Bet Strategy for Aussie Rules

Published: 9th August 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 12th January 2021
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Bet Strategy for Aussie Rules

Australian Rules Football is one of the versions of the sport universally and globally known in the form of NFL or rugby, but it is also a sport with huge support base which makes it one of the biggest sports in the world.

Naturally, it is one of the favourite sports for betting with 23 matches played across a season which usually lasts from March through to September. If you are new to Aussie rules as a sport and want to learn how to make money on betting on this sport, it will be highly recommended to devise a good plan and a sound strategy to keep you straight up.

Aiming to maximise winnings and cut the losses, bettors need to have a plan and need to stick to it as that is the only way they will ever get closer to being guaranteed a win.

At the beginning of every successful strategy lies thorough research and a good understanding of what exactly is it that you are trying to do. With Aussie Rules, in contrast to many ‘regular’ sports you could bet on, this is of incredible importance.

You might be surprised that the AFL Premiership is one of five professional leagues in the world to have the highest average attendance. Sitting in esteemed company alongside the likes of NFL, MLB and the Premier League, Aussie rules is under no circumstances to be underestimated and that is the first thing you will write down in your strategy book.

The league consists of 18 teams which play in a fixed competition, without any fear of relegation. The teams play against each other and claim four points for a win and two for a draw. If it occurs that the teams get tied in a position which is when the percentage – the ratio of points scored to points conceded – is used to separate the sides.

The top eight clubs in the regular season get involved in a Grand Final, which is traditionally played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the last Saturday in September.

Types of Bets

Betting on Aussie rules is quite exciting and in many ways different to other sports. Every good strategy needs an understanding of the sports’ details which in terms of betting are the selections you can pick for betting. Some of the most convenient ones for betting on Aussie Rules are:

  • Head to Head
  • Big Win Little Win
  • Handicaps
  • Tri Bets
  • Futures

Head to Head is the most common betting markets when it comes to betting in general and with Aussie Rules as well. They are a good choice for beginners who look to have some practise time in order to gain experience before they go on to build up their betting strategy.
Big Win Little Win is another great betting market to add to your strategy as it allows you to maximise the winning potential through different choices of points that are expected to occur at a match. The margin usually goes from 1 to 39, and over 40.

A handicap bet is basically a betting option which levels the playing field as it eliminates the perceived advantage given to a more favoured side through a handicap of points. In Aussie Rules football this type of bet is often referred to as Line and it usually goes with plus or minus 15.5. The world’s top bookies will offer quarter timelines and half timelines which are also great options, but these selections are recommended for bettors who are considered more experienced in this sport.

Tri Bet as one of the most interesting markets is allowing you to guess a winning margin on a team of your choice and it is another great way to enhance your chances. Betting on this selection requires a good knowledge of your team and its abilities to win big – at over 15.5 points – which is, as we mentioned before, the absolute prerequisite of any good strategy.

Ultimately, there is a future bet as a great way to place your money prior to an event and bet on the special markets such as Grand Final Winner or regular-season winner. You can bet on who will finish bottom or who will receive a Rising Star Award, which are all great ways to put an extra edge on your betting slip and a nice way to spice up your bet on Aussie Rules.

This wonderful sport is the perfect choice for sports enthusiasts who are looking for something different in the betting world as the game’s unique structure makes it rather interesting. In addition to all the markets we highlighted for you to add to your betting strategy, Aussie Rules offers plenty of obscure and less prominent markets which can, in full contrast, be as rewarding as possible.

What Betting Sites offer Aussie Rules?

Now that you grabbed a bit of info on the basics of the sport, it is up to you to do your own homework and dig deeper into the sport and which betting sites have the best odds for betting on Aussie Rules. It is the second-most important thing you need to do in creating a winning betting strategy.

You need to find a bookie that you can trust, someone who is reliable and dependable enough and, as importantly, someone who will offer good value for your selections.

Leaders in the industry, the aforementioned bookmakers are recommended choices for betting on Aussie Rules. In addition to best-value odds and comprehensive markets, betting operators such as William Hill or Bet365 will offer excellent In-Play betting options and Live Streaming services that will allow you to see all of the action and make timely bets as the games unfold.

Knowing that Aussie Rules games themselves are battles between 18 players on each side, who are trying to place the ball between four posts for a varying number of points, finding the method that works is extremely difficult.

Betting strategies are fluent and ever-changing and need to be adjusted as you go. In short, you need to customise the system that works best for you and have it tailored specifically for your needs and requirements.

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