An Introductory Strategy on Accumulator Betting

Published: 28th October 2018
Author: Joe Kizlauskas
Last Updated: 1st March 2023
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All of the best betting sites offer accumulator bets. If you are new to betting and looking for football accumulator betting tips, then this is the guide for you. We provide you with the best tips and tricks to apply to your next bet to increase your winning frequency.

Introduction to Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets, or acca, allow you to combine multiple bets into one, increasing your potential winnings with every wager you place.

Gambling with a matched betting accumulator is exciting and fascinating, but with excellent potential for winning comes significant risk. This rises with every addition that you make to your bet.

New players should take the time to go through this acca betting strategy to get familiar with the ins and outs of accumulator matched betting.

Read on to find important accumulator betting tips, tricks, and strategies that will increase your chances of winning.

Accumulator Betting in

Accumulator matched betting is very popular in 2024 amongst sports fans – particularly football fans, with football accas being the most popular around. Mixing the potential to make money with sports is an exciting prospect for many.

Accumulators work with most sports, including tennis and horse racing, but some bookmakers may not allow for combining multiple sports into a betting accumulator. Also, most accas will not allow you to combine bets from the same game or match – for this, you would need to look for sites that offer same game multis.

How to Win Accumulators

The most significant contributing factor to a successful football betting accumulator is research. It is essential to know which promotion codes you can take advantage of, which free bets can you use with your acca, and which teams to pick for improved odds.

Tick IconAccumulator Research

Be informed about all the teams and their respective players. It will be easier to decide who performs the best on the team the more you know about them.

Doing some research and analysis could help you determine vital information such as who is on a winning streak or who the top performers are.

Tick IconUsing Promotions on Accas

Looking for valuable promotions, free bets and odds could give you a significant advantage if you want to win more on football accumulators.  It would be best if you got the maximum value out of bookmakers that you can.

Tick IconFinding the Best Odds

It is essential to choose the bookmakers with the best prices available. The top bookmakers will offer you a wider variety of generous odds and all the available betting markets to help you place your bet.

Betiton, Betfred and BetVictor have some of the best prices around. You should look at all the potential bookmakers and compare their prices to find a better value for you.

Scan the web and run odds comparisons to find the best prices available and ensure you’re getting the best value.

Tick IconPromotions

Bookmakers offer their bettors a bunch of promotions that you can take advantage of. The promotions generally include free bets and a welcome bonus for any new players.

For an updated list of bookmaker promotions that are currently running, visit our promo codes page.

Tick IconInsurance

Football betting accumulator tips will often mention acca insurance. This feature guarantees your money back when one of your accumulator bets does not win. Generally, the insurance is given back in the form of a free bet that you can place back into the unsuccessful accumulator.

Receiving insurance is a way to increase your chance of winning more accumulator bets as it gives you a second chance to score. Insurance is a staple in every accumulator betting strategy.

Accumulator Betting Strategy and Systems

question markDo Strategies Guarantee Success?

There are a number of football betting systems and strategies, with the accumulator strategy being the most popular. The accumulator betting strategies can help you make an informed decision on where and how to place your bets. Since it is a form of gambling, there will never be a guarantee of success; even if there is a 99% chance of winning, that 1% removes the guarantee of a win completely.

Instead, this guide aims to help you have a better chance of winning more often, rather than all the time. Our goal is to ensure that the information provided will give you a clear idea of constructing your bets.

silverstarSetting a Strategy

Consistency is key – set an accumulator betting strategy for yourself and stick to it. Select a certain number of folds per accumulator according to your comfort level. Decide on your maximum amount of money that you will be wagering with.

Keeping boundaries on your spending and number of folds will reduce the amount of money you can potentially lose.

TickKnow When to Use Accumulators

Betting accumulator tips mention that you shouldn’t use accumulators when you want to risk a small amount of money. Accas are also good to use when you are confident about a few teams winning and want to roll the bets into singles.

TickStick to What You Know

There are exotic betting markets from across the world that may tempt you into taking a chance with them – but this will most likely end in a loss for you. Stick to traditional markets and selections that you are familiar with.

TickAvoid Low and High-risk Bets

Betting tips football accumulator will also encourage you to construct a balanced accumulator. Avoid adding highly favoured teams or widely unknown teams – the most popular teams will not always win, and the new teams will not always lose. It is all about finding the teams with average risk bets.

The best acca will have selections that offer substantial value with a reasonable payout.

TickMix Your Markets

Mixing up markets is an exciting way to place bets on your accumulators. Other markets can be just as significant as the usual win/draw/win market, namely:

  • Draw no bet
  • Both teams to score

Introducing these markets to your accumulators opens up some possibilities that were limited by the standard market.

TickManage Your Expectations

Not everyone is lucky enough to score a big win on a high-risk bet. Always remain realistic when it comes to placing your bets. Pick a sensible number of selections, and do not place bets on unlikely outcomes. The potential winnings will increase with unlikely outcomes, but the risk is greater, and it is not worth it.

A good accumulator betting strategy encourages balanced bets with a decent amount of potential winnings.

If you are losing too much money or cannot stop gambling, it is good to visit for support on all gambling issues.

