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How to Choose a Betting Site for Tennis

Underestimated in some parts of the world, tennis is arguably one of the most physically demanding sports. Separated by the nets, two rivals are pitted against each other in gladiator-style venues where the anticipating crowd often witness gripping and eye-catching encounters.

In addition to its general popularity, tennis is a prevalent choice among bettors as well who can add a particular edge to a tennis event and match with a bet or two. The tennis market is rich in offers and presents tipsters with a number of opportunities that cannot be found in any other sport.

The untethering advances of the online world have made betting on tennis more accessible than ever. Punters are now presented with a rich multitude of choices when it comes to betting sites, which go from being the most obscure ones to some of the biggest names in the industry.

Anyone who is keen to step inside the tennis online betting arena needs to go through a couple of crucial aspects before finding a betting operator they can trust with their time and money though.

The general condition which is universally important for all forms of betting, and for tennis as well, is to find a respectable name – one that offers a safe and secure betting environment. Punters need to make sure they are protected so they can fully focus on the betting aspect, so it is the absolute imperative to find a licensed operator, backed by an officially recognised gaming authority.

Furthermore, tennis bettors need to make sure their betting site of choice supports their preferred payment and withdrawal methods as these aspects often get neglected and end up creating major issues for punters who don’t do their homework.

What to look for:

Moving on to the more specific preconditions a betting site is required to meet in order to be considered a solid tennis betting venue. A couple of those are highlighted below:

  • Welcome Offers
  • Acca Insurance & Money Back
  • In-Play Betting & Live Streaming
  • Cash Out Feature
  • Edit Bet Feature

New customer deals  and betting offers can be an aspect which separates the industry’s big names from unproven and obscure minnows. No self-respecting betting operator will risk their reputation by offering a deal that sounds too good to be true but then ends up being a major disappointment for the punters.

Free bets are an important incentive most of the players find enjoyable and, above all, a crucial aspect in choosing the right betting site. Some bookies will offer an initial deposit bonus which can match up to 100% of the amount you place on your account.
Others have taken an alternative route and will offer several free bets for the minimum requirements. In addition to free tennis bets, many a respectable betting site will offer tennis price boost for major events such as the French Open, Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open.

Price boosts are self-explanatory and they are a popular choice with several betting names in the industry. What they offer is an increased price on favourites, which gives new customers a chance to earn some lucrative payouts on stakes that are often limited to £10. Still, with 10/1 on Djokovic in the first round of Wimbledon, you almost have a guaranteed profit of £100, which is a good place to start.

Bookies have recognised the importance of a multiple bet, which is why most of the reputable ones will also offer some sort of an insurance for their tennis accumulator service. It provides them with an important edge over the competition as it offers a chance for all the frustrated customers to get their money back if one player lets them down in an acca bet.

Acca insurance and money back offers are a great way for operators to keep hold of their customers, who will appreciate the opportunity to have their failed investment repaid – usually in free bets – in case their eight-match acca gets ruined by a single lost match. We think it is safe to assume that most tennis punters would also be avid fans of this the sport and that is one angle the biggest names in the betting industry are trying to turn in their favour with their Live Streaming services.

The bulk of tennis tournaments are now available with a good number of betting sites which get a valuable advantage over their competition with an eye-catching feature, which puts punters in the front row and allows them to take most of the heavily emerging In-Play feature.

Betting In-Play on tennis provides you with a chance to follow this sport in a fast-paced and exciting way. Bet365, Ladbrokes, Betfair and Paddy Power are among the biggest names in the industry when it comes to the prevalent world of In-Play betting. Live betting opens up a whole new world of betting opportunities with markets that are only alive and active In-Play and that is exactly why In-Play betting is slowly starting to take over the pre-match betting entirely.

Fluent markets and constantly changing odds offer a special kind of an adrenaline rush which is not to be found elsewhere on the betting landscape.

Having narrowed down the list of potentially best betting sites for you, details will tell you which one to pick before others. Tiny details that make the big difference are called Cash Out and Edit Bet features. You can find them separately with certain bookmakers, but the global betting leader Bet365 will offer both of those to their customers.

The Cash Out feature holds great value as it allows players to grab profit even before the match ends and it helps them avoid the risk of losing the bet entirely. If you bet on Djokovic against Nadal and the Serbian takes a one-set lead, cash out feature provides an option for impatient punters to claim a prize early.

This feature is particularly handy on a losing bet as well, since it allows you to run with 50% of your initial stake, rather than losing the entire lot.

And ultimately, the Edit Bet feature brings punters the opportunity to make corrections to their betting selection – to swap, remove or add selections on unsettled accumulators or single bets both pre-match and In-Play. This rather new feature is bound to become a rather popular choice with bettors who can come back and correct their unwilling mistakes.