 to win the game before kick-off, and now with the current score line and time remaining, they’re 3/1. Max Free Bets shows you all the latest odds and bonus raised by bookmakers.


In Play Betting Tips & Strategies

The best way to make money from live betting or in play betting is through experience. Playing the field, a bit will help you make a more justified decision as to where to place your bets, whether it be a home win, away win, or drawn.

There is no definitive way of making money, a bet is always a gamble, there are no certainties. However, there are little tips and tricks that may encourage you to choose a winning in play bet.

Valued Bets are one thing players should take into consideration when placing a live bet. A value bet is where players weigh up the likelihood of the bet depending on the odds and the situation. Whether or not the likelihood of something happening is reflected in the odds. An example could be a team that is bottom of the league, scoring to go 0-1 against top of the league who average 5 goals a game, the top of the league team that are currently 0-1 down after 10 minutes are probably still likely to go on and win the game in the following 80 minutes. So, the odds won’t be too high despite them currently in a losing position, however it could be worth placing a bet on as it isn’t too risky. Especially if you can use your free bets on it, or welcome bonus bet, which you can check out what free bets are on offer by clicking here .

Learn from experiences. It is inevitable that during the course of a bet, nervous will get the better of you and you might cash out instead of riding through the bet. Cashing out will only give you a proportion of the total winning from the bet. Punters will learn from their previous bets, it may be worth keeping a record of these. Sometimes you may cash out, but your bet ends up winning, things like this you will learn from.

Compare bookmaker’s odds is a simple but missed opportunity in the betting world. People tend to stick to the same bookie with all their bets and miss out on better odds due to them being oblivious to them. Although it may seem a pain to research different bookies to find out their odds, it is certainly worth it. To save you the time and hassle, we have already listed the different offers available by different bookmakers at Max Free Bets .


Difference between pre-match betting and in play

People might often wonder why choose to place an in-play bet on a game when you can bet on it before its begun? This is a valid argument.

In play odds will be less valuable than pre-match betting odds. As the game goes on, the prediction of the end result becomes more and more justifiable and therefore it makes it easier to predict the outcome of the game. Bookmakers notice this and therefore lower the betting odds of the favourable score, so players can just take advantage of the pre-match odds whilst the game is underway.


Live Betting Strategy

One of the most convenient times to place an in-play bet will be half time. It is a chance for you to conclude how the first half went and then make a decision of what you think the final score will be. Also, as the game goes on, odds are always changing as chances are happening. It is a more relaxed time to place an in play live bet at half time.

If you are inexperienced on in play betting then consider betting on lower odd bets, ones that are more obvious. This is just so that you get the understanding of live betting before putting your money at a greater risk.

Make sure you are aware of the best bookie odds and the bonuses you are entitled to claim as this could heavily increase your winnings. It also allows you to bet without risk if you take advantage of your free bets. To check what welcome bonuses and free bets you are entitled to then head over to the Max Free Bet Betting Sites page where you can see and review each bookie and decide which one is right for you, maybe more than one are?