Betting on Football Accumulators

question markHow to Pick Teams

The success of your football accumulators depends highly on the teams that you pick. Therefore, you must deposit your money on the correct teams and players.

TickKnow the Teams

Having a good overall idea of a team’s success rate will benefit you greatly when it comes to picking your teams for your bets.

Do extensive research regarding teams and their respective players. You will need to look for any important news about the team, facts about the previous team’s matches, and predictions about the match. All of the information provided by the site should give you more confidence in your bets and help you make a better-informed decision.

TickKnow the Sport

Knowing the sport that you want to place an Acca in will advantage you significantly.

If you can invest time into watching match overviews and replays, you will have the ability to watch players closely and observe their play style.

TickBroaden Your Horizons

Betting on your favourite teams and seeing them win brings a lot of satisfaction, but one should never be betting on teams purely out of liking them.

Put favouritism aside and focus on what the statistics say – placing bets on your favourite teams will not earn you your winnings.

BTTS Accumulators

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) is a football betting type where bettors are wagering whether both teams will score a goal during the match.

There are various sub-markets within this market, and they are as follows:

  • Both teams to score in the first half
  • Both teams to score in the second half
  • Both teams to score – in the entire match
  • Both teams to score in both halves
  • Both teams score no draw – both teams will score, and the match does not end in a draw
  • Both teams score two or more goals – both teams will score with two or more goals
  • Both teams score and match result – both teams will score and which team will win
  • Both teams to score and over/under – both teams will score, and the goals are more than a number mentioned in the market
  • Both teams to score and correct score – both teams will score and the final score

The sub-markets mentioned above are just some of the popular ones that exist. Bookmakers may have different ones or the same ones with other names.

gold starAdvantages of BTTS

BBTS bets have good potential for winnings as it is easy to research how teams score against the other. Getting a good understanding of team performance will give you an idea of what submarket to place your bets on.

Cash Out on Accas

Many bookmakers offer cash-out bets – this option allows you to get money back while your bet is still in-play. Cash-out gives bettors more control over their bets and potential earnings/losses.

The catch of cashing out is that you will lose out on a small amount of your return – but that is preferred over losing your whole bet.

Tick IconWhen to Use Cash Out

If you have placed a bet on a specific team winning and throughout the game you realise that the opposition might win, then cashing out is the only way to reduce losses for yourself.

Cashing out can be described as a sort of escape manoeuvre, and recognising when you should take the hit and run can be crucial in saving you a lot of money.

red crossWhen Not to Use Cash Out

Cashing out is not advised when the value that you will receive is less than your stake. It is also essential that you not cash out early as you could miss out on a win. Be aware of how the game is going, and be realistic about what the outcome might be.

Lucky 15 strategy

A Lucky 15 bet is a series of four different selections with each paying out on its paytable. These consist of:

  • Four single bets
  • Six double bets
  • Four treble bets
  • One fourfold bet

These bets are prevalent due to the earning potential alongside the greater chance of walking away with a win. The odds of winning are much greater than the normal accumulators or single bets.

question markHow to Win

Lucky 15 is an easy bet to win. Only one out of four teams need to win for you to get some money.

The key to winning is in research. Take time to analyse different teams and horses so that you can distinguish between the teams/horses that are worth it and the teams/horses that will result in losses for you.

If you can efficiently research who the most likely winners will be, you can bring home some reasonable winnings.

Keep in mind that no one strategy can guarantee success. Although Lucky 15s have a good chance of winning at least one bet, gambling success can never be guaranteed.

question markHow to Pick Horses

Picking the perfect horse for your Lucky 15 bet can result in some good payout for you. Knowing which horse will rise above the other can significantly benefit you, and here is what to look out for when you start picking horses.

gold dotSuccess Rate

Research a horse’s performance during their last five races. There is no use betting on a horse that has finished every race in 5th place.  A horse that has won before will likely win again.

gold dotDifferent Classes

Horse racing is categorised into these classes:

  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Ungraded

The higher the class, the better the standard of the horse. Know which horses belong to which classes so that you can have the upper hand when it comes to the horse’s standard.

gold dotTrack Conditions

Horses react to different environments, and therefore it is crucial to consider the conditions that the track will be in. A horse’s preference for the soil beneath their hooves greatly influences their speed.

gold dotHorse Condition

Like athletes, horses need to take a break and give their bodies time to recover from intense training. Be aware of the last race that the horse has participated in, as a well-rested steed will be much more energetic than a horse that won a race the previous day.

gold dotFor Football

A Lucky 15 bet works the same for football as it does for horse racing.

Every match that your team wins results in a small sum of money won for you. Two wins result in double the winnings, and three wins result in a payout on one treble, two doubles, and three singles. If all four teams win, then you can reap the rewards of fifteen different wins.

Tick IconWhen to Use Lucky 15

Lucky 15s offer a more secure investment than the accumulators and can provide a fair payout even if one of your bets loses. Lucky 15s are perfect for bettors who are not the most significant risk-takers and do not want to lose a large sum of money

red crossWhen Not to Use Lucky 15

Lucky 15s are not for hardcore betters who feel confident placing higher bets that can be more lucrative.

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