How to Identify a successful football tipster
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How to Identify a Successful Football Tipster

Football betting might sound fairly straightforward and a case of just placing money on a selected bet for an outcome of your choice it definitely cannot be any simpler.

Betting as a process and action might be easy, but winning and becoming successful at it is an entirely different thing. Sadly, not everyone can be a football tipster or at least a successful bettor who will win more that 50% of their selections.

All of those who did not recognise themselves in the aforementioned category need to understand that betting takes time, effort and dedication, but most of all knowledge and understanding of the betting industry and the business behind it.
Any self-respecting bettor who wants to take betting on football to a whole new level needs to invest in doing research that will help them gain knowledge on what is it that he or she are actually trying to achieve.

For those who want to take a shortcut to success – or at least a shortcut to the knowledge through observational knowledge – we would suggest finding a respectable tipster, some you can trust to make good calls and help you find value bets.

How to identify a good football tipster?

A successful football tipster is someone who has dedicated his entire work to gaining the betting expertise. Note that the internet is filled with so called tipsters who want to make money on other people’s misery and who will take away your money just to give you a couple of wild and unknowledgeable guesses.

Therefore, finding a reputable and respectable tipster can be rather hard. Fortunately, there are several aspects, elements and factors that need to be checked out and confirmed before you can trust anyone and call them a successful tipster.

A Successful football tipster is someone who:

  • Knows much more about football than anybody else
  • Chooses his betting selections wisely
  • Understands the concept of value bets
  • Keeps betting records

Any tipster who is considered successful will not be roaming all over the place and will specialise in at least one Football League Division and betting market. Better yet, he will have mastered a combination of both.

Knowledge is crucial, but a good tipster will now how to choose a competition wisely. It is probably best to avoid the major leagues and teams which have statistics, team news and form information available and accessible to everyone. With the great majority of football lovers watching and betting on the likes of the Premier League, La Liga or Bundesliga, the bookies will tend to alter the prices and slice the values on the outcomes in these leagues.

A self-respecting tipster will dig a little bit deeper and find value in – let’s say – the Polish second division or League One in England for example. With the right knowledge in these smaller markets, you will have a good edge over the bookmaker.

A successful tipster will also know how to find betting value. No, it is not the value you think you see in those odds given by the bookmakers, it is more than that. A value bet is a bet that offers better odds than your reasonable prediction on a certain outcome. If you think there is a 60% chance that maligned Arsenal will struggle at WBA, the good value is to back the underdog at odds of let’s say 2.30 because your research, analysis and knowledge on the game will back your choice with enough value.

Ultimately, keeping records of your bets, profits and losses is imperative as it helps you build up encyclopaedic knowledge about your betting performance. So, a successful bettor and the one you can trust will have no problem sharing – and even boasting – his previous records that you can compare and read through.

Having identified the basic elements of a successful football tipster your job is to check whether all of the boxes are ticked and make an even more thorough analysis.

There are different types of football tipsters and, as successful as they get, some of them just might not work with you. You need to make sure you are in sync with your tipster which is important to provide answers to all of the questions below:

  • How many bets do I want to receive every month/week?
  • What days does he send tips out?
  • What is his successful strike rate?
  • Does this tipster make enough profit?
  • What are the costs involved in acquiring his services?

If betting is not your professional pastime, but rather a thing you do to liven up the watching time in a bar with your friends, it is better to look for a tipster who makes a low number of picks a week. Similarly, you will find it hard to keep track of daily tips during work days, so it is better to find a tipster who sends their selections for weekends.

A number of tips made and correctly hit is important, but not crucial. If your tipster makes a large number of low-priced odds such as the best worth 1.40, 1.50, 170 and indeed has a successful strike rate, there is still a question whether this tipster makes enough profit. That is why it is extremely important to analyse the return on investment (ROI). Checking up the average odds of successfully hit selections is worth gold as it helps you determine the true success rate of your tipster.

In the end, you need to be aware that most of the great football tipsters will try to get something in return for their services. It is only natural to monetise your own knowledge and different tipsters will involve different fees and costs. If you have enough money to spare, do not go for the most expensive ones as they are not guaranteed to prove to be most reliable and successful.