Betting on the Win/Draw/Win Markets

Published: 23rd December 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 4th March 2021

Betting on the WinDrawWin Markets

If you want to discuss the very basics of betting on football/soccer, the WinDrawWin market is at the very core of it as one of the most common wagers people make at a bookmaker, regardless of their stature as a tipster.

The WinDrawWin is fairly self-explanatory as it is a bet which has you backing up the home side to win or draw or the visitors to triumph.

When we talk about three-way betting that is the foundation of soccer/football betting, the Match Odds as this market is also referred to will have you choose one of the three possibilities for the final result of a match.

It needs to be noted, however, that WinDrawWin bets on soccer/football matches are valid for the first 90 minutes of normal play, which means that extra time and penalties are not determining factors when it comes to your win. To present it more graphically, a goalless stalemate in the first 90 minutes of a match counts as a draw despite the fact your team scored a winning goal in the 105th minute of the match.

Even though this particular market is usually associated with beginner punters, novices and people who are getting the hang of betting, it can be a rather valuable betting option. The Winner market comes with different variations which include double chance betting, draw no bet wagers or the Asian handicap, but all of those markets remove the third variable from the original Win Draw Win market and level the playing field by offering probabilities that are expected to go over 33%.

How to Bet on the WinDrawWin Market?

Finding a reputable betting operator that you can trust is the first step before you even make a soccer bet. Given the fact that the WinDrawWin market is still the most popular betting market, online bookmakers will compete with odds in order to make them as lucrative as possible. Although soccer is by far the most popular sport to place WinDrawWin stakes on, but in truth, there is a wide range of other sports that also offer the very same market. 

The emergence of online betting sites has seen the betting landscape filled with a huge number of up-and-coming bookies which will try to lure you with their promotions and high bets, so what you need to do is to do some odds shopping and make a definite decision on which bookmaker deserves your trust. And your money ultimately.

The following step is to determine the competition you want to bet on. Make sure you bet only on leagues you know quite a lot about and those you are familiar with – as long as you are a beginner in soccer betting – as knowledge on the teams, players, coaching staff and general team atmosphere can be a crucial factor.

Later on, as you get more experienced, you can expand your reach and head over to some less prominent competitions which often hide proper betting gems and great value odds you need to try to exploit as landing winners on these will payout much greater rewards. 

Ultimately, all you have to do is to determine the stake and pick your winner and you are done. The rest – some will say – is down to luck and good fortune. But not exactly.

How to Choose a Winner

You are hereby urged not to make the wrong initial premise with WinDrawWin market. If you are shooting in the dark and take your pick by listening to public opinion or just by listening to bookmakers and the available odds, you will be destined to fail. Any predictions you make without taking any consideration for the facts, like recent results, form and player injuries are likely to end in misery and certainly without a win. 

Gambling web sites will usually offer their very own statistics and information on games you want to back. For example, SkyBet is known for providing its customers with information like; past five results, head to head results and competition form. SkyBet and other top betting sites will offer statistics like these on thousands of sports games, so it is important you stay away from the worst betting sites as these will not offer as much research information. 

Don’t ever think that betting on the WinDrawWin market is easy or that bookmakers will let you win without a fight. OK, there will be games where the winner is extremely obvious, but those games will be priced accordingly and you will not get anything more than – let’s say 1.20 on your team. Low odds do not offer any value and are not worth backing as they are not guaranteed to win anyway. Upsets in soccer are a common occurrence and finding value in those games is where the art of the WinDrawWin market lies in fact.

Keeping A Close Eye

Once you have chosen your WinDrawWin options, you will want to keep a close eye on how things are going when the game kicks off. The majority of online sports betting sites will offer soccer predictions, soccer livescores and video representation of live in-game events. This sort of coverage is predominantly found available for soccer events, but other sports will have their own coverage options too like American Soccer. 

You may be wondering why you would want to keep a close eye on your backed selection, as once it’s on… it’s on. However, thanks to the cash out feature, punters can now choose to cash-out their winnings during live events. It is important to remember that not all platforms will offer the cash-out feature

The Importance of Probability and Value

Probability and value respectively are two of the most important aspects of betting and their importance is particularly highlighted with three-way betting on markets such as Win Draw Win.

