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How to Choose a Betting Site for Horse Racing

There is hardly a sport out there that is more synonymous with betting than horse racing and it is a claim beyond argument. Betting and horse racing have been going hand in hand since the very beginnings of this noble discipline and way before the existence of betting stations, retail shops or modern-day commodities such as betting sites. Very few people that follow the sport or attend a racecourse do not place bets on all the action. Whether they hold the slip firmly in their hand or they clutch to their mobile phone with one eye on the app of their favourite bookie and the other on the horses, you will hardly find anyone who hasn’t spiced up a race with a bet or two. There is some good news for all bettors who are just about to start betting on horse racing as there are a great number of sites you can bet on and avoid all the fuss about standing in line to place your wager at a racecourse. A piece of bad news though is that not all of those sites are trustworthy and reliable to the same extent and you are strongly advised to look around and compare some angles first, before placing a bet. It is important to trust your instincts as well, but importantly, trust your friends as well and use a recommended site to place your bet at. It is arguably the easiest way to find a betting site you can trust. Recommendations can often be deceiving however and low-ranked betting sites would, God forbid, even have the fake reviews to boost their reputation. Still, even though the Internet is a vast universe, the truth is quickly revealed. Many internets’ watchdogs will raise the red flags wherever necessary and the unreliable venues will be quickly exposed. So use your guts to tell you if a site is any good, but also use the referrals as they can often provide a different perspective than yours. Still, those who want to take a full hands-on approach to finding a horse racing betting site of their choice, several aspects are worth investigating:

Bonuses and Free Bets

One of the biggest advantages of online betting are the little perks and incentives offered by different betting sites to get people to choose them over the multitude of others. It is a competitive world out there and bookies need to fight their way through. Free bets and sign-up bonuses are at the frontline of the battle. Many a leading site can be quite generous in terms of free bets and bonuses. However, the biggest ones are not necessarily the best and you are strongly advised to go through the terms and conditions prior to signing up as you want to make sure you get the best value for your investments.

Compare Markets & Prices

Comparing and generally shopping around for the best value is a wise thing to do as it will give you an important insight into whether a bookie has those particular events, betting options and prices that you were hoping to find. Comparing the odds and markets is quite easy to do as most betting sites will have their offering out on the open without requiring you to sign up or log in, so you basically do not need to have an account with them to check if your race is in and if your horse is being backed up on valuable prices. Prices are particularly important when it comes to punters who like to place their bets in advance. Checking out early prices on a random day is a good way to see how prices compare with different betting sites and a valuable method for all ante-post horse racing bettors.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Betting sites which made horse racing one of the main pieces of their offerings realised some time ago that they needed something special to get all the horse lovers to stick with them. Free bets would not do the trick in the long run and horse racing punters found that the markets have become more or less the same, so a need for a special incentive emerged on both sides of the fence. This is when Best Odds Guaranteed was developed as a betting form specially designed and tailor-made for horse racing betting. Best Odds Guaranteed means that customers will receive a price and guarantee to be paid out at the starting price (SP) in case the SP becomes bigger than the odds they took. Best Odds Guaranteed is an important aspect of horse racing betting as it is bound to allow bettors to make a lot of money simply based on a guess related to whether the prices will drift or contract.

Non-Runner No Bet

Similarly, betting sites that offer Non-Runner No Bet (NRNB) will have a significant edge over those who do not offer this betting option – although today it is extremely hard to find a bookie who hasn’t jumped on that particular bandwagon. Injuries have become a common occurrence in horse racing causing significant indecision when it comes to betting. These unfortunate moments have created a need for Non-Runner No Bet. It basically means that your stake will be refunded in case your selection does not run in the selected race or the one you have placed your bet in. Not all bookmakers will be offering NRNB markets but ones that do are definitely worth being given a closer look and consideration. Inspecting the NRNB closer will provide you with detailed information that ultimately can help make the final cut on the decision which betting site to choose as some of the sites will provide you with a fully refunded stake, whereas many of them will only give you your money back in the form of a free bet. It is in those little details that significant differences rest.