An Introductory Betting Strategy for Formula 1

Published: 3rd September 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 3rd September 2023
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Since its earliest days and Juan Manuel Fangio, whose name remains the main association to the beautiful sport of Formula 1, the flying circus of this racing discipline has constantly evolved.

Drivers who got fortunate enough to see their knowledge, experience and driving skills grant them the entrance to a closed group of iconic names such as Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna or Mika Hakkinen and legendary Michael Schumacher in early 2000s define this sport and help shape the perception of Formula 1 as a way of life.

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What started out as a pastime or a hobby even for gentlemen amateur drivers is now – forty years down the line – a multi-billion-pound industry which generates hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide and bettors, similarly, who look to make use of watching the Grand Prix races on television.

Formula 1 Betting Tips

Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and the latest winner Nico Rosberg are the newest generation of champions in a highly-competitive world of Formula 1 which has long become much more than a sport of skill.

Having in mind that last seven champions were driving with either a Renault or Mercedes engine and that since 2010 Red Bull and Mercedes were the only two constructors to win the top stand on the podium, one can freely deduce that Formula 1 has become a strategic sport where it is all about the car you drive.

The strategy behind Formula 1 makes it that much harder for bettors to keep up the pace in guessing the winner or betting on any other market of the sport which is influenced by a number of factors. And those who are unwilling to invest their time to make a strategy of their own prior to actually placing a bet are set to fail straight from the beginning.

Simply put – knowledge is key to successful betting on Formula 1. The statement, perhaps most relevant with F1 betting, is evident when you take a bigger picture with betting on Formula 1 as there are numerous details that define how a race goes down.

Every bettor who looks to become a success in betting on Formula 1 needs to custom-tailor their own system and strategy in order to keep track of all the defining details that will help make money on betting on Formula One.

Key Aspects of Formula 1 Betting

Some of the key aspects of every sound strategy when it comes to Formula 1 are:

  • Weather
  • Pole Position
  • Track Features
  • Tyres
  • Team Strategy

It might sound silly, but tipsters and punters who intend to become skilled with betting on Formula 1 need to follow the weather forecast regularly during the qualifying training, prior to the race and during it accordingly.

With the conditions favourable and the racetrack hot and dry, the weather will have little impact on the race. But even the slightest of changes in temperature and rain will be of great effect to race and the result.

It will induce plenty of changes in team strategy and race approach, which means that bettors need to follow accordingly and make swift adjustments to their betting plans, most of all with rather exciting and increasingly popular In-Play betting.

When it comes to analysing the pole position in terms of how the grid layout can determine the outcome of a race, it needs to be noted that driver position can be a varying factor which in most cases depends on the track.

It has been determined that a qualifying place at Monza accounts for 83.3% outcomes when pole position drivers have a great edge over their rivalling numbers. The same piece of statistics will drop down to a mere 33% when it comes to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, where only a third of the entire number of races end up being won by pole driver. With all being said, it is important not to over-bet the driver on pole position.

Tracks do not only influence the grid layout as a good understanding of a circuit in relation to a driver’s characteristics can be a vital factor in betting on Formula 1 and in strategies behind it.

Every track offers distinctive features and should be treated differently. The same betting strategy should not be applied to all tracks as bettors need to analyse whether the racetrack consists of (too many) long straights and what is the number and position of high braking zones which offer great overtaking possibilities.

Medium-speed corners are also features that need to be taken into consideration as those parts of a track require impeccable car balance to get you seamlessly between straight parts of the track and corners.

One of the most defining factors in a team’s strategy and with a betting strategy as well are the tyres. Characteristics and performance data of the given set of tyres is significant for any sound Formula One strategy.

Bettors need to analyse how track features and characteristics will affect the tyres and whether they will get worn out easily, which on its own part will determine a team’s weekend tyre strategy. Tyre manufacturers and teams in general have begun to pay attention to racing styles of their drivers in order to set them up with the best set of tyres.

Bettors, above all, need to be well-informed about the ins and outs of the racing teams as major players do have a big influence on what goes down on the track itself. Teams will look to create a strategy to win, but also to decapacitate rivalling numbers – in a fair fight obviously – by gaining an edge over the opposition through tyre tactics, fuel distribution, car set-up and even tactical pit stops. More importantly, teams will implement orders which can make a great difference to in-team betting since plenty will depend on the standings for both drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

The best way to conclude the article on the Formula One Betting Strategy is to say that the best thing you can do with betting on the Flying Circus is to stay knowledgeable and well-informed, you may also want to take a look at the bigger iGaming groups that caters to Formula 1 fans.

It is also of paramount importance to keep your eye on the rules, as the FIA will constantly introduce changes and tweaks to the rules and regulations in order to keep the sport exciting.

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