Half Time/Full Time Betting Strategy

Published: 28th November 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 6th January 2021
Half Time Full Time Betting Strategy

Half Time/Full Time Betting Strategy

It might not be the best betting option to go by if you are a novice bettor, but the Half-Time/Full-Time betting option can be quite exciting and rewarding for punters who get the hang of it and want to put an extra edge on betting.

The Half Time/Full Time is a rather straightforward and a self-explanatory betting option. This market will have you predicting the result both at half time and at full time, with bets available in any possible combination – starting from the home side winning at both half time and full time, through a draw at the break and an away victory after full 90 minutes.

For the more adventurous spirits and advanced bettors, there is always the high-priced option which predicts that one team will be leading at the interval, while the other side will overturn the result by the final whistle. These results can yield prices as high as 66/1, but they are unlikely to happen that often as some stats claim that only 4% of the games swing this way.

Quite expected, however, the biggest percentage of games – up to one-third of games in a season – will result in Home Win/Home win when it comes to Half-Time/Full-Time results, whereas Draw/Draw, Draw/Home Win and Away Win/Away Win take up almost identical take of 16%, 16% and 15%, respectively.

A particularly interesting number of 41% relates to the games which were a draw at half time, so there lies a hidden value that is worth pursuing with betting on Half Time/Full Time.

The biggest difference with Half Time/Full Time betting market in relation to the winner market – and the bigger complexity between the two – lies in the fact that here you are wagering on two separate results and that is an important feature that needs to be remembered.

Theoretically speaking, this betting market should be more difficult to predict than the simple outright market, clever selections backed by knowledgeable insight can lead to significant success. Most of all when it comes to that elusive complete turnaround market.

Understanding the league and the Football teams you wish to bet on at Half-Time/Full-Time market is essential and that is the first and foremost element a betting strategy for this market needs to contain. Doing thorough research will help you determine different elements that can lead to great success if you manage to recognise types of teams and types of games that will eventually fit the profile you are looking for in the

Half Time/Full Time Betting Market:

  • Early Scorers
  • Early Conceders
  • Scorers vs Conceders
  • Favourites vs Underdogs
  • In-Play Value

A knowledgeable bettor will always try to find value in betting of his team. One particularly useful way to exploit the fine Half Time/Full Time betting odds is to have a look at the early scorers – teams who like to push their game straight from the off.

One good example of an early scorer is Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. The German is trying to make his team a free-scoring, hard-pressing side that will play at a demanding tempo throughout the 90 minutes.
We had it on display at the beginning of the 2016/17 season, when Reds were flying around on the pitch, scoring for fun and recording some rather convincing wins. What we saw from the Anfield-based club was a pattern – an early goal somewhere inside the first 20 minutes and an increase in pressure to crush the opponents, leaving them helpless in the second half. Such a scenario is the perfect setting for a Home Win/Home Win market, which in most cases – especially against a respectable rival – will yield respectable odds.

A similar pattern can be found with teams who tend to get their play rolling on a slightly slower tempo and who would go out to concede first in the match. Manchester United was for a long period of time considered a strong side with a specific proclivity towards conceding first.

Leaking goals has become a habit of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool as well, especially when Reds are pitted against a ‘weaker’ opposition. The Reds would often concede early on and then get hit by it hard to step up their game. They would then chase the result in the second half for either a heavily-priced complete turnaround or an Away Win/Draw market when they let in an early goal against Hull City, for example, it would ruin their plans.

Comparing the Scorers and Conceders and establishing a pattern in statistics with a look at how many goals a team will score in a given half in relation to how many it will concede. A deeper insight into this piece of statistics can unlock some real value as it could lead to finding the teams that are able to turn a game around in the second half.

Still, if you want to play it safe – or safer than looking for the biggest upsets on the betting scale – betting on clear favourites against clear underdogs at the Half-Time/Full-Time market will allow you to enhance the odds and get more value from a low-priced bet.
Particular view at the Half Time/Full-Time betting should be taken with In-Play betting.

The increasingly popular way of betting will offer a great way to take advantage of your bet as it will provide you with valuable insight, especially for those games you just weren’t able to put your finger on. Let’s imagine you were too indecisive and decided not to place a pre-match Half Time/Away Time bet. The In-Play betting allows you to see how a game unfolds in the opening stages and provides you with additional insight that can be just enough to sway you in the correct direction.

Note that Half Time/Full-Time market closes by default as you get closer to the half-time mark so spotting a potential Half Time/Full-Time outcome in time is necessary if you want to grab good odds while they are still available.

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