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Finding the Best Cricket Betting Site

Cricket’s popularity could be easily underestimated by your average sports fan, but the truth is we are talking about one of the most-watched and followed team sports in the world.

Cricket is a popular choice among bettors as well. It is fair to say that even those punters who are not that keen on the sport itself also enjoy betting on cricket mainly because this sport offers different types of bets that go far beyond the option of who wins and who loses. Cricket allows punters to bet on who will be the best batsman, or on the number one bowler, as well as options such as the winner of series of matches etc.

The proposition bets – also known as prop bets – which are basically any wager outside betting on the winner of a match offer an endless variety of betting options which is mainly due to the volatile nature of the sport itself.

Punters who play on cricket will attest to the claim that it only takes a couple of wagers to get completely hooked on cricket betting, but all of you who are keen to jump on the bandwagon and experience the delight of betting on cricket are advised to find the best betting site for an ultimate betting experience.

Finding the right betting site is of paramount importance and can be particularly significant for people who live outside Europe. Given the fact that cricket is played in over 100 countries and that the sport enjoys great popularity in India and other Asian countries punters from those parts of the world need to pay particular attention to which sites they choose to trust with their money and time ultimately.

A respectable betting site and a bookmaker you can trust will have to tick the following boxes:

Legal and Licence Issues

The only way to make sure you are in the right place is to check if a betting site is a legitimate company, fully licenced by a respectable gaming authority. There is a rich list of fully regulated betting sites which are fully operational across the globe and punters will have no major issues finding them.

Sites such as Bet365 or William Hill are long-serving operators and have a well-earned reputation that encompasses much more than just a gambling licence. Names like these are bound to have a solid legal status in your home country and, what’s more, will do business in your native currency.

Cricket Betting Variety

Punters are advised to go through several different names and shop around as they might be surprised to see little differences in details between betting sites that can be of great value in terms of betting on cricket.

Being a sport that presents punters with a variety of different options, cricket can be hard to follow in much detail, so you need to go through several betting sites to make sure your favourite club and competition are on offer.

When it comes to cricket betting variety, markets and odds need to be inspected as well. Asian players will confirm that Asian betting sites mostly cover Indian Premier League and Cricket World Cups so players out there can feel deprived of other betting options.

European betting operators will try to make their offerings as extensive as possible which means our Asian friends will be able to also follow ODIs and Tests, not to mention other major T20 matches such as those from highly-exciting English and Australian markets.
Once you make a list of possible candidates, a comparison between betting sites in terms of markets available can offer additional insight and provide you with a better view towards finding the bookies that suit you best.

Some sites will have limited market offers with only To Win the Match, Man of the Match, Top Batsman, Top Bowler and other usual markets on offer. A deeper look at a different bookmaker might reveal a significantly richer list that will also include Highest 1 Innings Opening Partnership, 1st Innings Lead, Most Run Outs or To Win the Toss for example.

Free Bets & Welcome Offers

The good thing about most major betting operators is that they allow interested punters to go through their sites while shopping around, comparing and taking notes without requiring visitors to log in or sign up.

By making their betting offers public and easily accessible, bookies are more likely to draw the attention of a possible customer who will ultimately register here instead of there, by taking a look at what a bookie has to offer in terms of welcome bonuses.

Almost all of the betting sites will present you with an incentive for signing up and these little perks are often decisive factors with some punters. Sign up and welcome bonuses can be anything from free bets or enhanced odds to casino spins even, so it is up to you to choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Betting sites need to constantly evolve and reinvent themselves in order to preserve their customers’ base so these sign-up bonuses are always changing and you are advised to go through them on regular basis and, why not, open your accounts with several betting sites to take advantage of free bets, match deposit bonuses or enhanced odds.

In addition to welcome bonuses, cricket bettors should pay particular attention to weekly offers that will be available for their beloved sport. These offers will allow punters to reap the rewards on a weekly basis.

Every major cricket event will be followed by a special offer as well, so make sure the betting site of your choice is the one which will give you regular incentives and little enticements.

In the end, it is important to remember that bonus offers and promotions do come with boring stuff such as terms and conditions. However, you are warmly advised to go through those as well as you might be surprised what you’ll find there regarding your offers and bonuses.