Boxing Betting Strategy

Published: 14th August 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 2nd December 2020
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Boxing Betting Strategy

When you look at it from outside the ring, boxing might be as simple as two fighters with their gloves on itching to hit each other and knock the other one down. However, this sport is much more than that.

Betting on boxing goes all the way back to the very beginnings of the sport and these two disciplines have evolved alongside each other to become full of different aspects to consider, most of all when you want to make some money off of them.

Even though we are talking about a sport that has gone through a decline over the past decade, it seems like boxing is slowly starting to gain pace once again as it is becoming more and more popular with bettors around the globe.

How to Bet on Boxing:

All of those who want to consider themselves successful boxing punters need to analyse various aspects of the game prior to actually placing some money on a bet. Putting up a sound strategy to strictly follow through the betting process is guaranteed to enhance your chances of winning with boxing. In order to have this strategy prepared, one needs to do thorough research of different aspects that could play a crucial role in becoming experienced in predicting a fight winner correctly.

  • Strength & Weaknesses
  • Fighting History
  • Head-to-Head Stats
  • Recent Form
  • Atmosphere & Fight Background

The first thing you need to write down with your boxing betting strategy are the key points regarding the fighters. Assessing the fighters’ strengths and weaknesses can provide deep insight into the possible outcome of a fight as it deals with different aspects such as – fighting style, hunger and motivation, even their training camp.
Is your fighter a grinder – someone who waits patiently in defence mode – collecting points with carefully calculated punches, or is he a flamboyant fighter who enjoys all the media attention? It has become almost a proven fact that bettors tend to glue to arrogant and aggressive fighters, who enjoy popularity with the fans. You should be careful, however, as flamboyance and style of the fighter can fool you and mislead you into thinking that less-interesting fighters are also those of lesser quality. This can’t be further from the truth.

With this being said, your betting boxing strategy needs to be based on proven facts and knowledgeable conclusions rather than emotional deductions. Another thing to be closely regarded and assessed for a boxing strategy is the recent form and fighting history which in a way can overlap to provide you with important data to use while creating the best working strategy.

Another variant of the last two aspects is the Head-to-Head score, which does not necessarily go hand in hand with recent form and with fighting history for that matter.

If you remember the matchup between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, you will know exactly what we mean. Two fights between the two fighters up to November 2011 showed little to separate the two fighters, but even the best bookies were led by current form and supported Manny Pacquiao, which came to bite them in the backside, as Marquez found his revenge a year later.

Always pay attention to the venue prior to placing a boxing bet. If fights are fought in hometowns, those fights will often bring home judges and crowd support which can be crucial in a fight. Boxers carried by impressive home cheering often tend to exceed their own capabilities to produce unexpected displays and fighting on an event. Similarly, less motivated players can end up being victims of the atmosphere and the surrounding noises, which can also be misleading and misguiding.

Once you have analysed all of the pre-match options and aspects that are likely to have you prepared for a fight to a great extent, it is about time you chose the best betting sites for you.

Bookies have plenty of betting offers and markets for boxing. The likes of Bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power and Betfair truly are leaders in the industry when it comes to presenting the clients with the best possible bets.

Still, in order to make your money worth it, a cross-reference research of the betting sites offering boxing themselves can help you choose the perfect betting selection for you. Of course, do this after you have selected those markets you feel will provide you with the best value.

  • Method of Victory
  • Will it go the distance?
  • Round Betting
  • Under/Over Round Betting
  • Knockdown Specials

In addition to the classic winner market, one of the boxing betting options which will increase your chances of winning after you have done all of the research is Method of Victory which has you betting on which fighter will win by which method – by knockouts, by points, by technical decision or something else.

Betting on will the fight go the distance is another popular choice which signifies fighting a full bout without being knocked out. It is a standardised and a fairly straightforward bet on whether or not the fight will be stopped any time during the 12 rounds.

Round betting is a precise betting discipline as it will have you betting on which exact round a fight is won in. Compare the odds to history stats of your fighter before you get a clearer insight as to when he might go on to knock down the other fighter. A popular variance of the Round betting is Group Round Betting which gives you a bigger margin since you are betting on a group of rounds the fight will be won in.

If you know your fighters and are well-acquainted with their fighting styles, forms and (head-to-head) records, we suggest you show courage and select one of the Knockdown Specials to spice things up.

It is a question of whether both fighters, only one of them or neither of the two will be knocked down in a fight. Thorough statistical insight will provide you with a great input to make a brave decision on whether your selections are able to hold on to it for the entire twelve rounds.

Boxing Outrights

There are a range of different boxing competitions that players can outright bet on. It is all of the available belts and weight classes that boxers can win. These include the following:

  • Heavyweight
  • Welterweight
  • Super Middleweight
  • Cruiserweight
  • Minimumweight
  • Light Heavyweight
  • Super Lightweight
  • Super Welterweight
  • Lightweight
  • Super Featherweight
  • Featherweight
  • Super Bantamweight
  • Bantamweight
  • Flyweight
  • Light Flyweight

For some of these competitions, you can find available bonuses that apply to the competitions. For example, enhanced boxing odds on predicting the heavyweight champion of world boxing and other boxing matches. Predicting who wins the fight is just one of the available markets, you can also predict other outcomes such as what round the win is in and also whether its on knockouts or points. Boxing is also one of the live sports available that you can watch through particular betting sites. It is difficult to source one particular stand out boxing betting site, there are many of high quality, and therefore all that can differentiate them is either betting odds or boxing bonuses.

If you want to read more of our sports betting guides, for example Horse Racing betting strategies or Golf betting strategies, then check them out on our Betting Guides section. Taking a look at the sports betting strategy that we have created, may just help you with your sports betting and the different types of bet you can place, from betting basics to some more complex approaches.

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