General probability is calculated fairly precisely and a good example of that is the coin toss which in the long-run yields equal probability of any of the two outcomes to come. Heads and Tails will be split at a 50% chance and it is as simple as that. The numbers are significantly lower with the roll of a die as we have six possible outcomes each with a 16.66% chance or probability.

Guess With Facts

Calculating probability in football, or soccer for all you American readers, is not that straightforward and it is impossible to calculate it precisely, but a knowledgeable guess backed with a set of facts will provide you with enough support to determine the value of a bet.

Soccer tipsters are a perfect example of people who guess with the facts and do a very good job at it – well some of them anyway… This football tipsters have to make sure they use all the facts available to them, as they make their money by soccer tipping.

Let’s imagine that Arsenal is about to play at Crystal Palace and that we were about to make a WinDrawWin prediction. Knowing that Gunners are filled with world-class footballers should push the probability high when it comes to Arsenal winning the game. Crystal Palace, on the other side, struggles to keep their head above water and are expected to suffer a defeat. Predictions based on facts, like results and team information are much more likely to be realistic. 

However, scratch the surface and it will reveal the true value of the bet, in this particular case.

Arsenal is going through a rough patch with the manager getting plenty of stick for what is turning into a poor season, while the Eagles have been on a winning streak and are bursting with confidence.

Backing Crystal Palace at high-priced odds against the public opinion is considered a high-value bet that is likely to bring success to your Win Draw Win selection. Chance and luck don’t have a big role to play here as you can see. 

Choosing whether to back your WinDrawWin selection of skill or form reasoning can be a tricky decision to make, but choosing correctly could be highly rewarding. 

This Week’s Best Win Draw Win Odds at Bet365 – Premier League

 Match OddsOver/UnderBTTS 
Everton v Arsenal2.373.752.751.572.371.502.50Away
Tottenham v Chelsea2.373.752.751.572.371.502.50Home
Aston Villa v Southampton2.403.602.801.612.301.502.50Away
Watford v Man United4.503.801.751.802.001.752.00Away
Bournemouth v Burnley2.373.403.001.901.901.702.05Home
Man City v Leicester1.365.257.501.442.751.662.10Home
Brighton v Sheff Utd2.203.253.502.101.721.801.95Home
Norwich v Wolves3.803.801.901.802.001.702.05Away
Newcastle v C. Palace2.373.803.252.501.532.001.75Away

Bet Now at Bet365 – Add to Betslip

This Week’s Win Draw Win Acca Tips:


MatchRecommended BetOdds
Aston Villa v SouthamptonBTTS Yes1.53
Leicester v LiverpoolBTTS Yes1.57
Norwich v WolverhamptonBTTS Yes1.66
Tottenham v ChelseaBTTS Yes1.50
Watford v Man UtdBTTS Yes1.75

Total – 10.00 at Bet365 – Add to Betslip

Over/Under ACCA

MatchRecommended BetOdds
Aston Villa v SouthamptonOver 2.51.66
Leicester v LiverpoolOver 2.51.72
Norwich v WolverhamptonOver 2.51.72
Tottenham v ChelseaOver 2.51.57
Watford v Man UtdOver 2.51.80

Total – 14.00 at Bet365 – Add to Betslip

Over / Under  ACCA

MatchRecommended BetOdds
Barcelona v AlavesOver 2.51.36
Real Madrid v Atletic BilbaoOver 2.51.61
Levante v Celta de VigoOver 2.51.66

Total – 3.63 at Bet365 – Add to Betslip

Friday Night ACCA

MatchRecommended BetOdds
Middlesborough  v StokeMiddlesborough Win BTTS No4.75
Eibar v GranadaUnder 2.51.53
Hibernian v RangersOver 2.51.61
Fiorentina v RomaBTTS Yes1.61

Total – 19.00 at Bet365 – Add to Betslip

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