An Introductory Strategy on Accumulator Betting

Tipsters who go the extra yard in the betting process and master their single bets often get tempted to make most of their betting time and turn to accumulator betting to boost their odds and enhance the potential winnings.

What everybody needs to understand before we dive into the world of acca betting, it comes with an increased risk. What is more, a notion that every individual multiple bet can be a winning one is utterly wrong and misleading.

Fortunately, applying a sound strategy to your accumulator betting can make those multiples work in your favour. Making them as flexible as they can get will often yield some fascinating results, but only – and we mean only – if you dedicate enough time to learn how to do it right.

General factors of successful accumulators

Before we dwell on the details of an accumulator betting strategy, several general rules apply to laying the ground and building the foundations for success.

  • Research is required
  • Don’t get out of your comfort zone
  • Avoid low and high-risk bets
  • Look for value bets
  • Shop for offers and prices

Accumulator Tips

If you thought that Accumulator Betting is just a number of individual bets bundled together in a random fashion, you could not be more wrong. What any self-respecting bettor is required to do before he even dares to think about acca betting is to do his homework.

Football Tips

Football betting as a natural choice for accumulator betting offers a wide offering you will have problems covering even if you are that most diligent betting person in the world. Researching all of the available leagues and markets to use them in your favour is simply an impossible task. That is why you need to narrow your research and select only a handful of leagues to bet on. And don’t worry, you will have plenty of options to bet on, believe us.

The premier league is a perfect example of a football event where accumulators are handy. Some bookmakers offer treble tips and treble bets as a price boost for customers to claim and the treble selection are fixtures from the premier league. This is convenient as it means that the bookmaker has a feeling that all the selections they have chosen, have a good chance of winning, given that, they will still boost the pay-out price, so you win more money.

Football Accumulators

Narrowing the playing field down and betting on specific leagues is the best advice you will get to start with. The comfort zone is actually a desired place when it comes to accumulator betting. When building an acca, the best place to start at is from what you know best. And we are not talking only about the (researched and narrowed) leagues you are most comfortable with, but with the markets as well. Accumulators will most often involve the outright winner market, but you need to be careful with your choices as some of them are hidden landmines when it comes to accumulator betting.

Most of all avoid low and high-risk bets. Some people tend to bet on low-risk favourites, the others go with the other side of the coin and we understand the appeal. Still, those shots are better off used in a single match and market, whereas accumulators are an entirely different field with different variables that will get highlighted even more with acca’s, exposing your multiple to unexpected events.

Football Accumulator Tip

The last two pieces of general advice we have for you in a strategy to build the best accumulator bet are rather complementary. The very heart of a good bet and accumulator, in general, is to find the best value.

In case you encounter a 2/1 offer that you consider it should be Evens, do not hesitate to back it and lock in your acca. Finding that extra value is the right thing to do, just like shopping for prices. The variety of bookmakers have made all of us bettors spoilt for choice. All of the bonuses, price boosts, enhanced odds on singles and multiples alike just to get us to sign up with them is an excellent way to add value to your selection, so don’t be too lazy to shop around and compare the offers, compare the odds and find the best value to add to your acca.

And now to the more detailed explanation on how to build a successful Accumulator Betting Strategy. We will try to avoid all of the general places and universally known facts as with accas and multiples you really need someone to point to a concrete place and push you in the right direction.

Alternative Markets Rock – We scratched the surface before, but it is worth pointing out once again that a great number of punters and tipsters are still unaware of the vast sea of markets that are available. Picking a winner is betting at its core but knowing that with online betting you can go to extreme lengths such as betting on when the first goal will be scored, or the number of fouls, corners or bookings, accumulator betting gives you so many opportunities.

There is no need to go wild (at first) as simple Both Teams to Score market would be more than enough to add great value to your multiple. It is a popular choice, especially when the league’s top scoring teams play against low-scoring opposition, or each other and this selection will truly increase the value of your bet.

Avoid Draws – As appealing as draw prices can get, they are often misleading and so difficult to guess so leaving draws out of your accumulator bets is perhaps the best piece of advice you can get. On the other hand, Draw No Bet market is the only bet with the word DRAW in it that you can benefit from in an accumulator bet. It is a good choice for those trickier weeks when you are not sure of enough results that can help you build a decent acca, so ‘draw no bet’ means that the team you backed can either help you win or make the bet void, thus moving the stake over to the remaining matches as a smaller acca. This, we’ll all agree is a much better option than losing and entire selection.

Don’t Bet on Your Teams – Emotions are the biggest problem in betting and in accumulator betting. Misleading, misguiding and often so utterly heart-breaking, personal bets can be a huge morale killer so it’s better not to go down that road.

Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing is another hugely popular sport to place accumulator bets, however in comparison to football, you may say that it has more risk. Predicting the winner of a horse race can sometimes be more difficult than predicting the winner of a football match due to the amount of competition there is and the range of winners that could win the race. So, if one race alone is difficult, then choosing a number of winners is even harder. That is why it may need a little more research for horse racing accas.

The only real racing tips that we can offer you is that you need to ensure that all of your predictions are accurate. It can sometimes be the case with a single bet, you can get away with not researching your predictions before betting and still win. Things to consider for horse racing could include aspects such as: Diet, From, Age, Race Ground, How the Horse Jumps and more!

The great thing about acca’s is there is no min odds bet, unless it is part of a promotion maybe, which you will have to check before claiming if conditions apply. Depending on how many selections you have chosen and the odds they are at, you can bet considerably small amounts of money and still receive a nice pay out.

Acca Insurance

Accumulator insurance is an extremely helpful promotion for customers to use. It removes some of the risk that surrounds accumulator bets. Acca insurance has some bet restrictions to it. Typically, acca insurance applies to 4+ folds. If one of your betting selections lose, you will have the bet credited back to your account as a free bet. So, if you bet £10 and one of the selections lost, you would get £10 back as a free bet. You can read more about acca insurance in our betting guide.