A Strategy to Bet on the Darts

Published: 29th August 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 4th December 2020
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A Strategy to Bet on the Darts

Professional darts is a sports discipline which has gone through arguably the biggest and most significant transformation in recent history.

There has been plenty of water under the bridge since darts has been regarded as a simple pastime pub game, played amongst friends over a pint. But the legacy deeply rooted in folklore is exactly what gave competitive darts a much-needed edge and helped it a great deal to achieve the kind of popularity that is enjoyed today.

It might not be the most physical of sports, but it definitely is one that requires great mental strength, composure, a steady hand and an impressive set of skills polished by hours and hours in front of the board.

The unpredictability of the sport is what makes is so fiercely competitive. With many players coming to the front lines of the sport, darts rarely gets dominated by a single player for a longer period of time, which in its own way makes it so tempting for bettors and tipsters who look to take their passion for the sport and make some value off of it.

For those who are looking to become successful at betting on darts will need to create a plan and a strategy to follow as that is the only way to maximise the potential winnings. Plunging into a world of betting without a systematic approach will bring nothing but problems.

Key Aspects of a Good Betting Strategy for Darts

Some of the key aspects of a good darts betting strategy and the first moves you need to take in order to get good at betting on your favourite sport are as follows:

  • Understanding of the Sport
  • Research the Market
  • Analyse the Statistics

The biggest mistake you can make with betting on darts – or on any other sport for that matter – is to bet without any knowledge of the sport whatsoever. As for darts, it is a precision sport in which players compete at throwing darts from a distance of seven feet, nine and a quarter inches.

If you think it is not a big deal and that anyone can do it, think again as your main aim in the game is to repeatedly and consistently hit targets that are less than one-inch square and collect 501 points in as few throws as possible.

The sport has gone through a steady rise and growth in popularity over the years, mostly in the United Kingdom where the weekly Premier League is one of the highest popular sports in the country.

Darts is a sport governed by separate bodies – Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and British Darts Organisation (BDO) – with the World Championship as the main event held annually at London’s Alexandra Palace. Other events include the UK Open Darts – known as the FA Cup for the sport – and also World Matchday Darts, Grand Slam of Darts and a couple of others.

All of the major darts events will be covered by your favourite betting sites and bookies, so it is up to you to decide which market is the most appropriate to bet on. The verdict is not reached on its own as it requires a deeper analysis of players’ statistics, current form, head-to-head records and possible injuries. It is also important to take the psychological aspect into consideration and research which players are mentally strong and stable to endure the ongoing pressure of a big event and who are not expected to back down under pressure and fail you with your bet.

Additionally, you may need to do a bit of research into a tournament format to get a look at how many sets and legs are being played as it can offer a better insight into which players – according to their own performance data you have previously worked on – is likely to emerge as a top performer and which can be expected to fail in certain formats of the game.

What  Option Has the Best Value for Darts Betting

Now that you have it all sorted out, the time is right to choose the best betting option – the one which will give you the greatest value for your betting selections.

  • In-Play Betting
  • Back the form outsiders
  • Lay to Back
  • Correct Score Dutching

Betting on darts comes in various forms in options and there is a multitude of betting markets some of which include – Winner, Outright Winner, Total Legs, Most 180s, Handicap Betting, Nine-Darter Bet etc.

Darts is a particularly great sport for In-Play betting, where all of the margins will matter and where anything can change in a split second. If you are focusing on the main markets, some of which have just been mentioned, during the In-Play betting, make sure to consider win and check out percentages as these can be of great help in determining the winner.

In-Play betting or not, one of the great betting strategies is to back the ‘form outsiders’, especially in the BDO World Championship which is a competition that regularly results in outsiders emerging as winners.

Picking an outsider in the ante-post bet, either as an each-way bet or in the outright market can be a great choice to make but only according to the player statistics you have researched through your homework and through betting preparation for the event. You can always lay those selections elsewhere as the tournament unfolds and laying truly is a good option to consider for darts betting.

Most of the major darts knockout competition where you can either have a winner or a loser in a dart contest, laying your bet works in a different manner so be advised that there are some great odds hidden in Lay to Back option where betting on a loser instead of a winner can bring you some great winnings through wisely distributed liability. This option will present you with better odds on a loser, allowing you to make smaller bets and thus put less money on the line.

One of the best strategies to help you win money in darts is correct score dutching which is best-valued in one-sided contests. Similar to tennis or any other sport, odds will favour certain players, especially during the early stages, which leaves correct score dutching as the only way to make money off of those.

The best way to have correct score dutching work in your favour is to cover a number of possible results and outcomes while you wait for one of your selections to bring you a nice profit at great odds.

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