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Published: 11th May 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 24th February 2021
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The Best Tips for Football Accumulator Betting

Football accas are an excellent choice for customers wanting to win big by betting less. But with great wins comes great risk. A football acca is a bet that contains a minimum of 4 selections. For the accumulator to be successful and win, granting the customer with some form of winnings, every selection in the accumulator must win.

Accumulators are great because the odds/winnings can be much higher than if you were to place bets on the individual selections. However, the risk is that if your selections don’t win, you will not receive any winnings and your acca will be unsuccessful.

In this article, you will be guided through football betting tips for accas in order to teach you ways of increasing your chances of winning a football bet.

How Can I Win on Football Accas?

It is important as a customer to understand what measures to consider before placing a football acca. Of course, you can choose at random and go off pure luck or you could argue that there is no guarantee that any of your predictions will win, this is correct.

You can never be 100% sure, however. What you can do is increase your chances of winning by researching the teams you have chosen in order to find out their chances of winning and compare that to who they are up against. Below you will find a few simple rules that will enhance your acca winning chances.

Football Odds

Don’t always predict the result of a football match by the odds given by the bookies. The odds do not determine the football match. The higher the odds, the more you will win. However, this means that the team with the higher odds are less likely to win.

Sometimes, customers may choose to add teams with high odds to their bets just to make the potential winnings shoot up. Instead, you can consider choosing more reliable teams and just increase your betting stake, if you aren’t someone who takes much of a risk and wouldn’t really consider gambling more than a few pounds, then check out our best betting sites at Max Free Bets.  

You can see all the latest welcome bonuses and promotions offered by a number of top betting sites, perfect for your acca, including 10Bet Sport’s £200 Welcome Bonus.

Current Team Stats in Accas

This topic is always a good one to try and increase your chances of winning a bet. Researching the key data of the teams included in your accumulator will give you a better understanding of your accumulator and help you predict what you think the outcome of the football match will be.

A good approach to choosing a good team to back is to study their form in the league tables. If you look at the league table of each team you have included in your football accumulator then you will have a better understanding of their recent and seasonal form in the league, how that compares to their opposition, the recent form they have been in and what the game means to them.

For example, if the team you are thinking about backing to win are on the verge of promotion, and the team they are playing have confirmed their position in mid-table and therefore don’t have much to play for, then this is likely to affect the outcome.

Also studying the upcoming fixtures after that game, the team you have put to win in your accumulator might have a cup final game the week after and therefore are considering resting they key players for this game which could hinder their performance.

Betting Strategies for Football Accumulators

Don’t think that accas bets have to be just predicting the result of the match because that is incorrect. There are different betting subjects for you to add to your accumulator, for example, Both Teams to Score. Both Teams to Score is a good subject to consider when creating a football accumulator.

It is extremely useful if you have a fixture where, for example, you are unsure of the winner, but you fancy both teams to score due to their fantastic attacking ability and their considerable amount of goals they have already scored this season.

Other options for your football acca tips are things like betting on how many goals you think there will be in the match. Betfair has an unmissable welcome bonus offer where it gives you a risk-free bet. If you place a bet of £20 or more, and it loses, Betfair will refund £20 to your betting account within 72 hours of the initial bet. This is perfect for your football accumulator, you can place an accumulator risk-free, testing out the accumulator betting strategy you have learnt here today in order to create a lovely cash prize for yourself.

You can claim your Betfair bonus offer here.

Free Bonuses & Bets for Football

As a customer, there is so much choice as to which betting company you should place your football accumulator with. There is no definite betting site that you should pick, the choice is entirely up to you. One thing you might want to consider is checking out all the latest promotions for certain betting sites, a place where you can do this is at Max Free Bets, here you can analyse different betting sites and also the free bets and bonuses they are willing to offer you as a customer.

It is important that you find the right betting site for you, we don’t want you missing out on a huge promotion that will maximise your football acca winnings. A particular betting site that is recommended for football accumulators is BwinYou may or may not be familiar with Bwin, but it has been the sponsor of Real Madrid in previous years. Bwin considers itself the “King of Accas” and also offer new customers a free £10 bet when they sign up.

Football Bets:

When it comes to creating a football acca, knowing the teams you are including in your accumulator can help you to make more justified bets.

What is meant by this is having more previous knowledge about the football team you are considering. This will help you to come up with a more reasonable betting choice than choosing a team you have no prior knowledge about in a league you have never heard of before.

Now that doesn’t mean to say that your accumulator bet will be unsuccessful, it just means that you may be adding more unnecessary risk to your accas. However, if you have full confidence in your selection, then, by all means, select whichever teams you wish to include in your football accumulator.

Football Acca Calculator:

Customers can also find Football Acca Calculators online which are a quick and easy way to calculate your football acca wins. They are there to help you calculate your winnings and odds of different football bets put together. A useful tool for pre-planning a football accumulator.

Tips for Football Accumulators

If you are unsure as to which way a result might swing, you can’t decide whether your match will end with one team winning, or each team salvaging a point, then maybe consider looking at score predictions online.

Pundits and sports presenters, whether it be online, on TV or on the radio, like to predict the result of football matches before the games are played. Admittedly, these are only predictions and may be incorrect. However, they do carry a lot of football knowledge and analyse matches day in day out, so it could be an option to look at what they think to help you make a judgement.

Also, it is worth bearing in mind that when it comes to creating football accas, it may seem amusing to add more and more teams to it, watching the returns amount rocket up. However, the more teams there are, the greater the risk.

Betting on teams that are almost certain to win will keep your accumulator returns low, so it is sometimes worth lowering the number of accumulators, so you aren’t relying on a vast number of games. Instead, maybe add more controversial bets into the accumulator so then you are relying on fewer teams but also still pocketing a huge win if it comes in.

Get the Very Best Odds on Your Acca

Don’t expect all bookies to offer the same prices for the same accas. Some offer different odds which will affect the overall value of your football acca.

It may seem like too much hassle but sometimes it is worth taking a look at different bookies and comparing the odds, seeing which one will give you the best returns, every penny counts. You can see what bookies are offering over at Max Free Bets, here you can also view the latest bonuses and promotions to further enhance your football acca.

How Do I Choose a Good Football Accumulator?

This is a question that is frequently asked, and we have just the perfect answer. When choosing a football acca to put your money on, you will firstly need to check out all the latest and relevant statistics. The most popular stats to check are the recent results, player form and the latest odds. Viewing stats will make your decision of what type of acca to place much easier and quicker.

There are many strategies that are brilliant to use when searching for an acca. One of our personal favourite ones is to look for teams who have good recent form and especially good form whilst playing at home as teams who play at home usually have an advantage.

Football Betting on Weekends

The weekend is the favourite time of the week for everybody and this is also the case for football fans too. Most football matches are played on the weekends and there are nearly always matches at the weekend from all the different leagues across the globe, some of which include the Bundesliga, League One, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A. Make sure you have a brilliant weekend and make it even more exciting with a football acca bet.

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