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Published: 30th September 2020
Author: Gabriel Hall
Last Updated: 25th February 2021
Bet Builder

Build Your Own Bet – A Guide to the Bet Builder Feature

Bet Builder is an exciting feature that is being offered by some of the best betting sites. In this guide, we look at the best sites for Bet Builder and how exactly it works.


If you landed on this page, chances are you are looking for information about the Bet Builder function.  Most sites offer features such as cash out, in-play betting and live streaming. However, more are now introducing Bet Builder features.

Below we’ve outlined a guide to help answer your queries and help you make a decision on the best Bet Builder options out there. We will explain the function of a Bet Builder as well as explain why this function is quickly becoming the go-to bet type for players, especially football punters.

This feature is continually growing and betting sites have quickly come to realise that the future of betting relies on the punter’s ability to create a custom bet. Bet Builders aren’t going anywhere; in fact, they’ve been around for longer than you might think. You might know this function under different terms such as ‘Request A Bet’, or ‘Build Your Own Bet’.  As betting becomes more popular, more sports are being added to the Bet Builder, giving users thousands more possibilities in their betting choices.

What is a Bet Builder?

Bet Builders have been around for many years and punters have used variations of this feature in the past. It is a function that allows betting sites to offer users the flexibility of creating their own personalised bets.  It works in a similar way to accumulator betting but for the same match.

Previously, this was much harder to achieve and was a lot less common as it required a lot of manpower and resources to calculate odds. With the introduction of Bet Builders online, players can now view their odds in real-time before placing a stake, and the potential winnings are immediately displayed.

Which Betting Sites offer Bet Builders?

The majority of UKGC licensed betting sites offer this function. However, some betting sites offer this function across a wider range of sports. Here are our top 5 sites for Bet Builder functionality:

Remember, Bet Builders aren’t always called that, so here are names to look out for on different sites:

The Best Bet Builder

So, who offers the best Bet Builder feature? Well, there are many great options out there, but the one that stands out to us is the bet365 Bet Builder.

Firstly, we love the fact that there are so many sports on offer for the Bet Builder feature – more than most others. As well as this, with the bet365 product, you can also use the cash out feature alongside it, which is certainly not the case with many.

How to Use the Bet365 Bet Builder Function

  1. Create a bet365 account using any of our bet365 links.
  2. Click on the Bet Builder section of the site
  3. Pick your sport, fixture and market you want to bet on
  4. Choose up to 6 different choices
  5. Click on the odds/price to add to your betting slip
  6. Add your stake
  7. Place your bet

What a Bet Builder Looks Like

Typically, a Bet Builder can be made up of up to 6 combinations, or selections. These selections derive from various markets across a sport.  These can include any of the following:

Let’s take a Football Bet Builder as an example – You decide to use the six following markets to create your build a bet:

  • Match Result
  • Corners
  • Goal kicks
  • Correct score
  • Throw-ins
  • First Scorer

So, instead of just betting on a Liverpool win over Arsenal, you could bet:

  • Liverpool to win
  • Correct score 3-1
  • 6 goal kicks
  • 8 corners
  • 10 throw-ins
  • 1st goal scorer Lacazette

This will give you a much bigger payout than just betting on a Liverpool win.

The selections above are from 6 different markets, and placing a bet on each will dramatically increase your odds and potential winnings. Other markets can also be available such as Winning Margin or Team Specials to name a few.

Creating Your Bet Builder Bet

Placing a Bet Builder is relatively simple, and requires a few steps, which we’ve outlined below:

  1. Pick A Betting Site or Bet Builder – this can be tedious as new players tend to be concerned with the legitimacy of a betting site. Therefore we ensure that all our partners fall under the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and therefore are fully regulated and trustworthy. For more information, you can visit our page Betting Sites for reviews and a summary of their product offering.
  2. Create An Account – Are you a new player? In that case, you might wish to benefit from a Free Bet welcome offer. Simply browse to our Free Bet page and claim the one you want. Typically you are required to make a minimum deposit to activate your welcome bonus. Be aware that you may not be able to use your free bet on the Bet Builder feature as T&Cs will apply.
  3. Go to the Bet Builder – At this stage, you are now ready to place your Bet Builder. Head over to the Bet Builder section which will outline the available fixtures and markets available. You can now make your picks, which is generally up to 6 however some sites will allow more such as Unibet.
  4. Place Your Stake – Once you are happy with your selections and customised your Bet Builder, the odds are displayed and you can enter the amount of stake you’d like to place on the bet. The betting slip will then display your potential winnings should all of your selections turn out as winners.


  • What Sports Can I Bet On?
    The Football markets are definitely the most popular although many bookmakers have started to offer the Bet Builder function on various other sports including Basketball, Tennis, NFL, Rugby, even Horse Racing
  • How Many Selections Can I Have On A Single Bet Builder?
    You’ll find that typically most betting sites allow up to 6 combinations from a single match. Some are the exception as Unibet for example, allows up to 12!
  • Will My Entire Bet Builder Be Voided If One Of My Selections is Void?
    Yes. If one selection in your Bet Builder has for any reason, become void, then your entire bet is made void regardless of the outcome of the other selections. This is common among all betting sites however we recommend you always read the terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.
  • Can I Include In-Play Markets?
    This depends on the betting site you choose to bet with. Bet365 for example, allow for In-Play betting and offer these markets.
  • Can I Cash-Out?
    You can cash-out, in fact, we may recommend it in some cases. When you cash-out you minimise your risk, as well as your potential winnings, however, it might save you a lot of winnings should things take a turn.


We love the fact that there are constantly new and updated features being added to betting sites. It makes the experience even more excited as it means we can tailor-make our own personal experiences.

This is a really exciting feature that means that you can make the exact bet that you want,  without worrying if the bookie offers it. You want the bet? They offer it. This is definitely one of the best betting site features out there, and any site that offers it automatically has an advantage over competitors.

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