Cash Out Strategy
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Cashing Out on a bet is a saviour for a lot of people but maybe a curse for others. It is important for punters to know when the right time to cash out is and whether cashing out is an appropriate measure to take in the first place.


Cash Out Strategy

Cashing Out, the option given to you by some bookmakers on particular bets, allows you to get money back on your bet whilst it is still in-play. The numeric amount that you can get back differs depending on how likely your bet is to win. The chances of a bet winning are constantly changing as the occasion is taking place, therefore the cash out price is also always changing. Usually, cash out bets are only worth debating if the total is higher than your original betting stake. The agony can be too much sometimes for some punters who worry about a last-minute goal completely tarnishing their bets. It has been known to happen all too many times that a last kick of a game, the very last throw of a dice in many sporting events have completely turned the result on its head and stopped customers from winning a lovely sum of money. Majority of bookmakers understand the stress and heartache that punters get from these situations and therefore offer cash out availability, to check which bookies do this, head over to the Max Free Bets Betting Sites page and see for yourself.


Cash Out Betting Tips

To avoid any upset, regarding your cash out bets, as much as you can, it is worth finding out the cash out tips and strategies to take in order to know when the right or wrong time/situation is to cash out.

One thing to consider when debating cashing out on your bet is your mindset. The way you approach and look at your bet. Your mindset is important. Let’s take an accumulator bet for example; Let’s say that you have a 10-team accumulator, 9 teams have won, the final game is soon to be underway. The odds of the accumulator stand at 70/1, you put a £5 betting stake on. The cash out is currently at £270, if the final result is a win for your accumulator then you walk away with £450. Which way do you look at this? Do you look at it as: “Its £270 from £5, I will walk away with that right now!” or do you look at is as “Lets go all the way, its only £5 if I lose its not too bad, whereas if it wins I get £450!”? Well, our advice to you would be to probably go safe and take £270. Sometimes it may be worth seeing it out depending on the final game result but with odds like that, the chances are the game result isn’t a certainty. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to making this decision, it is entirely up to the player, cashing out wont always be the correct option as you could lose out on that extra earnings, but it is whether you are satisfied enough with the current cash out value or whether greed will get the better of you.

A lot of punters will use statistics to navigate to a decision. Stats could be a table examining when teams are most likely to score or concede in a game, how many goals they’ve scored and conceded and their recent form against opposition. Take these stats with a pinch of salt, they won’t determine the outcome of future results, they are just there to add to creating a reasonable decision.


When to Cash Out

A few factors to take into consideration when debating when the right times to cash out are:

The Final 15: The final 15 are the most worrying minutes for any football fan. This period is the “throw everything at it” period, whereby typically the losing team will give it all they’ve got in order to somehow salvage a result. Unless of course they’re 7-0 or something ridiculous like that. If a result is heading the correct way in your accumulator with 15 mins or less still to play, then seriously consider cashing out if a result is on a knife edge.

When the Cash Out Value is sufficient: If you are content with the cash out amount, then take it. Don’t always wait in agony for the final result to come in and risk losing everything.

Taking Statistics into account: Taking into consideration stats of the current team that could ruin or ignite your bet, will help you make a more justified decision.


The penultimate decision to cash out can only come from you. It is whether you want to play safe or test your luck. Tips and strategies are there to help but they wont guarantee that the decision you have made will be correct. But they will help you with that extra confirmation when you are really unsure what to do.